One Piece:

For the Longest Time

Theme: #73 - I Can't
Pairing: Roronoa Zoro x Nami
Rating: T (possible sexual referencing)
Timeline: Post Time Skip (reference to past filler arc)

Notice: This chapter was inspired by Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time". I would recommend listening to the song (on repeat) to get the full effect of the story. The original is on YT, but so are many lovely acapella covers, which fueled me to write this. Thank you. Please enjoy!

"Happy Birthday, Nami!" A few suffixes followed after.

"Aha, thank you everyone! I can't believe you all remembered my birthday!" the birthday girl cheered as she clapped her hands in delight. Sitting before a large tangerine-creme cake covered in sparklers - more than likely her captain's contribution - she felt as if she was truly glowing, to be surrounded by the ones she loved as they celebrated...well, her!

An unmistakable scoff ripped her mind away from her festivities; Zoro closed his eyes as he complained, "How could anyone forget, when the shitty cook hasn't stopped talking about it for the past week?"

"OI! Shut up, marimo!"

"Tch. Like it wasn't obvious."

Whether the crew had been reminded all week or not, Nami couldn't help but wonder what 'Marimo's' part was in all of this had been. Had he helped? Before, it might not have bothered her, but now the two of them had started fooling around with each other...

It wasn't anything serious really - and as if she'd want it to be, after just getting back together with her nakama - so maybe it was too much to expect any attention from the swordsman. After all, they weren't telling anyone about them because it was so insignificant. It had started simply because she went to discuss how the interest on his debt had worked out over the past two years, and the next thing she knew, she was against the bookshelf...on the cold library floor...on her drawing table... That night proved many things, but mostly showed how she missed him while they were away. That was all that really mattered, wasn't it?

That's right. He had had nothing to do with this, she knew. It would have just been a nice treat if he had remembered without the cook's help though.

"Now make a wish, girlie!"

"Yeah hurry up! I want to try the cake," - the captain was scolded for impatience - "What? I never get to eat Nami's tangerines unless it's a special occasion!"

Usopp grumbled, "That's because you'd eat them all in a single bite!"


"Let's just let Nami make her wish!" exclaimed Chopper, peeking over the table's edge.

She giggled at her nakama, so foolhardy with the best intentions...except for Luffy, when it came to her cake, it seemed. While they had been joking around, Nami had tried to think of what she could possibly want to wish for and realized that she had nothing to want. Her dream would be achieved based off of her ability, so she didn't need to wish for such a thing. After two long years, she was finally at a point where she would deem herself as 'strong'. Not Monster Trio strong, but that would be crazy to hope for! Plus, she liked her shape nicely toned, not covered in muscle like the demon Roronoa.

He had made it clear he enjoyed her body this way too.

Now that she was home again, what more could she need? So Nami actually made no wish on her candles and just put them out so she could also put her captain out of his apparent misery.

Beer and wine were served along with the cake, just before the crew gave their gift. Since Nami was in charge of the Mugiwara bank, they had all slowly begun to ask for money here and there (except for Zoro, who hoped Nami had forgotten about that stupid debt of his) in order to save what they could to purchase a proper gift.

What did they get her? Another stack of 1000 Year Paper.

"Ah, NO WAY! I thought only that con salesman had this!"

"I managed to locate some before we left Sabaody."

"And Robin-san managed to get quite a deal! She scared the sales clerks out of their skin-Ah, maybe now there could be more talking skeletons like me! Yo ho ho ho!"

"Amazing! Thank you, everyone! I'm so happy!" And in her moment of glee, her body gravitated to that of Roronoa Zoro and she hugged him.

In less formal terms, she glomped him. In front of the entire crew.

To her, it wasn't such a serious matter; so she hugged the man she felt happy enough to share her joy with. But to those who didn't understand the bond between them, she realized it might have seemed strange. Nami had held Usopp's face in her bosom when she saw him again on Sabaody and Zoro had made her promise never to do that again in the most delicious way.

