Ryoma huffed as he shoved the key into the lock of his apartment's front door. He had known those four total pains in the ass for a total of three months now. Three months! And so far only Atobe and Fuji had even attempted to get into his designer jeans. And really all that had taken place was some minor flirting on that front. The sexual tension was definitely there, no way could Ryoma have mistaken that. So what was taking so long? He couldn't simply throw himself at them, that would be absolutely no fun.

He stomped into the bathroom to take a shower. As the tiled room filled with steam, Ryoma moved into the stream of hot water. As the water pounded at the muscles in his back, Ryoma mentally reviewed his current situation.

He had two of his four conquests already in the bag, (hopefully the bed as well, soon) but the other two were giving him some difficulty. What was different about his situation with the perverts from the situation with the stoics?

All four stared at his ass, check. They were all hot, check. He had made all four of them adequately jealous...not check.

He stopped his train of thought as he exited the shower and bathroom, making his way to his room where he threw on a pair of boxers. Ryoma sighed...maybe that plan did have its merits. He could definitely try to make Tezuka and Sanada jealous. They would either get extremely jealous of what ever poor sucker (read: Kevin) Ryoma forced to pretend to be his boyfriend, or they would passively accept that they had no chance.

Well, if this doesn't work I can always try jumping them in the showers. And if that doesn't work, they are too thick to be worth the effort.

Ryom climbed into his bed and put the thought on the back burner for now.


Ryoma stumbled into the gym that morning barely awake. His alarm had not gone off and so he was had gotten up with barely enough time to dress and get to work.

No patrons were inside yet as the daily morning maitenance was being performed before they officially opened. Ryoma was greeted my Momo and Kevin standing at his desk.

They smiled as he glared through half-open eyes. Their smiles widened. Ryoma bared his teeth. They flat-out grinned. Ryoma began to growl. Kevin chuckled and Ryoma would have throttled him, had Momo not handed him a steaming styrofoam cup of caffeinated goodness.

Ryoma groaned, immediately grabbing for the cup and taking a sip before walking around the desk and collapsing into the chair.

He let his head bang as he dropped it onto the desk. He asked, muffled by the glass of the desk, "Why the fuck are you two so happy this morning?"

Momo leaned over the desk toward Ryoma. Kevin leered.

"Someone apparently likes your bratty ass, if the huge bouquet of flowers with your name on them in the staff room mean anything." Momo laughed.

Ryoma groaned, "Which one sent them?"

"Dunno, that's why it's so interesting," Kevin said through his grin.

"Wha-" Ryoma began.

"You know what's even more interesting, Kevin-kun?" Momo laughed.

"What's that Momo?" Kevin smiled sweetly. Too sweet. Ryoma cringed at the answering boom of laughter as Momo pulled a piece of notebook paper from the pocket of his shorts.

"The poem that was left with the flowers."

Ryoma sat straight up. "Excuse me?"

"Let's just let the poetry speak for itself," Kevin tittered.

Momo cleared his throat and began to read in an exaggerated dramatic voice.

"Your eyes are like the sun,

Your hair shines like it too.

Please let me be the one,

To take you out tonight.

Accept these flowers,

And I'll take it as a yes,

Don't thrown them out,

It'll make a mess!

I love your lips,

I love your sass,

I love your hips,

And especially, I love your a-"

"WHAT THE ARE YOU READING? MOMO!" Yuuta asks, stomping out of the back room. His face is red and stormy. He grabs the paper out of Momo's hand. "Get back to work, you too Smith."

They both nearly trip as they move toward the pool and weight room, respectively.

Yuuta puts the, uh, poem back on the desk and looks to Ryoma. The young man is staring blankly, eyes glazed over and mouth hanging open slightly.

Yuuta waves a hand in front the the boy's face. When he doesn't react, Yuuta shouts, "You broke my manager!"

He slaps Ryoma lightly, then again, a little harder. Ryoma jerks out of his horror-induced trance and glares at Yuuta.

"Never mind!" Yuuta shouts as he waves goodbye to the affronted manager.


Ryoma has safely hidden the note in his pocket when Fuji comes in with Atobe around noon. Ryoma sighs, just what he needs.

