this is for writing competition started by kiki1592,

So anyway! I'm Artemis Winchester! But everyone calls me Arty, or Chaos, so ANYHOW, lets get started with this story!

Max P.O.V.

We were staying in a forest, near the edge of some random town in some random state. All the younger kids were already asleep, and I had taken first watch. I noticed that there was a river near where we were sleeping for the night. I walked to the edge of the water and looked in. My reflection was distorted, but i could still see the real me shining out.

I remeber a couple days ago when Fang told me how I was pretty, I realize I was anything but pretty. Angel and Nudge were pretty, and could grow up to be beautiful, but I was another story, I mean who would want to be with me?

" Fang does Max, you really are pretty, no more like beautiful. If you think I'm cute, why won't you see your beautiful? your strong, courageous, smart, loving, and learderly!" Angel said coming up next to me. Then I heard a muffled yell and I whirled.

Erasers. Fang had eight holding him, Iggy had five, and all the younger kids had three each. I went into trying to get to them, but was grabbed by Erasers. I fought hard, and managed to get free, I started punching at random Erasers, and soon Fang was free, in no time, the rest of the flock was free as well.

As I turned to yell for them to U and A, I saw an Eraser rise, and hit Fang on the back of the head with a rock, I took him out quickly, then turned to where fang lay crumpled. In that moment I realized something, I loved him. it took me a while to realize it, but I really did love him.

I pulled his head into my lap.

"Fang, Fang! Please open your eyes! Fang!" his eyes fluttered open.

"" he asked huskily.

"Yea, are you feeling okay. How bad is it?" I asked.

"I'm fine," he said shortly.

Fang P.O.V.

Max was looking at me worriedly.

She just admitted to herself she loves you! Came Angels voice in my head.

I went to stand up, and almost fell over backwards. Max's arms caught me.

"Looks like we're staying here for tonight," Max said. She got confused looks, but the flock decided they would go out on to bed.

Max looked down at me.

"Do you really love me like Angel said?" I said quietly. She looked taken aback, but slowly nodded. I smiled.

Cause I loved her too. She really was beautiful.