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016 : Questioning

"Hey, I was that really your true hair color Soul?" Maka asked as she slouched on a comfy chair, the only other two people in the room, Soul and BlackStar, sitting across of her on the couch in her and Soul's fairly small apartment on a late Sunday night.

"Of course this is my natural hair color!" The scythe weapon replied, his red eyes glimmering in annoyance at, in his opinion, the dumb question.

"I'm not so sure...I think that you bleached it to be 'cooler'. You must have done it before we meet the first time." Maka said with a shrug of her shoulders, holding down a smile at the fond memory.

"Hey! It's real!" Soul snapped back as he stood in defense.

"Yeah!" BlackStar added as he sprung up along with Soul with a look of determination in his wild eyes to prove his best guy friend right.

"Prove it!" Maka said to the two boys with a small smirk as she rose herself, hands on her thin hips; leaving Soul dumbstruck-en for second.


"Here!" BlackStar exclaimed…and dropped Soul's pants to 'prove it'.

"Hyo-Hoo!" The star ninja yelled in triumph.

: - S - O - U - L - - E - A - T - E - R - : - R - E - T - A - E - - L - U - O - S - :


Maka ruefully turned her head towards her father who was prancing down the school hallway towards her, stars coming out of his eyes at this blessed chance meeting.

"How was my Maka's weekend? Awe-Inspiring? Maybe even life-changing?" He asked innocently, clasping his hands in a prayer like pose in hope that she'd talk to him.

Maka's face turned gray. No, white. Almost the exact shade of Soul's hair color…that she now knew was definitely natural.

"Don't ask."

A/N: So, I've recently fallen in love with this new manga series and I was looking for some fanfics to read about it and found...there really weren't any!! (gasp) So I decided to do a drabble series with them cause people deserve to read a good, multiple chapter fanfic story with them. As shown in this first chapter, it will be full of crack just like the series but also other genres (coughfluffcough) if I feel like it. I usually don't write humor all that much, so sorry if it's not that funny (this happening is a little overused too), but I hope it at least made you smile or giggle a little XD

If you're wondering where the title came from, the techs have to get 100 souls (99 evil people (or Kishin Eggs) and 1 witch) for their weapon(s) to be a 'death' weapon, or of the highest caliber. So each chapter is like a soul until the end when there's 100 and they succeed! Yay!

Finally, THANK YOU FOR READING and REVIEW! (and sorry for the long A/N)