She wasn't holding him indecently - just with her arms around his neck - but could it look strange?

Glancing upwards at him, Nami plastered her smile onto her lips to appear as calm as possible in the moment of silence she had place upon the dining hall. She watched as his one unscarred eye peeked down at her.

And what did he say? "I know you're excited, but get off me, woman."

Whoa, oh, oh, oh~
For the longest time

Whoa, oh, oh~
For the longest time

It was her birthday; why was she moping on deck!?

Leaning on the railing, she glared out at the water, which appeared to even out in fear of her. 'Stupid Zoro,' she thought with great displeasure, 'You couldn't bare to be nice for one single day!' Birthdays meant nothing to her, but if the crew had made a week-long production out of celebrating it...couldn't he at least prepped himself to be kind to her, in front of everyone!?

There was such a distinction between the way he treated physically, wrapped up in sheets and secrets, and how he geared their interactions to appear nothing more than platonic to the others. Or maybe it was just his extensive knowledge of the human body that made him treat her better than he realized when he was riding her hard...

Dammit, remembering that made her want to whisper demands in his ear in that pitch he made her voice hit instead of bitch at him until his ears bled! ...Why was he so irresistible? That ass!

If you said goodbye to me tonight

There would still be music left to write

What else could I do?

Why was she so weak to this man, after training so hard to be strong enough? Was she not strong enough for him? ...Heh, as if! The other night - when he had been for to forfeit control to her - she had made him break a sweat; some of his weights couldn't even do that! It was nice to know that while floating upon clouds, she had managed to become powerful enough to subdue the mighty swordsman when so many of their enemies hadn't.

I'm so inspired by you

That hasn't happened for the longest time

...That had been fun, hadn't it? So why hadn't he shown any kind of change towards her? Why was he still so calm and collected...He had even avoided her when they landed sometimes, and she tried to make nothing out of it. At first, that worked really well for them both. He would save her sometimes or let her step up to the task of attack... but even so, he had been avoiding her in some right and it was hard to ignore after a day like today.

Once I thought my innocence was gone

Now I know that happiness goes on

No matter what, there was no going back from the library! There was no turning around and pretending they hadn't been sneaking off together at night into any crook or cranny of the Sunny that wasn't infested with nakama. It was too late to pretend and it wasn't as though her body would want her could she forget a man like Roronoa Zoro after he had become one with her?

That's where you found me

When you put your arms around me

I haven't been there in the longest time

Wait a minute! Who was she, Nami, to be sulking and not speaking her mind!? If she was so certain that she couldn't live with this feeling of uncertainty-

Whoa, oh, oh , oh

For the longest time


Whoa, oh, oh
For the longest time

She was going to find the stupid swordsman and give him something to think about other than the things she could do with her tongue!

In the dark of the night, Nami tapped into her old burglary cat ways in order to traipse about undetected. With nakama in the kitchen, and other nakama on watch, she had to find Zoro. Sneaking around without him felt kind of weird; like she expected that one of them would be on their back in a matter of minutes-but no! They had something to discuss and like hell Nami was just some horny alley cat. No, she was a woman, and she had a man who had hell to pay!

"...Zooorooo?" She whispered into the Aquarium Bar. Sighing, she wasn't surprised; why would Zoro be relaxing in there after having drunk six barrels of ale before being cut off? Was he maybe sleeping it off? She stared hard at the Men's Quarters across the way... Would he really do that?

Along the rail of the ship, Nami watched for any possible witnesses to her...madness. When she arrived at the door, she knocked twice, one for each syllable of his name. But Zoro didn't answer. No, instead it was Lu-ffy.

"Ah Nami?" her captain blinked at her, making her feel as crazy as she ought to, "Why are you here?"

"No...reason!" Nami peeked around her captain, from over his shoulder, to past his hip, she even hopped to see over his head! But to her delight and dismay, there was no one but the Captain in the Men's Quarters at the moment, "J-Just making sure you...ate enough."

