Twilight To The Max

Chapter One


My eyes flickered open in fright. She had just had the dream again. It was a replay of the day that Jeb had left.

"Your Dreams are to vivid," said Angel as she walked into my room, fully dressed. Her tear stained cheeks told me that the dream had really hurt her.

"Why are you up so early?" I asked.

"Your dream woke me up earlier that it did for you," she replyed.

"Oh, I am so sorry, sweetie. I never meant to wake you. I will try to stop dreaming," I said.

"I still love you," she said.

"Good." Then I took her hand and walked her to the kitchen of our, what I like to call, 'Birdhouse'. Iggy was already up and making scrambled eggs for Fang and the Gasman. "Is Nudge awake yet?" I asked Angela, who slept in the same room as her.

"No. I figured that we should let her sleep," Angel said. This meant that last night, Nudge had droned on and on with her words and Angel was tired of hearing her voice. But, Who could blame her? Iggy then dished Angel and I a plate of eggs and gave the Gasman more. Trust me-he did NOT need more. Nudge walked into the kitchen with eyes drooping.

"Hi, guys. Could I have some?" She yawned.

"Sure," Iggy said.

"Max, could I talk to you?" Fang asked me.

"Sure." He started to walk out of the room. OHHHHH, he meant alone. I quickly followed. Pretending that I knew he was talking about. He led me along, until we came upon his room. We stopped when we were both sitting on his bed.

"Listen," Fang said, "Erasers are in the area. They have been watching us for days. I spotted one yesterday. Guess who is there? Ella. Your sister has been turned into one of them," he finished. I gasped. This could not be true. First Ari, now Ella. Why was I cursed with having maniac siblings?

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't know. But we have to leave. Now. We have to run away and never come back. Some secluded area where there is no threat of being found by Erasers. We can no longer live like this," Fang said. Right then, I heard a crash in the kitchen. Fang and I were in the kitchen in two seconds. The rest of the flock was lying in a heap on the floor, surrounded by at least 20 Erasers. I unfurled my wings and flew over to one of them and kicked them in the face. The thing fell backward and started to violently thrash around. What was happening to him? At that particular moment, I did not care at all. But, I would later. I saw in the mirror in front of me, a figure with black hair standing behind me, eyes a brilliant red. She looked as if she were about to sink her teeth into my bare neck. I swiftly turned, punched her in the gut and she flew backwards. I fell to the floor, trashing and, screaming at the top of my lungs. The pain was unbearable. The pain drowned out all thoughts in my head. Then it stopped. I opened my eyes and looked around me. Everyone was gone. The Erasers, that woman and, The Flock. Nudge, Iggy, Fang, the Gasman, Angel. All mine. Gone. I was alone. Angel, Where are you? Was my last thought before I passed out.

Bella POV

"Bella, We have to go," Edward whispered to me.

"Why?" I asked, annoyed.

"Something... happened. Alice had a vision. She has been keeping tabs on the Voultouri. She saw Jane attack 'Birdhouse' with these winged humans in it. There were others that reminded her of werewolves but they weren't the same," he explained.

"Oh. Well Let's go!" I said urgently. He threw me on his shoulders and he ran. Boy, could he run...