Hey everyone! As promised, here is the sequel to "Unexpected Visitors!" hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Snow. It covered everything in sight. The trees, the ground, even the smallest windowpane. It shimmered brightly as the sun's rays beat down on it. The day was December 20th 2007, five days before Christmas. Nineteen-year-old Megan, or Meg as she was called, sighed with content at the nearly decorated Christmas tree. Her three younger siblings, along with herself, had been spending the past hour placing ornaments, lights and tinsel on the tree. Now, the only job that was left was placing the angel on the very top. Meg's nine-year old sister Mary Rose was patiently waiting to do so, when the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Meg cried and rushed to the phone. "Hello?" she said picking up the receiver.

"Hey it's me."

"Oh hey Regina!" Meg said to her best friend. "What's up?"

"Well I'm calling to say I'm going to be a little late. There's a ton of traffic and I'm going at a snails pace!"

"Probably all those Christmas shoppers." Meg thought aloud.


"Well, I guess I could wait a little longer…"

"I'm sorry Megs!" Regina apologized "I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Okay, bye."

Meg hung up the phone and sighed. She placed her hand inside her jean pocket and pulled out a gold coin with an image of a sparrow on one side and a sword and ax crossed on the other. Jack and Will. 'Sorry guys.' Meg thought sadly. 'I guess we have to wait just a little longer…'


Meg swirled around to face a very annoyed little sister.

"Come on! I can't put this angel up by myself!"

"Okay, okay I'm coming!" Meg laughed and walked back into the living room. Her two younger brothers were sitting on the dark green sofa…okay, more like they were having a pillow fight on the dark green sofa.

"All right you two!" Meg exclaimed to them "That's enough!" she turned to Mary Rose. "Okay babes, up you go."

Meg lifted her onto her shoulder and walked her over to the tree.

"A little closer…no that's too close!"

"Ugh, make up your mind already sis!" Meg grunted. "You're getting heavy!"

"There!" her sister exclaimed.

"Finally!" Meg cried and dropped Mary Rose back onto the couch. Meg

smiled and said,

"All right, the tree looks good." She turned to her brother. "You and Chris can go play your game now Joe."

Meg's fifteen year old brother jumped up from the couch, brushed the

brown hair out his face and at lightning speed dashed from the room with

her other brother following close behind.

30 minutes later…

Still no Regina. Meg groaned and flopped her body down on the couch.

'Ugh, where are you?' she thought. Just then, loud dinging sounds were heard from the boys' room. That was the last straw.

"Oh for the love of pirates!" Meg yelled. "Boys! Turn that bloody game down!"

Nothing happened.

"That's it!"

Meg flew off the couch, stomped into their room and stood in front of the TV.

"Hey!" both teenagers cried.

"Like I said," Meg repeated. "Turn the volume down, or I'll turn the game off savvy?"

Joey laughed and gave her a mock salute. "Aye aye Captain Jack Sparrow!" he teased.

"Yeah!" Meg's other brother Christian replied. "Whatever you say Captain Jack Sparrow!"

Meg sighed angrily and left the room. "Bloody brothers." She mumbled and dropped back down onto the couch with her arms crossed.

Then, almost by magic, the doorbell rang. Meg sprung up from her seat and ran to the door. She grinned as Regina, whose coat was covered in snow, stepped inside.

"You're here!" Meg squealed and grabbed her into a hug. "I'm so glad you

got here safely," Meg said taking Regina's coat. "Joe and Chris were driving me nuts!"

"Tell me something new!" Regina replied.

"I heard that!" they heard Christian yell.

Both girls giggled.

"Come on," Meg said. "Let's go downstairs. Did you bring the stuff?"

"Yup." Regina nodded and pointed to her backpack. "Where's your Mom and Dad?" she asked as the girls raced down the stairs to Meg's room.

"Christmas shopping." Meg replied shutting the door to her bedroom. "There were some things they still need to get."

"Oh I see."

Regina dropped her clothes out of her backpack and onto the floor.

Meg and Regina had been planning this get together for months. Ever since Meg found that letter from Jack in her coat pocket. It was then that girls found out that by using the gold coin, they could see the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow and the dashing Captain Will Turner again. As soon as they came home from their Caribbean vacation, they planned their scheme. From planning this get together during winter break; to buying the outfits that would make them fit in the 1700's surroundings. Finally the day came.

"Well?" Meg asked. "How do I look?"

Meg had changed out of her sweater and jeans and was now wearing an

off-white blouse with flowing sleeves and a light purple skirt that showed off her brown knee-high boots. To top it all off, she had her gold brocaded brown coat that Jack had given her.

"You look," Regina sighed and smiled, "Just like Jack."

Meg laughed.

"Thanks," she smiled "You look good too."

Regina nodded in agreement. Instead of her modern day clothes, she was dressed in a white blouse and dark blue skirt with black boots. As always she wore the necklace Will had given her. Just because the girls were going to wear what girls wore in the1700's, there was no way they were going to wear those prissy high-heeled shoes. Besides, the skirts covered their boots anyhow.

"Well," Meg sighed and took the coin out of her coat pocket. "Here goes


"Wait!" Regina exclaimed, "I just thought of something!"

"What?" demanded Meg a little impatiently.

"What if your parents come home and find that we're gone! Your mom will

have a heart attack!"

"Oh good point. I never thought of that." Meg said after some thought.

"How long do you think it will take?"

"Weeeelll..." Meg replied slowly, "Since 2007 won't have happened yet I don't think it will take any time at all."

"All the same we should write a note or something."

"Yeah and say, 'Dear mom we're with Jack and Will don't worry!' She'll really believe that!"

"Oh don't be ridiculous Meg!" Regina said impatiently. "Here give me that piece of paper and a pen."

Regina finished writing the note and stuck it where Meg's mom would see it.

"Okay, now can we go?" Meg begged.

"Yes," Regina sighed.

Each girl placed her hands on the gold medallion. They both took a deep breath, closed their eyes and whispered,

"Take us to Jack and Will."

At that moment, the room began to spin. The sound of the howling wind

rushed passed their ears. The room spun faster and faster until suddenly, everything stood absolutely still…