The Final Battle

"It's over we figured out you were behind all of the inter-universal portals".

"Ha behind them is an understatment".

The figure then displayed himself into the light for Spider-man and Mario to see.

He appeared with black skull helmet, black robes and a red shirt with a sword tied to his back.

"I am them and everything that they are or were".

"To put in easy terms I am them".

"And I am the master of you puppets".

"Until I decide it's over I will send more from each of your universes to combat each other until death".

"I don't think so this ends here and now".

"Be that as it may".

"I never wanted to eliminate my entertainment personally but I guess everyone gets something unexpected these days huh".

Spider-man then shot a web at the figure while Mario began to punch him.

Then he smashed through the web.

"You will face your worst fears now".


Then two portals opened reveling many fighters.

In the left portal appeared Venom, Carnage, Jackal, Hydro-man and Kaine .

While in the right appeared Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Tatanga and Bowser Jr.

"These all of the villians who have fought in the battles between your dimensions".

"Now you will face them all at once in the final battle to end all battles".

The villains then lept towards Spider-man and Mario in order to defeat them.

What they didn't expect was that the two had teamed up together.

Spider-man grabbed Mario and swung him around knocking down the first wave.

Then the two began attacking the villains in close combat and alternating after defeating each villain.

Soon all of the villians were defeated and they had made it to the figure.

The two teamed up to perform various attacks against the figure.

Eventually he fell defeated and Spiderman and Mario destroyed the crystal ball he had used to summon his portals.

Then as they were fading back to their universes along with everyone else.

Spider-man started to talk to Mario, "Well it seems this is good bye friend".

Mario nodded in response to Spider-man.

"But if we ever cross universes again I would be glad to see you".

They shook hands and were teleported back to their universes to continue their everyday routines.