"The chandelier is moving."


"No, really! Look!"

"I knew it was a bad idea to go choose this haunted restaurant."

"Hmph. I just wanted to see the blue lady."

"The ghost?"

"Yeah. They say she haunts the men's bathroom."

"Is that why you didn't want to goin there alone?"

"Uhm..Maybe? You're the "Gentleman.""

"Well. I bet this "Blue Lady" would be more scared of you. You definitely look scary."


"What is it?"

"The light is moving again!"

"No, Niou-kun. Lights don't move by themselves."

"It is!!"

"I don't even think a lady would climb up the table and push the hanging lights back and forth."

"She does! She's not a normal lady. She cheated on her husband!"

"Uhm... Okaaaaaay."

"She met her lover here, right in this restaurant, some eighty years ago. But I think it was a bar then."

"And what, her husband murdered her, after finding out she had an affair, and she now haunts this place to swing the chandeliers and haunt the men's room."

"No, but that's one of the theories. They say she died of a car accident on the way to meet her lover."

"And she's back, why?"

"'Cause she's waiting for her lover, that's why!"

"Wait, I know this one. The guy actually had another lover, and that girl murdered him after discovering his treachery, then commited suicide by jumping off a cliff, into the sea."

"The heck? I thought you never heard this story."

"I didn't. I just guessed. It sounds like a cheesy romance novel, though. I mean, without the ghost parts."

"And how do you know these cheesy romance novel plotlines, huh?"

"My mom has a lot of those books... I just completed the whole series of Hercule Poirot. And had nothing to read."

"Hercules what?"

"No, not Hercules, but nevermind."

"Anyway, So, you were right. But I dunno about the other lover murdering the guy. I think she just killed herself 'cause he liked the other girl better. And that's... a really stupid thing to do."

"But she jumped off the cliff?"

"Yeah. She did. And her ghost appears, all slimy with seaweed and dripping wet."


"That's why I'd much rather see the blue lady. I think she would be much prettier."


"It moved again!"

"Niou-kun, stop kidding me, lights-"

"See, told ya."

"Ahem... It was probably the wind, when somebody entered."

"No, It was swinging like somebody pushed it! Swinging hard! Except.. Nobody pushed it! Besides-"

"No one opened the door."


"Niou-kun, just because she's dressed in blue doesn't make her a ghost."

"That's right, I'm just your waitress, Mary Ellen, and this is our blue uniform. So..."

"Hey, Mary, I saw the chandeliers moving. Am I delusional?"

"Delusional? Maybe."

"Haha. No, you aren't. Everyone here's used to it. The blue lady's really mischievous, isn't she."

"Very much like a person I know..."

"So... Would you like anything to drink?"

"Yes, I'll have a coke."

"And I'll have Iced Tea."

"Coke and Iced tea? Kay. Are you ready to order your food?"

"Yeah, I'll have a burger."

"And I'll have the same."

"Sure. I'll be right back."

"Thank you."


"So, Yagyuu, don't you believe me now? See? There it goes again! Swing, swing, swing."

"Sigh, Niou-kun. There's no such thing as ghosts. They just made it up for the publicity, probably. For all we know, there' a machine swinging those lights automatically."

"Huh. Anyway, where's that waitress? She's taking so slow..."

"Hm... Let me ask the receptionist..."


"What'd she say?"

"She said she was sorry that she wasn't able to send a waitress to our table yet, that today they were kind of shorthanded."

"But... The waitress took our order..."

"Yes, I told her there was a mistake, that a waitress named Mary took our order already."


"Then she said, we don't have any waitress called Mary. You must be talking about Maria. Then she called Maria, but she wasn't our waitress…"


"Oh well. Here comes Maria. We should just forget about it and order again… Mary's shift probably ended or something. And the receptionist was new."


"Good morning Niou-kun."

"Morning Yagyuu."

"You know, I researched on your Blue Lady Ghost. I found something interesting."

"And what did you find out?"

"The Blue Lady's name is Mary Ellen."



"I'm never gonna go back there…"

We ate in a haunted restaurant yesterday. The Moss Beach Distillery. And I really saw the lights moving! I think we were just scaring ourselves more by imagining stuff in the restroom. .. anyway, thanks for reading.