What the heck...had she just asked her Captain?

"Oh...yeah I did. Sanji made all your favourites, but he made a lot of meat too!"

"That's good...Okay, good night!"

"Happy Birthday!" Luffy called one more time before he closed the door.

...She had to move quick! If it was night time, he was going to fall asleep soon! Pretending she hadn't just made a fool of herself, the navigator navigated herself up onto the second level-Wait! She knocked on the bathroom door, "Zoro?" ...Silence.

On the second floor, there was the kitchen on one side, and the women's quarters on the other. Unless he was laying in her bed, waiting for her...Hm, that'd be a nice birthday present wouldn't it? Unless Robin had decided to read in their room... Then she would break the asshole's spine.

And so, she decided to skip that level entirely and work her way up the stairs again.

I'm that voice you're hearing in the halls

"Zoro, dammit!" Nami's angry whispers really captured what it meant to be angry while she wandered the ship. No one was steering as they were on a set course! He wasn't napping on any of the decks! It was Brook's turn on night watch! How could one of the largest men of the crew be so difficult to locate!? Maybe this was why he got lost all the time; somehow, even when the gods tried to help him out, they still couldn't find him! THAT'S HOW LOST HE WAS-

Oh, perhaps he was in the large bath house above the library? ...That was his private time, where he was probably sweating out the alcohol in his system. If she interrupted him without the intention to make him wet in more ways than one, would he get mad at her? They always fought, but would this interfere with their casual standing?

And the greatest miracle of all

Nami hiked her way up the ladder. She wasn't scared of Roronoa Zoro! Plus, she had no reason to resist looking at his naked body, so what was there to be worried about? She approached the door and knocked, sighing before executing another whisper yell, "Zooorooo!?"


That bastard! "Oi, I've been looking everywhere for you!" whisper-screamed poor Nami as she swung open the bathroom door. Directly across from her, submerged in a nice warm tub was the first mate himself, smirking with his arms on the railing.

Is how I need you

"You have?"

"Don't sound so full of yourself! When will you be done?"

"You could just join me-"

"No WAY! I spent too long looking for you."

"Alright," He sounded so at ease to comply with her without even knowing what the reason was; was this the latest feature of their casual agreement? "I can get out now."

And how you needed me too

Nami turned away and headed out the door just before the water began to sway with his motions, "Okay, I'll meet you downstairs. In the library."


And she shut the door. Still for a moment, Nami couldn't help but feel...her heart thump in a different way. How strange...

That hasn't happened for the longest time

She tried to fiddle with a book; reading her favourite tomb of the types of storms faced at sea was fun, wasn't it? It at least let her appear soft, calm and collected as she stood and waited for him to descend. Though she read not a word, no matter how fast her eyes traced the page. This felt like she was waiting for an opponent, like a battle was coming her way. Storms and stormy-tempered Zoro, she could handle, there was no question about that.

But...what was she even confronting him about?

He hadn't hugged her before the crew, so now she was mad at him? What on Earth had she done? Nami was methodical and self-sufficient; why was this relationship with her and Zoro obliterating her sensibility? And now she had forced him to leave his bath to speak to her? About what!? What was wrong with her? How many times was she going to groan - unpleasantly - before the night was out?

"Oi." Oh no, he called to her.

Nami whirled at her waist to face him partially, avoiding a stance of war. Not surprising, Zoro appeared as even-tempered as ever. Standing tall and so relaxed, she knew he could spring into an attack at any moment if need be, whether it be to slice an enemy with his swords or her with his words.

Somehow, that made him insanely attractive. Damn him.

Maybe this won't last very long

But you feel so right

And I could be wrong

"So what did you want to talk about? That was so urgent you had to go and find me?" Zoro asked so gruffly, with that smirk of his making his one opened eye stand out.

"I wanted to ate enough?" This question again!? Inside, she was screaming and berating herself.

