What if Jacob was too late and Bella did get bit by Laurent during New moon? What if

Edward never came back or found her? Until now.

A\N Bella doesn't like human blood. Jake has not gotten control so he's still a werewolf

and looks the same. He will travel with her and keep her safe. He also can stand the

smell of Bella and she can stand his smell. She hunts when the story is not going on.

Bella POV

Chapter 1-Rutland

I stopped reading to look at the clock. Exactly 12:00 at night. Today was the exact day I

was turned into a monster. Alone and Empty .I didn't care anymore. My eye's were gold

right now and changed. My once chocolate brown hair had blonde highlights. My skin

pale, almost white some could say. I turned on my radio. The song was "Behind these

hazel eyes" by Kelly Clarkson. This song was too much like me. I smacked the off

button. I got up to go down stairs. My screened on porch allowed me to sit there no

matter what time at night it was. During the summer, I learned that Rutland was like

Phoenix during winter. Really, really hot. To humans anyway. I stayed inside my house

during that time. I went hunting once every 2 weeks to quench my blood thirst though I

had no thirst for human blood, just like my human years, I hated it. And I pretended that

I lived with my parents but there really wasn't any one. "Move those into the kitchen"

someone said. I looked next door to see a moving van. Who would be moving at this

time of night? I thought. I smelt others like me that drank animal blood. It would be safe

right? I walked out my door. And ran slowly. I hated going slow, but I had to. Once I got

over there, I saw them.