078 : Drink

"Maka, you don't have to do this. It's just a stupid game to waste time."

"Soul, stop protecting her and let her do what she wants."

Soul turned away from Maka's unsure face to glare at BlackStar who had just said the statement. It was a late Sunday night and it had been suppose to be an all guys get-together at Kidd's mansion but the trio had gotten kicked out by Liz when BlackStar had accidentally broken a window (in his flamboyant entrance). So, they had decided to go to Soul's small apartment instead. Maka had been silently reading on the couch when three had barged in and the ninja was now trying to convince her to join their latest activity.

"Yeah BlackStar, I'm not sure even I want to play." Kidd admitted as he crossed his arms. "Why should I intoxicate my god body just for your little amusement?"

"It's just drinking guys. We're a few years under 21, but... who cares yeah?" BlackStar laughed as he swished the bottle of vodka.

"And HOW did you even get this stuff?" Maka asked as she looked at the fairly large bottle that had been put in the middle of their small circle.

"Not telling." The blue haired teenager laughed before looking back across at Maka.

"Well? It'll be funner with four."

"More enjoyable." Kidd corrected as he took off his jacket to hang neatly on the couch, making sure his sleeves fell symmetrically.

"Um…" Maka thought as she put a finger to her lips. This was her chance to show that she wasn't as un-cool as Soul may think…but…alcohol…?!

"Either this or strip poker." BlackStar said with a straight face.

"Fine. I'll play this." Maka quickly snapped with a slight blush caused by the other suggestion, as she crossed her arms. Soul groaned next to her as he had the feeling nothing good would come of this.

"Alright. The rules are simple. We go around the circle and say something that we've never done. If someone has done it, they have to drink." He explained as he handed out four shot glasses.

"I'll start." BlackStar said with a smirk as he filled the glasses in preparation.

"I've never worn a bra."

Maka groaned as she picked up her cup, sniffing it in apprehension.

"Kidd, why are you drinking?!" Soul asked as he held down a scoff of laughter at the sight of the young god cocking back his head to take the drink easily. It would only take a few minutes for his body to detoxify it anyway.

"Liz and Patty. Both bored and me sleeping." He said with a flat face, the photo that they'd showed him flashing in his mind, making him shutter.

"Well Maka? Bottoms up." BlackStar crackled.

Maka growled, but complied as she felt the liquid go down her throat and drop into her stomach. She had thankfully just eaten so the drink wouldn't affect her as much if she had an empty stomach. She watched with hateful eyes as the ninja poured her and Kidd's small cups full again.

"Kidd, your turn." BlackStar stated out the obvious.

"I've… never skinny dipped in a stranger's pool." Kidd said, remembering how Liz had been talking about it earlier that day.

"DAMN!" Maka swore as she drank another shot.

"M-Maka…? YOU've skinny dipped in a stranger's pool?!" Soul said with wide eyes, BlackStar's jaw dropped as he starred at the seemingly innocent girl.

"What?! It was yesterday with Liz, Patty, and Tsubaki. For the record, Liz made me." She snorted as she lightly squirmed under their shocked gazes, answering Kidd's inner question of why his partners were talking about that.

"Alright, Maka." BlackStar snorted.

"I've never handled a sickle before." She growled out, the question obviously going to BlackStar.

"I see how it is." He said as he drank the vodka like it was water.

"I've never been to a club." Soul shrugged.

"Soul! I thought at least YOU would be on my side." Maka whined as she drank her third shot, not liking how it seemed to go down easier this time. Soul only rolled his eyes, wanting to say that she'd never told him about it anyway.

"No shit, who'd you go with?" BlackStar asked.

"Tsubaki." Maka growled as she refilled her glass herself. BlackStar made a mental note to ask his partner about it later. He didn't like her going to such places...especially without telling him first.

"I've never worn panties." BlackStar continued with a laugh, all of them sighing in relief, even though Maka had to drink, as Kidd didn't touch his glass.

"I've never left my house unsymmetrical." All other three groaned at his OCD nature as they drank.

"I've never kissed a girl on the lips." Maka absently said, not thinking of anything else. The three boys glanced at each other before regretfully sighing and awkwardly laughing. True, they were in their late teens, but with their busy schedule...who had time for romance?