As expected, he gave her quirk brow as his initial response, "Yeah, sure. I was more interested in drinking anyway, since it was a party."

Wait a minute... he reminded her! It was her birthday, wasn't it? She was mad at him for not showing any effort in celebrating her birthday! She could turn this around on herself just yet!

Maybe I've been hoping too hard

But I've gone this far

And it's more that I hoped for

"So then, you drank enough?"

"Eh, I can always put away more, but what I drank was fine." He spoke so dismissively.

"You had fun then?"


"At my birthday party?"

"Yeah, it was calmer than others I've been to-"

Nami cut him off when she faced him, turning her entirety to face off against his, "Really? You seemed to be in a bad mood when I touched you."

The air crackled with understanding on the swordsman's end, realizing this conversation was not supposed to be so gentle. He stared blankly, as if calculating and judging the next step he should take, all while Nami crossed her arms in impatient agitation.

Who knows how much further we'll go on

Maybe I'll be sorry when you're gone

"Are you having your 'Red Dragon'?"


"The Prince of Dumbass Kingdom told us one night that girl's have a Red Dragon every few weeks that makes them have a lot of emotions and do weird things. Since you were happy at dinner and pissed off now, I thought-"


I'll take my chances

Nami punched him so hard into the ground, his head ricocheted.

I forgot how nice romance is


I haven't been there for the longest time

She watched him groan and rub his skull, but she didn't care... No matter how funny this might seem later, right now she was angry! Talking about that with disgusting!

"I'll make you bleed your own Red Dragon." She angry-whispered again, aura exploding. Thankfully - for his own sanity - the swordsman hadn't heard her say that as he tried to regain his sense.

Zoro hissed as he sat up, "Then why are you getting so angry for!? I didn't do anything!"


"Exactly what!?"

"No, wait, you said something."

"Oh, then everything's fi-"

"Something incredibly STUPID!"

It was so clear that Zoro's patience was being outlived by her bratty ways; perhaps he had expected the evening to take a more physical route after that nice bath of his, and this stressful interlude was lessening her sex appeal. Well, too bad. A Nami on a mission was much like a tidal wave, and he was her shore. If she had already gotten so close, how was she to turn back now?

I had second thoughts from the start

I said to myself

Nami looked over Roronoa Zoro as he slowly returned to his typical stance, with an edge of rage in the lines of his frame.

Hold onto your heart

"What the hell did I say, to get you like this?" He had used that line on her before, but usually during their sexual endeavours. She hated that he was using it in a moment when she was infuriated; it made the question too universal.

"You told me I had to let go of you when I hugged you tonight." There, she said it. Nami no longer cared for beating around the bush - that wasn't her style, regardless of the situation - and she could tell by her swordsman that he was running out of concern for this mess they'd made.

He demonstrated this too, by scoffing at her revelation, "I thought we didn't want anyone to know."

The navigator made that face that implied she wasn't too fond of his words...the face he saw more often than not. "That doesn't mean you need to be a jerk to me. Today, of all days. I don't ask for a lot from you, between us, but that was-"

"I was trying to make sure we weren't found out! Did you want me to grab you and force you on my lap or something!?"

'YES!' she thought. "No!" she answered, lying through her teeth.

"Then why would I let you do that to me!?"

Nami thought fast, hoping to skid over her previous fib, "...You could have said it was because it was my birthday!"

"...Who the hell would believe that!?"

"I don't know! Maybe since you had no contribution to the gift either, they'd believe that was what you were giving me! Did you have HAVE anything for me, Zoro!? You went up for a BATH! Seriously! What were you going to give me today!?"

"...A night where I wear you out?"

Now I know the man that you are

You're wonderful so far

And it's more than I hoped for

In that moment, Nami's head wanted to explode. Her heart must have died, because she felt as though she was in a blissful place, what paradise must feel like. Her body was quaking inside too! After all that rage and confusion she was carrying, that one remark brought her back to her center, to her focus, to her sensibility.

