One Piece:

One Piece:

100 Ways To Prove That I Love You

Theme: #1. Introduction
Pairing: Zoro x Nami
Rating: K+ (for now)

They both remembered it vividly. As she leaned on the railing of the upper deck, as he was laying comfortably against the Men's Quarters walls, the atmosphere that rested over the Thousand Sunny stirred an urge of reminiscence within both of their tender bodies. He could see her shoulders and so forth over the wooden rails, and she could feel his eyes on her back. She knew the eyes that were scanning her frame were none other then the swordsman's, because the intensity of his stare, no matter how he felt or intended to look towards her, always left a signature chill at the base of her neck. Smiling, her own leer monitoring the setting of the sun, she decided to acknowledge her heart's request and allowed a certain flashback to fill her mind. What she didn't know was at the very moment she closed her eyes, the santoryuu-fighter Zoro was doing the same.

The day of bargaining with Pirate Captain Buggy was indeed a strange one. How could she have known that the naïve boy in a straw hat, that she planned on using as a peace-offering to retrieve some treasure, would end up being one of her new founded reasons to live? He was such a simpleton, she had evaluated from the second she heard him speak. She knew better now though; she was clearly the naïve one. But though she had such no desire for him in any of her bones, she had done her best to protect him. He was nothing more then an innocent boy, and as someone with morals and principles, she had done what she though was right and used any means within grasps to save that poor boy from an excruciating death; the only thing at grasps being her hands. Little did she know, she too was to be saved that day, by a comrade of her target, the infamous pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro. It was one of the weirdest days of her life.

"Just how many of you are charging at one girl?" he remembered he had said. When he first arrived upon the scene, he couldn't have cared less about the red-head. From what he could gather, she was the reason his captain was caged. Truthfully, Luffy and Zoro had not built any kind of a relationship yet, but he did have principles, so he had to save his captain. He had originally planned to simply release his captain and run. The circus group of pirates were more of a joke in his eyes, so they had no reason to quarrel with them. But as he began to approach, as he saw that girl fend of her attackers all on her own, then use her own hands to destroy that fuse, the one that would have been the countdown to the death of his monkey of a captain, he instantly respected her. It was something he would have pegged as a challenging decision to make. However, she looked as though it was merely the right thing to do, and so she did it, with no worry in mind. A woman like that was hard to find.

When he saved her, she had looked over her shoulder to see just to who she owed thanks. Never in her wildest dreams would she have guessed it was someone so renowned. Why this man was travelling with someone as daft as the straw hat kid, she couldn't even begin to fathom. But he had asked her is she was alright, possibly inquiring to the condition of her hands, then immediately took attention to the boy in the cage. They spoke so casually; they must have travelling for quite some time. She always read the paper; how come she didn't know of such great, powerful bounty hunter suddenly switching sides? Was the media going to have a frenzy with this breaking news. Unfortunately, matters did not end here, as a poor excuse for both a captain and a clown called out to the swordsman and challenged him.

It was definitely not one of his proudest moments; it was one of his most disappointing. He had not become accustomed to devil fruit powers just yet, as he usually dealt with pirates. Since most Navy personnel were in contact with those hellish weapons, he had no idea that a surprise attack was flying right at him, in front of his soon to be formed team, no less. Luckily, the mark of Buggy's knife did not scar, but it did indeed leave a mental mark; another reason to become stronger. After that incident, he had no issue with escaping for the time being. Also, as a way to redeem himself, he ended up saving his captain as well, so it worked out in the end, he guessed.

It always was weird to her, how both the monkey and bandana-wearing men instantly called her their navigator after they had found a place to rest. They both showed such faith in her, even though she had brought Luffy as close to death as he had probably ever been. Zoro was injured too! She had felt guilty enough as it was, then to hear that the little rascals still wanted her to join them on their journey was befuddling. They were such a strange pair, and as she came back into the world of reality, she realized they still were; not much had changed. They were still her troublesome boys, and she still felt the need to protect them. Knowing too well what would happen if she didn't, she laughed to herself with glee, as the rest of her adventures with them washed over her.

He heard her giggled and wondered why. She definitely was a strange one, that Nami. Even back then, she still was a mystery to him. It was funny how Luffy, the one who claims everything is a mystery if he can't comprehend its meaning, never said Nami was one. She was a year younger then him, and he could never win against her. She was always guiding him, and he took the time to still protect her. In the end, not much had changed since then. They themselves had grown into different people, but they were still Nami and Zoro, with their crazy and 'mystery' of a captain. They also had recruited more nakama since that day, too. Because one boy asked them both a random question, they were in those spots they were today. One on the upper deck, one laying against the lower deck floorboards, they were where they were because of one boy, and they couldn't be happier.

Suddenly, and very frighteningly, a loud bang echoed from the kitchen. Zoro saw Nami twist her head backwards as had tossed his head up. They heard man lines echo from the dining hall, such as,


"Luffy! That's not meat! That's Chopper's--"

"AHHH! Don't eat that! RUMBLE BALL!"

"HEY! Little dudes, calm down! You're hurting Sunny!"

They were sure they heard a feminie giggle.

"Yo ho ho ho ho! Perhaps I should play us a song to lighten the mood?"

"NAMI-SAN! DINNER! You too, Marimo!"

It took them both a few seconds to recollect their thoughts. Nami looked down at the swordsman, to see a look of bemusement on his face while his eyes fell shut. Smiling, a giggle bubbling in her throat, she skipped down the steps and over to him, then lightly kicked him in the side. His eyes meeting hers, she gave him the gentlest of demeanours and said kindly, "Get up, already. Dinner's on the table, or whatever's left of it."

He nodded and jumped up. The two walked up the stairs together, both grinning with a joy they couldn't quite understand. As they reached the entrance to the kitchen's quarters, they looked at each other, again the reason being unknown, changed the whole-hearted look to a smirk of pride, then both entered the kitchen at the same time. They also took the seats corresponding to each other, eating comfortably in each other's presence. The rest of the crew went onward with their business, not even taking notice to the silence of the two of them. It was like an actual, normal family; the kids being as rowdy as they always were, and the two parents, pleased with what they had. The swordsman and the navigator, as happy as they were, were happy to have each other, to enjoy such a moment together, and with no one else having a clue.

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