Goblin King's Imp
Category: Movies ยป Labyrinth
Author: psychoticKisshu
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Romance/General
Published: 05-10-08, Updated: 01-02-09
Chapters: 7, Words: 5,207

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Goblin King's Imp


Disclaim Her: I own nothing except my wild imagination

Chapter 1 Jareth, meet Harry

Jareth was woken up by the feeling of small, thin hands patting his cheeks. Grumbling about being woken up, Jareth cracked open an eye, blinked in amusement/disbelief, shut his eye, rubbed both of them, opened both eyes and stared at the apparition sitting on his chest with a big grin and even bigger green eyes with a livid lightning bolt scar on his forehead along with a mop of unruly black hair dressed in what appeared to be large gray rags.

Jareth frowned at the baby, unable to recall what said child might be doing here in his castle, let alone in his bed. No one that he knew had a child recently, and he was sure he would have remembered seeing this child, had they ever met before.

The baby, apparently amused at his frown, started gurgling even louder, while starting to bounce lightly, hands clapping together and hair hiding and uncovering his scar as his hair moved with the childs' movements.

Jareth felt his lips twitching despite his resolve not to laugh or smile at the babe. "Think I'm funny, do you?" he asked dryly.

"Fuuy!" the babe replied.

Jareth's lips twitched. This was the first time anyone had told him he was funny, despite the age.

"Well, little imp, you're the first to say so," Jareth replied, "I don't suppose you come with a name, now do you?"

The baby nodded and pouted. "Feak!"

Jareth's eyes narrowed as he removed the child from his chest and sat up, leaning against the pillows behind him and putting the child on his lap. "Tell me you didn't just say your name was 'Freak'."

"Feak." The babe repeated.

"Your guardians are morons, little imp."

The babe looked away and started to shiver before disappearing with a slight 'pop'.

Jareth stared at where the child had been sitting in curiousity and frustration, which slowly turned to amusement. "I do hope we meet again, little imp." He murmured to himself, getting out of bed and preparing to deal with the day ahead. "I truly hope we meet again, little imp."