"Ah, Ryo-chan! How have you been?" Syuusuke asks, leaning against Ryoma's desk.

"Fine, Fuji. But don't call me that." Ryoma says.

"Whatever you say Ryo-chan."

Ryoma rolls his eyes and looks to the diva who has, shockingly, remained silent during the entire exchange.

Echizen looks back to Fuji and asks, "What's wrong with him? He usually can't shut that monkey-trap of his, now he's completely silent?" He pointedly ignores the shocked splutter from the Monkey King.

Syuusuke shrugs and explains, "He lost a bet to Jiroh," like that explains everything. Then, when Ryoma considers it, it really does.

"So, Ryo-chan, do you wanna go later today?" Fuji asks, ignoring the death glare that Keigo is throwing him. If looks could kill, Fuji would be dead twice and burned and his ashes would be scattered to the four corners of the earth.

"Hmmm, tempting, but I can't," Ryoma says, smirking.

"And why not, Ryo-lover?" Fuji inquires.

"Because, Fuji-san, I have a date with to hot stoic men. I don't have time to play with boys," Ryoma assures the brunette. "And I think I prefer Ryo-chan."

Fuji's smile takes on a dangerous edge and his eyes glint at Ryoma, "Oh, I can assure you, Ryo-chan, I am all man."

"Oh, really?" Ryoma asks leaning in closer to Fuji.

"Very much so, if you would like we could step into the staff room. I seem to remember there being a very nice couch in there that you would look lovely bent over it and screaming my n-"

Ryoma grins when Atobe punches Syuusuke in the side. Then he glances at the clock.

"Thanks for the chat, boy, but it's my lunch break." And with that Ryoma walks toward the staff room and quickly locks the door.

He sighs when the room is proven to be void of people. He sits on the couch and shoves his shorts to his ankles.

"This is ridiculous, I should not be jerking off so much when I have two perfectly able, hot men wanting in my pants. Damn my romantic nature," Ryoma cusses again, and then proceeds to imagine the scene Fuji had very kindly provided for Ryoma's collection of jerk-off material.


Ryoma's blissful (albeit, sticky) lunch break ended and he was forced to return to his post at the front desk. He flopped into the desk chair, feet on the glass surface of the desk and flipped on the small television to his usual soap opera- Chad was unknowingly marrying Aimee's evil, identical second cousin, Ali, this week! A shadow fell across his desk, prompting Ryoma to look up at the disturbance.

When he realized who had interrupted his afternoon with Chad and Ali he promptly muted the small television and moved his feet off the desk in order to sit up straight.

Ryoma fluttered his eyelids up at the gorgeous, muscled forms of Sanada Genichirou and Tezuka Kunimitsu, Ryoma's own, personal most valued customers.

"What can I do for you two handsome men this afternoon?" Ryoma asked flirtatiously.

Tezuka's mouth twitched a bit and Sanada's eyebrown rose a fraction of an inch, but they otherwise gave no notice of Ryoma's less-than-professional tone.

"We would like to book a personal sauna for today, Echizen," Tezuka stated, shifting his gym bag to his other arm.

Ryoma bit his lip and lowered his fingers to the keyboard of his computer to look for vacant saunas this afternoon, "Should be no problem."

"In fact, Sauna 3b is open right now, that okay with you two?" Ryoma asked, raising his eyes to meet the intense gazes of the two tall men.

They both nodded.

"In that case, follow me gentlemen," Ryoma said and stood to lead the men to the sauna in question. He grabbed the key for sauna 3b and walked down the hall to the left of the desk, nodding for them to follow.


Ryoma quietly stood in the hall as Sanada and Tezuka quickly used the sauna's changing room. When the door to the changing room opened, a towel encased, but otherwise completely naked Tezuka and Sanada filed out.

Ryoma's golden eyes scanned what he could see of their tanned, built bodies before handing the sauna key to Sanada, "Have a good steam, guys."

Ryoma walked off. If he was just a little bit more of a slut, he could have had them both right there, ready to bend him over a bench in that goddamn sauna 3b. He knew he could have, but he wanted all four of his boys together before he actually gave it up.

Why do I also go for morons? Ryoma mentally asked himself before settling at his desk once more.

And damn it all, he didn't even get to watch his soap opera!


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