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Full Summary: Everyone knows the story of Lloyd and his companions saving the two worlds from Cruxis and recombining them to create one under the newly revived Great Tree. This time, follow Lloyd as he tries to save the worlds… from his Aunt Martel.

By the way, this story WILL follow the game's plotline in the beginning, loosely, but it'll start to shift away, and you'll see some very apparent differences. By the end, the two'll be nothing alike, I promise you.

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Let's see how this goes, shall we?


Chapter 1: Age 12.

Many legends exist in the land of Sylvarant. From the story of the end of the Kharlan War, Mithos and his companions, and Mithos's death to the revival of the world and the Chosen's journey, every historian knows that something never adds up. That one thing was what Raine Sage had dedicated 49 of her life to figuring out. (As for the rest of it, 50 was dedicated to finding that one ruin, and the last 1 to teaching.)

While the fact that the Chosen died at the end of his or her journey was not known by many, any self respecting researcher had known this particular fact longer than many of the other things they studied. Raine was one of these researchers. Her favorite subject of research was the journey of the Chosen and figuring out how it connected to the legends of Mithos and Martel.

Raine was suddenly jerked out of her thoughts and her research by a knock on the door. She put her pen don and stood up, striding over o the door and opening it swiftly, smiling at the brown haired woman standing there. "Hello Anna." Raine smiled, stepping to the side to let the green-eyed woman in.

"Sorry to disturb you." Anna said, stepping in and letting Raine close the door so the cold air wouldn't enter the otherwise warm house. "Have you seen Lloyd? His father's coming back today and Lloyd promised to help me cook dinner, but he's not home yet."

"Genis is with him, wherever he is…" Raine said, stopping to think for a moment, "They're probably at Dirk's." she concluded. She grabbed her jacket and staff and pulled the jacket on while saying, "If you're going to head over there, I'll come with you. I'm thinking of surprising Genis and making dinner tonight anyway."

Anna's eyes widened slightly in surprise and worry, but she covered the action faster than Raine could notice it. "I have an idea!" she thought quickly, "Why don't you and Genis come over for dinner tonight? Kratos would love to see you again. He's been gone for two weeks, after all." She actually had no idea whether or not Kratos actually wanted to see the two half-elves, but for the cause of saving Genis from Raine's cooking, she would pretend he did.

Raine smiled, "Thank you, Anna. That would be wonderful."

Anna smiled back, both with happiness and relief, "Alright then, now that we've settled that, let's go get the kids."


Deep in Iselia Forest lived Dirk, a dwarf who had moved to the surface at one point in his life. He'd taken a liking to young Lloyd Aurion and his best friend Genis Sage, and the two kids visited him quite often. He'd heard they had another friend, a girl named Colette, but she was the Chosen of Mana, and therefore couldn't leave Iselia, so Dirk had never met her.

"Does this look right?" 12-year-old Lloyd asked Dirk, holding up the bracelet he'd been working on all afternoon.

Dirk looked the bracelet over, "'t looks perfect, Lloyd. Good job." Dirk grinned at the young boy.

Lloyd's smile got wider, "I hope Mom likes it." He said, pocketing the silver bracelet. Just as he was going to go outside to find Genis, who was probably practicing his magic, there was a knock at the door.

"Cm'in!" Dirk called out, as he continued to put his materials away.

Raine slipped open the door and she and Anna walked in.

"Ah, you are here." Raine said, noticing Lloyd.

"Mom!" Lloyd shouted, alarmed, as he saw his brown haired mother.

"Where's Genis?" Raine asked Lloyd.

Dirk answered for him, "'e's in the back." Raine nodded and left the house to find her brother as Anna walked over to her son.

"Lloyd, did you forget that your father was coming home today?" she asked her son in a stern, but kind voice.

"Sorry, Mom." Lloyd said, looking down, "I was working on something."

Anna sighed, "Well, I invited Raine and Genis to dinner to save Genis from his sister's cooking. Dirk, you're welcome to come as well."

Dirk shook her head, "Nah, 've got stuff t' do." He said, "Thanks f'r the offer."

Anna smiled, "Alright. Lloyd, let's get going."

Lloyd nodded and turned back to Dirk, "Thanks again, Dirk!" he grinned.

"'nytime, Lloyd." Dirk waved.


"Shouldn't you be getting home? You promised Anna you'd come back today, didn't you?" A female voice carried across a large room. The female was sitting at a computer, typing rather fast, her fingers not wavering even as she spoke, due to years of practice. The dimly lit room was only mainly illuminated by the light of several computers, only two of which were currently occupied.

"As soon as the core system finishes." A male voice replied. The male was sitting at a computer on the opposite side of the room as the female, and while he wasn't typing, he was reading over a document of some sort.

There was the sound of a chair sliding across the floor and stamped footsteps and moments later, the green-haired female was whirling the male's chair around to face her. "The core system is a piece of CRAP, Kratos." She stated, bluntly and abruptly, as was her nature, "At the rate it's been working for the last 4000 years, it won't reach an answer for another 3. Remind me to get Yuan to finally upgrade the system, will you?"

"It's at 96. It'll only be a couple more hours, at most." Kratos simply stated, disregarding everything his companion had said.

