Doppelganger Destruction 1

Ordinarilly everything was quiet.

When Mario arrived for the final battle in Super Mario Land 2, against Wario, one of his long time rivals.

Something happened and suddenly a worm hole allowed Mario to go to Spiderman's New York.

And Venom to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom.

"Huh?" Wario said confused.

"You, you must be responsible for this" Venom insisted.

"What?" Wario asked.

"Either you get me out of here now or face my wrath" Venom persisted.

"I would but I don't know quite well how you got here" Wario said.

"Liar, you fool I'll tear you to pieces" Venom said.

And then the battle began Venom hit Wario's arm with a web and threw him into a wall.

Wario attacked Venom with a rush attack from the side, which Venom dodged by crawling higher on the wall.

Then the two battled hand to hand, Venom cut Wario's chin and mouth.

Then knocked him to the ground.

And Wario threw his cap which he used magic to set on fire, and threw it as a boomerang.

Venom made a spider dome and burst it, creating enough wind gust to detourchify the hat, which Wario caught and put back on his head.

Then the wormhole opened again reaveling Spiderman and Mario.

And Wario and Venom got ideas.

"Hey lets try working together that way we can get rid of these pests once and for all" Venom said.

"Agreed" Wario replied.

The two tried to defeat Spiderman and Mario with team attacks but as usual they both lost.

And then with another last flash of light the worm hole appeared again returning Spiderman and Venom to New York.

And everthing returned to normal.