Title: Never Forget

Rating: M, sexual themes

Summary: Danielle has a harsh past life. But what happens when she goes back to the source of it all, La Push? Will she continue to resist the pain? Or will she give up and let it eat her up? And what if her best friend suddenly showed up? JacobxOC

Comments: Set after Eclipse. Same characters and situation.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or the characters. I only own Danielle and her mother and father and random oc characters that might show up.

Danielle sighed to herself quietly, gently tapping her thighs to the rythem of the song she was listening to. She glanced at her mother from the corner of her eyes and frowned slightly. She was mad at her mother at the moment. Any daughter would be if their mother suddenly decided to move from sunny California to rainy washington simply because of small fevers.

She rolled her eyes as she remembered what had happened. She had come back from school drenched in sweat, her temprature a little higher than normal. It had continued for a few days, and some days she would even start shaking randomly. Her mother had started getting abnormally worried and decided that they would move to a small place named La Push in Washington.

The only reason that Danielle was resisting was that she had lived there before, she was actually born there. And her father used to live there. It was the only reason that they moved when danielle was two, her father had died. She never knew what had happened exactly, but she wouldn't forget his face. His normaly tanned skin was pale, sickly pale, as if his blood was drained. When Danielle had touched him, she shivered, his skin cool to the touch, and the only thing that made it all worse was that he wasn't completely still. He was moving, writhing, screaming.

Danielle shuddered, snapping back to reality. She sighed once again and closed her eyes before a tear could escape. She felt a warm hand on her shoulder, but she simply shrugged it off. She knew her mother meant well, but she still had no right to take Danielle away from her friends like that. It would have been okay for her if it weren't for the fact that she was one of the most popular girls at school.

She was even one of the 'rare' popular girls at school. only becuase she had real friends, not fake ones that hated her. And the fact that she was about to ask her crush, Josh, to the upcoming dance made it even worse. She frowned at her thoughts and kept her eyes closed, wishing that she would wake up from a horrible dream and see that she was still in sunny California, not on a plane to Seattle.

"Danielle," she heard her mother's soft voice. "Please talk to me. I know you're upset but please try to understand..."

Danielle simply ignored her mother and looked out of the small, oval shaped window, she could barely make out the roads and the city itself. They were getting close to their arrival. She took her small bag from under her seat and pulled out the book she was reading. She flipped it open to the page she left off on and pretended to read, an excuse to not talk to her mother.

She felt a bit guilty when her mother sighed and sat back in her chair. She turned to the window again and stared at it until their arrival at the small airport. She followed her mother from a distance behind, letting her long bangs cover her large aqua blue eyes. She glanced down at her clothes and groaned quietly. A tank top and short shorts were not a good match for rainy weather.

She suddenly felt glad that her mother had snuck a jacket into her bag earlier on. She took the jacket and slipped it on, catching her mother's small smile. She simply ignored it and kept on walking. They soon reached the exit of the airport and Danielle was about to whistle for a taxi when an old car stopped in front of them. She shot her mother a confused look, but her mother simply smiled and opened the door.

"Hello, Jake," she smiled. "It's nice to see you again." Danielle heard her mother greet the personbehind the steering wheel. She got into the backseat and realized that it was a young looking guy. He looked about in his late teens, but the smile on his face was too childish. She felt her brain itch a bit, the name was familiar to her, she just couldn't quite remember where she had heard it from.

"Hi Mrs. Barlington," he smiled back to her. He turned to the back seat and smiled at Danielle, his white teeth seeming to glow against his dark skin. "Hey Dani," he waved slightly.

Danielle's eyes widened. How did he know her name? Barely anyone called her Dani anymore. She simply rolled her eyes and looked out of the window, trying to cover up herself. She really should have worn something that covered more than just her underwear. She glanced down at her perfectly tanned legs and smiled sadly. No more laying down in the sun in just a bikini, trying to keep her tan all year long. No more teasing random guys walking down the block. No more having fun.

She noticed Jake giving her a strange look before driving off. She watched in a haze as the trees flew by. She knew that they were in La Push alreay, she could practically hear the beach and the waves crashing against the cliff. They soon stopped at a small house that Danielle recognized. She looked down again, her bangs covering the tears in her eyes.

She knew she wouldn't be able to stand being here. The memories were simply too strong. She flung the door open and ran out of the car, surprised that her legs remembered the place perfectly. Before she knew it she was standing at the edge of the cliff, the wind blowing harshly. She stood there for a few hours, tears streaming down her rosy cheeks. Her body shivering slightly, her hair tangeled from the strong winds.

Why couldn't she forget this place? Why couldn't she forget her father? Why couldn't she forget her bestfriend? The questions soon flew out of her mouth in loud screams, finally when she could no longer talk, she sat down on the hard ground, curling up into a tight ball.

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