The female closed her eyes, pausing for a few seconds so she wouldn't blurt out something she'd regret, and then finally spoke up, "Kratos, you haven't seen Anna in two weeks." She said, "And I know for a fact how Anna gets when she gets angry." The female's voice was getting louder and sterner, "I'll send Yuan down with the core system's answer when it's done, but a little fairy told me your wife's BIRTHDAY is tomorrow and she's making you dinner tonight, so go! Gogogogogogogogogogo!"

Kratos hopped up, his eyes wide, "Alright, alright." He said, "I'm going. You're coming down for dinner tomorrow, correct? Anna and Lloyd would love to see you." Unlike Anna when inviting Raine and Genis over, Kratos actually DID know this was the truth. Lloyd adored the girl, and she and Anna had bonded quickly to become good friends.

The female smiled, "I'll be there." She said, "Now go!!"

Kratos chuckled, "See you tomorrow, Martel." With that, the seraphim left.

16-year-old (looking) Martel grinned after Kratos and walked back over to her computer, sighing as she pulled up the window with the core system's progress bar in it. "96.2. Stupid core system…"


"Dad!" Lloyd broke away from his mother and ran over to give his father a hug.

"Hello, Lloyd." Kratos chuckled as the boy latched himself to his father's middle. Anna sauntered over. Raine had said that she and Genis would be over once Genis had changed. The young half-elf's clothes had gotten covered in dirt, as per usual whenever he went to Dirk's and was practicing magic.

"Hello, Kratos. Welcome home." Anna said, giving her husband a kiss.

"What's for dinner?" Kratos asked, as Lloyd finally released his hold on him.

Anna shrugged, "I haven't started it yet." She explained, "Raine and Genis are coming over in a few minutes, so you can entertain them until dinner's done." She poked Kratos's shoulder.

Kratos chuckled again, "Of course." He said.

"Hey, if you're going to complain, I'll order from somewhere, or… I'll have Raine cook." Anna threatened.

"I'm not complaining." Kratos said, "When did I complain?"


From her bedroom window, 11-year-old Colette Brunel watched the happy family with a sigh.

"Colette?" her mother's voice called. The woman approached her daughter from behind, "Are you alright, dear?"

Colette turned around, "I'm fine, mother." She assured her mother dismissively.

After a pause, Colette's mother spoke up again, "Alright." She said, not fully believing her daughter, but letting it go, "Dinner's almost ready, so go get washed up."

"Yes, mother." Colette nodded, rushing out of the room and into the bathroom.

Colette's mother took a look out the window to try and figure out who Colette had been watching. "What's despairing you so, my child?" she muttered softly, sighing, before turning and leaving the room.


Nestled in the mountains of Latheon Gorge lived the Elven Storyteller, an elf who dedicated his life to preserving the tales of times past and sharing them with those who happened upon his abode. However, visitors were rare, and so the Elven Storyteller spent a lot of time alone. But, that was okay. He liked the calmness and serenity of the Gorge, and enjoyed the fact that the nature was virtually untouched. It created an atmosphere that made it easy to preserve stories and legends.

Wandering over to the racks of stories documented by past Storytellers, he pulled out his favorite. He knew he should have been working on documenting more tales, but he always loved reading other tales.

"Mithos the Hero…" the Storyteller muttered, opening the scroll of Mana Cloth and beginning to read. Though the majority of the world knew the story a different way, that Mithos the Hero made a pact with the Goddess Martel shortly before he died to save the worlds, the true story went much differently. He enjoyed the true story much more.

Mithos was a half-elf, banished from Heimdall with his younger sister, Martel in his care. He and his companions, Kratos Aurion, who he considered his teacher, though they were the same age, and Yuan, whom he really didn't get along with that well, traveled the world trying to stop the War that was going on between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla.

Martel grew up looking to the three men as role models and guides, and became over-dependent on her older brother as he made pacts with Summon Spirits. She was kind and very caring, and wished for the people of the world to stop their discrimination against half-elves.

When the war became too much for the Great Tree and died, Mithos and his companions, seeing no other way, made a pact with Origin and split the worlds in two to preserve what little mana was left. The system seemed okay, at least until the Great Seed was able to germinate and grow into a new tree, but everything changed when Mithos was murdered by a group of humans.

As his last wish, he asked Origin to transfer control of the Eternal Sword to his younger sister Martel, and the Summon Spirit did so. Martel was so saddened by the loss of her brother that she began to research a way to bring him back, truly believing that she would be doing the right thing for both herself and the world. A months later, Cruxis appeared, stole the Great Seed, which had Mithos's spirit within it, and began the lineage of the Chosen.

Headed by Martel, Kratos, and Yuan, Cruxis was a small organization of half-elves who had transformed themselves into "angels" using Cruxis Crystals. They had a few underlings, Remiel and Pronyma being two of them, but the number of "Cruxis Angels" usually stayed under 10. They operated off of Derris Kharlan, continually sacrificing Chosens to become the vessel for Mithos, though none worked. Martel was determined to bring her brother back. And when she did, she would germinate the Great Tree using the Eternal Sword and break up Cruxis. That was her plan.

The Storyteller put the scroll back on its rack, standing up and glancing outside at the sun, which was about to set behind the mountains. He'd been distracted for almost an hour, reading the details of Mithos and Martel. Taking a deep breath, he headed back to his own work, making a mental note to get up a little earlier the next morning and make up for lost time.


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