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When Allison woke up in the morning, a smile appeared on her face instantly. She watched House as he was still sound asleep and after awhile she started planting kisses on his neck to wake him up. He growled and turned around.

She smiled even more because somehow she found his grumpiness even when sleeping really sweet. She got up, put on her clothes and went to the kitchen to make them breakfast. That's when she realized how intense the previous night was. She still felt weak in knees.

When she looked around House's kitchen it was pretty much obvious there wasn't almost anything she could use to prepare a proper breakfast for her and her lover, at least in case they didn't feel like starting the day with a shot of Scotch. And so she decided to go and buy something reasonable in the nearest shop and be back before he wakes up. She took the keys that were lying on the table and opened the door.

However, when she opened the door, she jerked and her blood ran cold because she bumped into a man who was right about the knock on House's door. They looked at each other in shock, however he smiled soon after.

"Hello." He said and gave her another quizzical look. He was tall with brown hair and she was sure she had met him before. However, she had no idea where.

"Um, hi… " She replied.

The man was still looking at her as she wondered what to do. Who in the world could he be? His friend? His colleague? Or worse, his boss?

"Is House there?" He asked breaking the awful silence.

"Yep." Was all she could utter.

"Do you think you could let me in?" He asked and raised his eyebrow. Why was she so nervous? Who was she? She was way too beautiful to be involved with House. Or at least it seemed to him that way.

"Sure." She said and took a deep breath. "I… I was just leaving anyway."

She opened the door for him and put the keys back on the table before leaving. She had to get out of there immediately.

The man wanted to say something more but she had been already gone when he turned to look at her again.

What was I thinking? I slept with him and now I was seen leaving his apartment. Dammit. What if Cuddy finds out and really kicks me out of school?

Allison's mind wandered as she walked back to her dorm. It was a beautiful morning with a light breeze and colorful signs of the beginning of fall. Yet, somehow she couldn't really pay much attention to the trees as the flashbacks from the previous night kept haunting her and she finally realized how difficult it was to resist something that could be called a fatal attraction. House was old and grumpy… He actually might have been twice her age. Also, he was a strange loner, perhaps once heartbroken and bitter ever since. But he was absolutely nice and sweet to her and she felt happy and safe with him. She had missed the feeling of security and now, when she found it, was she supposed to let it go? On the other hand, she was still a student and they both could be in a big trouble for having done what they did. But, again, what they did was amazing. She had never felt like this before and their passion seemed way too overwhelming at that moment.

Allison was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't notice a young girl approaching her.

"Allison! Hi!" It was Donna. The most annoying person you can meet at 8 in the morning. Correction, you can meet at any time of the day.

"Hi." Allison replied with lack of interest.

"Oh my god, have you heard about it?" She asked in an excited voice.

"About what?" Allison asked back.

"Well, this is just crazy but it seems that Dr. House is sleeping with one of his students! Isn't that unbelievable? I just found out yesterday… Obviously somebody has taken a photo of the two of them and sent it to his superior. They may even fire him!"

Allison's heart skipped a beat but soon she narrowed her eyes at her and did her best to play it cool.

"What are you talking about, Donna?"

"You really haven't heard? I mean, you actually know him, don't you? Wow, anyway, that's just wicked! I wonder who that is…"

Allison took a deep breath and pretended to listen to Donna as she went on and on about what could happen to House and 'the unknown student' he is said to be seeing.

"… and so as soon as I find out who that is, I'll tell you. I'm kinda jealous of her but I wouldn't wanna be kicked out of school because of this, you know."

Allison nearly told her to shut up and realize it would actually never happen to her because no man would ever bother to get in trouble because of her, but instead she just faked a smile, made a lame excuse about being late for 'a thing', said 'bye' and left as quickly as she could.

She felt dizzy as she walked away from the annoying girl.

Things were getting worse.

A man walked into the bedroom, took a shoe which was lying on the floor and threw it at a sleeping body.

"Wake up!" He said loudly and frowned.

House jerked, let out a soft shriek and sat on the bed confused and still very drowsy.

"What…what the hell… are you doing here?" He mumbled and rubbed his eyes. "And where is…um…?" He stopped in the middle of the sentence realizing it would be so much better if he never finished it.

"Where is um, who? The beautiful girl I met who must have spent the night here?"

House's eyes widened.

"Yes, yes… Well, she left. Hope you have her number because she didn't tell me to leave a note or anything. Or perhaps it's enough if you still remember the official number of the escort service she works for, right?"

"Shut up, Wilson. What do you want?" House growled and got up from the bed. He put his clothes on and grabbed his cane to pace to the kitchen.

"Well, I'm quite sure I came here for something important but now I somehow can't remember. Who was she?" Wilson smiled widely and followed House.

"It's none of your business." House snapped and swallowed a few pills of Vicodin. That totally wasn't the way he wanted to spend that particular morning. Why did Allison leave? Where did she meet Wilson? What in the world could he have told her?

"I guess it is… Listen House, friends or foes, I think you are in a big big trouble. Cuddy told me about your fling and now it all makes sense to me. They can fire you and even though I couldn't care less, I have an offer for you."

"Leave me alone, Wilson." House was becoming really mad, he needed to talk to Allison as soon as possible.

"I want you to become a member of my team, which may seem a little like a step down for you now but I think you don't have much choice actually after what you did and after what I had seen this morning. Less money, more work but I can make Cuddy let you stay, how about that?"

House looked at Wilson and shook his head in disbelief. "You are unbelievable."

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