086 : Seeing Red

Soul tried to hold down a dry sob.

It was so amazingly disturbing…how this one small sight could shake his entire world.

That one DAMN singular color.

"Soul?" Maka whispered out as she grabbed her partner around the back of his chest and looked over his shoulder to look at his deathly straight face.

"Can you believe it?" She shakily asked as her arms moved to go around his neck, tightening her grip in comfort.

"Look carefully Maka…" He whispered as he tried to tear his eyes away from the sight but found that he couldn't.

"I don't understand Soul…" Maka drifted off.

And then she saw it.

She saw that one DAMN singular color.

"Is this…" She drifted off as she moved to stand next to him and have a better view at what they were both now starring intensely at.

"I can't believe it…so soon…" She said breathlessly as she picked up what they'd been staring at.

"Maka…" Soul said in fright as he continued to stare in a mix of shock and surprise.

"Don't you like it? It's a pretty color." Maka cooed as she hugged it close to her chest.

"But…but… it's RED." Soul stuttered as he looked into Maka's confused emerald eyes.

"And...?" Maka said as she starred right back.


"Look Soul, I know you wanted your own silver…"

"It's your Father's color!" Soul finally whined out like he was still thirteen, the mental image of his father-in-law flashing in his head.

"Soul!" Maka scolded, "He's your SON! I mean…so WHAT if he has red hair?!"

"I know I know..." He drawled out as he walked a little closer to Maka and his two month year old son.

"And you know..." Maka drifted off as she placed her son back in the cradle.

"We can always try again."

A/N: When I read the theme I thought about this right away, but it feels a little drawn out... and how Soul is too OOC and overreactive (gah! DX) Anyway, hope you enjoyed and please REVIEW! and thanks for the reviews so far. They were so nice I typed this out for all you awesome supporters ;P