Chapter 24

Regina was watching with a smile as she watched her cousin at the helm.

"Have you picked out a name for her yet, Captain Turner?" she teased.

Will chuckled and smiled.

"Actually, I was hoping you could help me do just that," he answered.

"Really?" Regina asked pleased and surprised.

After a couple minutes thought, she said, "What about the Fighting Swann after Elizabeth?"

"The Fighting Swann?" Will said thoughtfully to himself and smiled. "Yes! I shall name her the Fighting Swann!" Then he looked hard at Regina for a few minutes. "Or perhaps I could name her the Fighting Queen after both of you?"

"After me?!" Regina cried. "Why me?"

Will just shook his head at her. "If you don't know, I can never explain it to you."

"Oh." Regina said trying to sound as if she understood and failing.

After a pause, she stepped closer to the helm and asked quietly, "Will, what did you do when you killed your first man?"

"I hardly remember," Will replied, "It was so long ago."

Regina said nothing more, and would have walked away but Will realized something was bothering her.

"Did you kill someone?" he asked.

"Yes." Regina said. "I couldn't help it!" she cried suddenly. "He was going to kill me and Meg and I just pulled the trigger and he fell over dead. Meg managed to not to kill anyone, though."

Will called a crew member to the helm and took Regina to a quieter part of the ship.

"Megan was lucky," Will began when they were alone. "Its not often possible to merely knock someone unconscious in the middle of a battle."

Regina just looked miserable.

"If you hadn't pulled that trigger, you would be dead right now, Regina." Will told her gravely.

"I know, I keep telling myself that, but it doesn't help." Regina sighed. "I know I had good reason to kill the man, but that doesn't erase the fact that I killed someone. It was terrible to see him drop dead on the deck from my bullet." She turned away quickly to hide the tears in her eyes.

"What about the other men who were fighting Jack?" Will asked.

"I didn't kill any of them." Regina said in a shaky voice. "I just killed the one man." She took a deep breath to keep from crying.

"You didn't kill him either," Will said unexpectedly.

"What?!" Regina cried turning around and unconsciously showing Will her tears.

"Jack shot him." Will said simply. "Did you notice the blood came from his back?"

"But!" Regina exclaimed. "I pulled the trigger."

Will smiled and put an arm around her shoulder.

"Regina," he said with a small laugh, "I'm afraid you're going to have to practice long and hard before you are ever good enough to actually hit what you are aiming at."

Regina laughed, and sniffed, then buried her head in Will's shoulder and cried. Will hugged her and mouthed to Elizabeth to make some tea.

Meanwhile, back on the Pearl, Jack had lead Meg back inside his cabin.

"I wanted to make sure ye were the first one to pick what ye wanted." He pointed over to the chest he had opened back on the Island.

"You mean it?" Meg asked.

Jack nodded and gestured towards the chest. Meg grinned back and ran her hands over the silver pad-locked chest and opened it; gazing at the shimmering treasures inside. Her hand began unconsciously stroking the soft velvet lining of the inside of the chest's lid as her other hand shifted through the many trinkets and coins inside. Her eyes suddenly locked on a pair of dangly golden, tear-dropped shaped earrings; each tear with a sparkling sapphire embedded into it.

"Perfect!" she smiled and immediately put them on, then turned around to show Jack. "Like 'em?" she asked, but the noticed Jack looking at her with an odd glance.

"What?" she asked.

"Back there, at the battle," Jack explained. "I saw you fighting out there. You....I must admit, were bloody brilliant, 'luv. You even managed to keep the men you faced alive."

"Well," Meg grinned "I did learn from the best, Captain Sparrow."

"Not denying that 'luv," Jack winked at her.

Meg laughed.

"Can I ask ye something, Meg?"


"I was wonderin'," he began "Yer a lass, and..."

"Well spotted," Meg rolled her eyes.

"What I mean is," Jack defended "You'd probably be able to pick out something better than I could for Nora as my acceptance gift to her engagement."

Meg laughed, now understanding. "Ah ha," she smiled "I see." she turned back to the chest and searched through the treasures inside once more, until she found the perfect thing. It was a silver chain, with a small, slightly darker silver cross pendent encrusted with various shades of purple stones. "What about this?" she asked, holding it up.

Jack nodded in approval. "Perfect. Purple's her favorite."

Meg chuckled "Maybe that's where I get it," she muttered.


"My favorite color is purple too," Meg smiled "Maybe I got that from her."

Jack grinned. "Maybe."

"You know," Meg said suddenly "Regina and I do have to go back....eventually. It'd be all weird with Nora and David and all if we don't."

Jack nodded slowly. "I know, 'luv. But let's not think about that now, all right?"

Meg nodded back. "Yeah. Yeah. Not yet. Port Royale first."

