I was out hunting, on the trail of a Mt lion when I heard the sound of someone crying

I was out hunting, on the trail of a Mt lion when I heard the sound of someone crying. I fallowed the sound and saw two little girls maybe four years old. One of them the smell was enough to drive me insane, I walked over to them and looked at them. One, the one who I wanted to taste the sweet taste of her blood as it sang to me, had brown hair, she was the smaller of the two, with brown eyes. The other had darker hair but it seemed they were related some how.

Where did aunt Renee and uncle Phil go……..where are they.

I heard one of them think and I sat down next to them. "Are you two lost?" I said softly well I could take them in to find their aunt and uncle." They both looked at me.

"we lost" the smaller one said softly and looked up at me. She flashed me a smile and I smiled back, damn even her smile was enough to drive me insane.

"I'll help you find your parents." I said softly to them and hoped I would be able to control myself, it was getting harder. "What are your names?"

"Avayna and Isabella" the taller one said.

"Bella" Bella said softly.

" I am Edward…" I said and raised a eyebrow when Bella got up and was in my arms. She was scared, crying and shaking. I Held my tempation back.

"Edward……" I heard Alice say and I looked at her. I saw their parents, they were attacked by a bear, they tried to keep the bear away from them, it was after the food in their campsites, they were sleeping and have no clue…… we should take them to dad to make sure they are ok. I nodded at her and tried to hand Bella to her but she clang to me not letting go. "Come here sweetheart it is ok I wont hurt you." Alice said trying to take the girl away from me as if she knew I was having a hard time. "you ok to take them home and then finish hunting?" Alice said softly and took Avaya's hand. Bella looked at me and reached her hand out.

"I'll try" I said softly and then I took her hand and she smiled. I pulled my hand back and kept a distance from her, I saw a look of hurt and confusion on her face and I sighed there was no way she would understand why he was trying to stay away from her. I opened the door for Alice and the second we were inside Emse ran over to us.

"Oh god look at them. They are so cute." Emse said as Alice put Bella down. The second she did Bella ran behind me. Someone likes you I heard Emse and I sighed.

"I am going back out I'll be back later." I said and walked to the door. But as I opened it I saw a little girl look at me as if she was about to cry again. "Bella I'll be back I promise but you need to stay here with Alice and Emse ok they will take good care of you." I said softly and she nodded and walked back over to Alice. I sighed and left.