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He has angel eyes. Clear, turquoise blue like the sky on a winter day. When I look into those eyes I feel like I am not only looking into his soul but straight into heaven.

"Momo," he said, turquoise eyes sparkling alluringly. "Momo, will you come with me tonight?" His eyes, his gorgeous angel eyes are wide and innocent, but I know what's on his mind is anything but.

He has a devil's smile. The corner of his pale lips twitch upward ever so slightly. Slowly, the thin line of his mouth curves up into an evil smirk. Lips pull away from his teeth to expose a pointed canine, deadly white.

That smile, that devilish, sexy, beautiful smile! That smile is my Achilles' Heel, my ultimate weakness. The symbol of my pleasure, my pain. A deep purr rumbled in his throat. "Beautiful Momo," The smile widened, and a stray moonbeam twinkled on his exposed teeth. "Are you frightened of me?" His smile stretched from ear to ear now, and I cannot answer for my voice is gone.

His voice is angelic, dark and sweet as a Siren's song. And like a Siren's song, it draws me away from safety, tempts me to take a risk. He beckons me to the dark side with that silver tongue of his. The soft purr that spills from his lips, the heavy whisper, seductive, that can convince me to do anything.

Just the way my name rolls off his tongue is enough to make me shiver. "Come here, beloved," he croons, soft and sweet. "Come here." I take a step forward.

His touch is demonic. Slender, nimble hands flit across my form. When his fingers glide over my skin, I can no longer breathe. His caress overpowers my senses and I know it is pointless to resist.

Icy fingers slip my sleeves off my shoulders, sliding over my collar bone and curling around my breasts I inhale sharply and a moan escapes my lips. "To…shiro…" His hands continue to dart across my skin, down my stomach to pause momentarily on my hips before slipping even lower. A single, slim finger traces idle patterns on the inside of my thigh, and I let out a soft cry.

To kiss him is heaven. His lips are soft and warm, gentle yet demanding. He tastes of frosty air and fresh snow, clean and pure, although he is not.

He tips my head slightly to the side in order to gain better access to my mouth. He presses his tongue against my bottom lip, shockingly hot compared to his chilly hands. My lips part, only a fraction, but enough. He takes full advantage of this, and my knees buckle as he begins to kiss with a passion.

To make love to him is hell. I cannot resist him, I know this, I've tried. And it's not that I don't want him, because I do. It's simply that what I want is nothing compared to what he wants. What he wants is me, just me, all of me. He gets what he wants. And when I wake up in his bed, I wake up bleeding.

Our clothes scattered across the floor, he grabs my wrists, and wrenching my arms over my head, he throws me to the bed. He climbs on top of me as I try to catch my breath. It hurts, hurts like all hell as he presses into me. I bite my lip to keep from screaming, but teeth tear through flesh and I cry out anyway. He licks the crimson liquid from the wound with a devious smirk, blood staining his pale lips. I shudder. The one person I love most in this world is the one person who I am the most afraid of. He could kill me. He could kill me so easily it's terrifying. Yet somehow, somehow I find it in my fragile heart to love and trust his tainted soul.

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