Two weeks later, they caught sight of Port Royale from a long way off, and everyone began to have the feeling of returning home and longing for the comforts of their own beds. (all except for Jack, of course). The next day, they sailed triumphantly into the harbor and Jack finished his distribution of the treasure. To Elizabeth he gave a beautiful gold and pearl brooch, and to Regina he gave a pair of small diamond earrings. Nora had been embarrassed and frustrated that Jack knew of the engagement before she actually told him, but immediately forgave him when she received her present. Jack jokingly suggested Will take a gold earring from the chest, but Will declined the offer.

"One is enough for me." he said.

"Then perhaps you would accept this, mate." Jack held out a ring, that had a small sparrow engraved in the stone. "That was my father's when he was captain, and I think such a fine captain like yourself should have it."

"Jack, I don't think I can accept it." Will said, looking rather awed.

"You don't like it?" Jack demanded.

"Yes, I do, but" Will began.

"Then take it!" Jack shoved it into Will's hand and that was the end of the matter.

Later that night, Nora and David, Regina and Megan, Jack with young Will on his knee, and Will and Elizabeth sat around the Turner's hearth and laughed about their adventures. Will's ring glowed in the firelight and the girls' jewelry glistened as their turned.

"What about me, Uncle Jack?" the younger William Turner had asked.

Meg had stifled a laugh.

"Didn't you bring me back anything?" he asked him.

Jack patted the boy on the head. "Of course I did, lad. What makes ye think that I didn't?" He pulled out a small bundle from his coat, and held it out to his Godson. The youngest Turner had opened the package up and happily held up his present; a jeweled sea turtle.

"Oh Jack!" Elizabeth had laughed.

Soon, everyone had joined in with her laughter, until Megan remembered what she had said to Jack on the Pearl.

"Regina and I are leaving tomorrow." She said quietly.

"You are?" everyone cried and Regina said, "We are?"

"Yes, I think its time for us to go back." Megan said and looked significantly at Nora and David. Regina understood.

"Yes it is time we get back to our homes." She sighed.

"We're going to miss you," Elizabeth said softly.

"Perhaps you could come back for the wedding," Nora suggested.

"No, I don't think we can." Regina smiled sadly. "But we wish you both the best of luck and happiness."

Meg looked over at Jack and whispered quietly. "Could we come back, Jack?" she asked.

Jack shook his head subtly "No," he whispered back "The magic only works once..."

Will looked thoughtful when he heard this but decided to wait till the morning to say what was on his mind.

For a little while longer they sat around the fire but when Meg and Regina both started yawning, Elizabeth ordered everyone to bed.

The next morning, Regina and Meg woke up feeling very sad and forlorn.

"I don't want to leave." Regina said and neither of them said anything else until they came down to breakfast in their original outfits they arrived in. Everyone attempted to be cheerful during the meal, Jack even made a comment about the sausages, and though it raised a few chuckles, nobody was very happy. Finally, Regina looked at Meg and they both nodded.

"its time for us to go." Meg said.

"We'll escort you to the docks," Elizabeth said.

They said goodbye to Nora and David at the house, and walked silently down to the docks with Elizabeth, Jack and Will. When they reached the place where the Black Pearl and the Fighting Queen lay side by side, they halted and turned to say goodbye.

Will turned to Jack. "You said last night that magic only works once," he began, "but I think there is a way we can see each other again."

"There is?" the others exclaimed.

"Your compass, Jack." Will said, "It can lead us to what we want most."

"But, mate!' Jack exclaimed. "I don't think it can cause time travel!"

"But the triangle is still there isn't it?" Will asked.

Jack thought for a moment, then he grinned. Turning to the girls he cried, "Then this is only goodbye for the present!" He hugged Meg.

Will smiled and hugged Regina and then the two pirate friends exchanged girls. Then the girls both gave Elizabeth a hug and she promised to come on whatever adventure Jack and Will embarked on to visit them again.

Despite the fact Will's idea had greatly cheered everyone up, the girls were rather teary eyed when Meg pulled the coin out from her coat pocket.

"We'll miss you." Regina said simply.

"Keep a weather eye on the horizon." Will smiled.

"We might be back any day now!" Jack cried.

They all took one long last look at each other, and at the ships and the harbor, then drawing a deep breath, Meg and Regina whispered, "Take us home."

With a swirling and blowing, Port Royale disappeared and they once more stood in Megan's room. Their sweaters and jeans rumpled on the floor, in the exact spot where they had left them, the clock reading the same time as when they had left.

"So we didn't need that note" Regina smiled.

"No." Megan laughed. " I told you we didn't."

Meanwhile, on the docks of Port Royale, Jack hastily opened up his compass and watched the arrow spin. Curious, Will and Elizabeth looked over his shoulder, just in time to see it stop. It pointed, to their surprise, North.

"What's North?" Elizabeth asked.

"Florida and the Fountain of Youth," Jack said.

"No, Florida and the rest of our adventures with the girls." Will said triumphantly.


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