Atobe Keigo sighed and shifted the pace on the treadmill up another notch. His eyes followed the pert ass of the new gym manager.

The old gym manager had been a creepy, overweight, sweaty guy. This new one, however, was...not. In fact, he was completely and totally fuckable. And Keigo would be very happy to get behind the fucking of that boy; in more ways than one.

The new manager, Echizen Ryoma, was a golden-eyed, black-haired beauty. He was small but well built and strong. Not strong in the bulging muscles, bodybuilder kind of way. More like a graceful dancer kind of way. But if Keigo would never mention that to Ryoma because the younger man would probably punch him.

Keigo had never really been an avid gym-visitor (because Ore-sama is perfect and he doesn't need to work out to keep his stunning figure) until Ryo-chan began working there. At first, the boy was only a lifeguard and Keigo began showing up in hopes of catching him without a shirt on. Now that Ryoma was the manager, Keigo made sure to come in for a workout everyday. Though, Keigo was really pining for a different kind of workout entirely.

Atobe stopped the machine and walked up to the desk that Echizen was sitting behind.

"Hello Ryo-chan! It's nice to see you-"

"Atobe, what do you need?" Ryoma asked, lifting his head up from where he had been sleeping.

"Ah, very well, Ore-sama requests a water bottle and a towel."

Ryoma stared at him.

Keigo stared back (mentally stripping him).

Ryoma continued staring.

If Keigo was a bit less graceful, he would have started drooling (due to his fantasizing).

"Well," Ryoma smirked." What's the magic word?"

Atobe shook himself out of his daydream," Uh, please?"

"Very good, I guess not all monkeys are morons." Ryoma responded, handing Keigo the towel and water bottle before turning to attend the next person in line.

"Brat," Atobe mumbled as he walked away." Damn stupid, gorgeous brat. If I wasn't so intent on getting into his pants, I would make sure he wasn't working here or anywhere else.

Behind the counter, Ryoma smirked slightly, handing the customer a pair of goggles.