This is a new story but i am going to complete An Old Friend but i want to start on this too. This is based on the story called air it is a good story but it is really sad.

Cursed Wings

"Ugh why can't mom get her own stuff. Man she is making me walk along the beach on this hot day... it must be at least 99 degrees... I'll just sit down on this stone wall for a moment..." thought Tory

Tory sat down and then layed on his back hoping to cool down just a little bit from the intense heat. He closed his eyes and began to relax... then suddenly there was a tapping noise. Tory looked up only to stare in surprise as a girl dressed in a white dress jump on one leg onto the wall arms outsretched like a bird and landed with no sound at all onto the wall. It was a magical scene the girl's porcelain skin was glowing and her blue black hair flowed back as the wind carressed her entire body she looked as if she was flying. When the girl landed she opened her eyes and looked at Tory who stared back captivated by her unusual eyes right one sky blue and left one sea green. The girl smiled and jumped off the wall and landed 30 feet onto the beach. Tory was about to say wait before she had jumped but was too late.

"Oh my god is she dead?" thought Tory

But no the girl was still alive and was walking along the shore on the deserted beach. Tory wanted to run after her but when he got off the wall and onto the sidewalk and looked back the girl was already gone.

"What an interesting girl..." thought Tory

The next day


"Why should I care." Tory said angrily

"Won't be as interesting as the girl I saw yesterday." thought Tory

Then as the same routine went by he waited for Colin and they went inside the school.

"Class today we are going to have a new student Her name is Aria Rose please help her around school" said the teacher

Then in walked the new girl and Tory and everyone else in the class held their breath and stared at her in surprise. It was the girl from yesterday the one on the beach.

"You can sit next to Christopher." said the teacher

Aria walked over to the seat next to Tory and sat down

"Hi" said Aria

"Hi" said Tory nervously

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