That girl

That girl

The one with the long black braids

and glasses

Yes, her

You see her?

She's invisible, gliding from class to class


Her head bowed so much that her wire rimmed glasses

almost fall of her slender nose

clutching her books to her chest, she

makes her way through the crowds

she bumps into a girl

the girl with the red hair

red-hair smiles

and says, "Hello,"

the girl with the long black braids just looks at her shyly for a moment, then

whispers, "Hello."

but red-hair has already turned away

the girl with the long black hair bows her head once more

no one sees the tear that falls

as she contemplates

the reason

for her loneliness

was she ugly?

She didn't think so…..

was she mean?

She was sure that wasn't it……

was she stuck-up? snotty? snobby?

How would they know, they never talked to her, except

"Out of the way, McGonagall,"

she cried

she made her way to the bathroom

she didn't care who saw her

she sat on the toilet seat and


cried for herself, for her non-existent friends…….

but mostly for the knowledge that nobody liked her…..

she heard the door open

she opened the door, just a sliver – to see who was there

and saw the red haired girl

red-hair saw her in the mirror, she turned, and said –

"Hello again. What's your name?"

the girl with the long black braids let herself out of the stall and said –

"Why are you talking to me?"

Red-hair frowned-

"Because I'd like to be your friend,"

The girl with the long black braids looked solemn and said –


"Of course – is that odd?"

Red-hair looked confused

"Actually – yes. No one wants to be my friend. I'm invisible."


"Would I lie?"

"No…..I'll be your friend if you want,"

"Thank you," whispered the black haired girl

"You're welcome," said red-hair, smiling-

"What's your name?"

"I'm Minerva,"

"And I'm Molly,"

the girl with the black hair smiled –

and, offering her hand to Molly –

the girl with the black hair –

and the girl with the red hair –

walked out together –

as friends.