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Jeannie II sighed in disgust as she looked into her crystal ball, apparently she had been spying on the two of them the whole time. "Major Baby can't be in love with… her." Jeannie II thought a moment, "But I'll soon see to it that he doesn't…" Jeannie II laughed evilly as the camera moved out and the scene was replaced by opening credits.

-- Opening Credits --

The scene opens with Jeannie II in Major Nelson's room.

She stands over him and watches him sleep.

Jeannie II: I can't believe a handsome hunk of a man like you is in love with my… my dumbo of a sister!

Jeannie II darts her eyes around the room before talking again.

Jeannie II: Don't worry baby, when you wake up this will just be one little thing you won't even remember…

Jeannie II blinks her eyes and laughs before blinking again and leaving.


Scene 2: Jeannie wakes up and manages to pour Tony cereal. Tony awakes and is first delighted and suddenly he doesn't care.

Jeannie: Good morning master!

Jeannie reaches in for a kiss but Tony pulls away.

Jeannie then sits down and eats her cereal until Major Nelson gets up and heads for the door for work.

Jeannie: Master aren't you going to kiss me goodbye?

Tony: Jeannie I told you several times that our relationship is purely platonic.

Jeannie looks puzzled at him for a minute before he kissed her on the forehead, leaving Jeannie confused and dazed at what just happened.


New scene: Jeannie II pops in while Jeannie is still staring at the door.

Jeannie II: Sister, darling…

Jeannie: Oh hi Jeannie…

Jeannie II: What ever is the trouble?

Jeannie II pretended she didn't know anything Jeannie was talking about and gave her a fake sympathetic look.

Jeannie II: Oh doll baby, it was probably just a dream!

Jeannie shrugs her shoulders and looks embarrassed and put down at the same time.

Jeannie: I… I guess it maybe was.

Jeannie II: That's right dear, just a dream, now think nothing of it and just go about your day. Shouldn't let your imagination get carried away with you…

And with that Jeannie II blinked out leaving Jeannie sad and most of all embarrassed at what just happened.

Was it a dream?

Sorry for the shortness… and the long wait D':

& Uh Oh! Jeannie II is up to no good...