027 : Foreign

Soul, contrary to popular belief, doesn't like to wear or even deal with ties.

He doesn't like how they wrap around the neck in such an intricate, seemingly random knot. The hanging strap of cloth seems pointless and irrational; it doesn't remind him anything of formality, like it should, but really just a noose of entrapment. It wraps and controls, making a person uptight and stuck-up.

Every time he puts on the curved piece of silk or cotton he winces and tries not to make it snug, to make himself able to breathe.

Maka had changed a lot of views in time they've been together, in the days that had evolved in to months stacked in to years. He knew, from their first battle and collected soul, that she would change him in multiple ways; make him see different things in different lights.

He would have never expected, however, to make her change his opinion on something as simple as this. Something as small and insignificant as ties.

But when she first wrapped her slim fingers around it to pull his body and lips closer, he couldn't feel any animosity towards the article of clothing anymore.

In fact, he thanked that tie later.

AN: I don't care if the theme is overused in magazines and movies, when I thought of this idea I had to use it for them :D