What the hell was she so stressed about?

This man that she had chosen to be with was Roronoa Zoro, not Sanji where he was dutiful and doted on a woman's every beck and call. Hell, he wasn't even Usopp where he could make something for her, or Luffy, who might slip out a compliment she could take to heart. The first mate had the most hardened heart of the Mugiwara and yet he had agreed to be with her. Because he had needed her as much as she had needed him. Didn't that mean he gave her an early birthday present that night in the library? What a lucky girl she was, to have his sword wanting to be in her sheath.

Unable to contain herself after the wretched past few hours, Nami threw herself at her lover with all her might and claimed him in her arms as her own. She knew he'd be confused and take a while to respond, so she shocked him into with a glare that said, "Hug me back right now, or die."

I don't care what consequence it brings

Zoro did indeed hold Nami just as warmly as she'd hoped. Even with her large breasts in the way, she plastered her body to his and just hold on tight. It may have seemed girly, but it was her birthday and she could do what she wanted. Especially with Zoro's present waiting to be opened...or used...either way, she would be enjoying that toni-

"Oi...were you really looking all over the ship for me, just because you were mad I said let go of me?"

I have been a fool for lesser things

For the second time - on this day, of all days! - Nami groaned so unhappily, "Don't remind me! It wouldn't have been 'all over' if you were still in the kitchen or-"

"Hey, I've got another present for you," What was this? Another present? Was he just saying that to stop her from going on another rampage? Looking up at, with his few inches over her in height, she blinked at him with a childish curiosity. The smile he gave before continued indicated he was fond of her expression, "Since I just drank all that ale, I'll pretend I'm drunk, break into fridge in the kitchen and bring back all of the cold ones Sanji's got in the fridge. We can get piss-drunk until morning. Heh, still as good as you used to be?"

That gift was so, incredibly stupid.

Not only would anyone believe Zoro was drunk off of what he guzzled down at dinner, but she knew the combination to the fridge and could take it if she had felt so inclined...

However, it wasn't what he was stealing that mattered, was it? It was the fact that he was willing to take on a guise and steal something for her. Zoro did many things to piss Sanji-kun off, but stealing from him was not one of them. It could also risk them getting caught if anyone was still awake and heard him sulking, let alone if someone was in the kitchen! But he said he'd do it, just for her.

Again, Nami leapt at him with the same amount of force she had used in her fist. Zoro caught her just as her lips had found his, and in seconds he was diving right in to tasting her. Tired of being gentle in a 'loving embrace', his arms yanked her body upwards so he could squeeze her about the hips. Too swift to describe did the navigator find her legs wrapped around him, her tongue taking advantage of the angle and diving in to taste his tart, bitter mouth. Her favourite taste.

I want you so bad

I think you ought to know that

He made a sound, and begrudgingly, Nami groaned for the third time and released his tongue from her teeth. She slowly slid back and sat up straight in his arms, "What?"

In that deep, hungry voice of his that he used for all kinds of attacks - especially on her libido - Zoro whispered, "What about your present?"

A coy grin fell into place on Nami's lips, and she watched his gaze fall to watch, an inspired grin of his own coming through. "Zoro baby," she almost killed it instantly with that private nickname of hers before her hand cupped his cheek and forced their eyes to meet, "You have another gift you promised me first, remember? And I want it...let's try the bookshelf again."

I intend to hold you

For the longest time

DONE! This is for Nami's birthday :) Theme #73 on July (7) 3rd!

This was about how Nami can't stop herself from asking her needed question, but Zoro also couldn't hold her like she wanted. The story went in a much better route then I intended, but I wasn't sure the theme came across, so...there you go :)

Side Note: I figured that, Sanji wanted to talk about women when he came back from the Okama Island and was just blurting out all the wonderful things about women...and he might have mentioned the Red Dragon XD

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