"I've never intentionally peeped on a girl." Soul said.

"Hya-HOO!" BlackStar exclaimed as he took his glass with pride.

"I've never kissed a guy." BlackStar tried, Maka barking a laugh as she left her glass untouched as with the other three.

"I've never drunk alcohol before this." Kidd truthfully admitted, even if he WAS eighteen and it didn't affect his body unless in large amounts.

"Light weight, then?" BlackStar asked as he drowned his glass along with Soul. They had just done this same drinking game a week and a half ago.

"Damn." Maka hissed as she took one more.

"SHIT! And to think I thought you were innocent." BlackStar snorted as he refilled the glasses.

"Yeah, well, while I was at the club guys were more then happy to help me with that aspect." Maka said with a flip of her hand, suddenly feeling her stomach flip at the alcohol. She missed how Soul's eye twitched for a second.

"I've never been scared of another girl before." Maka snarled. The three guys glanced around, none of them touching their glasses for a second before they sighed and downed each of their glasses, making Maka giddily giggle.

"I've never been scared of my own HAIR." Soul smirked, glancing at Kidd who only sighed before drinking.

"I've never gardened." BlackStar snorted. Maka sighed and drank, as did Soul. He KNEW he shouldn't have helped her all those years ago in that science experiment.

"I've never gone on a date before." Soul said breezily, the other three glancing around before drinking in defeat, sighing yet again as they brought their glasses back down. None of them had been kissed OR been on a date...their romantic life really was dead (not that it ever was alive...).

"I've never stolen anything."

"I've never gotten a sunburn."

"I've never gone sky diving."

"I've never worn make-up."

"I've never taken ballroom dance classes."

"I've never jumped off a building on purpose."

"I've never worn a skirt." Kidd groaned before drinking as the other three laughed.

"I've never yelled my lungs out just to draw attention to me."

"I've never..." and so they went around and around the circle until...

"Shit..." BlackStar swore as he starred at the empty bottle. He'd tried to refill his glass and had dropped the bottle and so spilled it all on the carpet floor. But they had already had more then enough.

"Well, I'm going home then." Kidd said as he stood with a small stumble. His body had been able to shake off or detoxify a lot, so he was still fairly sober, but with it being his first time there was only so much his body could take.

"Take home...I." BlackStar slurred as he stood with some help from Kidd. Because of his reckless behavior, he had done many things that the others had said they hadn't and so had drunken at least two times what the others had.

So with a final wave of good-bye from the Shinigami, Soul watched from the window as he saw Kidd sling BlackStar over his shoulder as he called his skateboard and shakily flew off.

"Come on Maka, lets go to bed." Soul said as he turned back to his partner who was trying to stand up with the help of the couch while laughing non-stop.

"I KNEW that this was a bad idea." He groaned. Although he'd taken quite a few too, he had built up a fairly good resistance to the poison thanks to BlackStar.

"Seowwwwl!" Maka giggled as he helped her get up, her arms immideatly latching onto his thin torso.

"We're NEVER doing this again." He groaned as he dragged her to her room where she became unconscious the second her smart, pretty head touched her pillow.

: - S - O - U - L - - E - A - T - E - R - : - R - E - T - A - E - - L - U - O - S - :

"Owww..." Maka groaned as she got off of Soul's bike after they'd arrived at school. With the ride her head was spinning more then ever.

"I told you. You shouldn't have played." Soul snorted.

"Even with this headache, I got your point when you said it the fourth time. That was the sixth." Maka growled right back.

"Well, just remember who held back you hair when you puked up your insides this morning." Soul said as he passed her up to the stairs, Maka blushing in embarassment.

"Dude..." BlackStar groaned as he saw his friends approach to their seats next to him and Tsubaki. "I was SOOO wasted last night." BlackStar continued, earning him a hit on the head from Tsubaki, the one who had to DEAL with the drunkard last night and this morning.

"Well, since I took away your fake license, which I have NO idea where you got, you won't be getting any of that poison for a while." Tsubaki announced to the other three, making BlackStar groan for another reason.

"Have you guys seen Kidd?" Soul easily asked. He had a slight headache, but nothing much. Definantly not as bad as Maka who looked like hell warmed over.

"I heard that he flew through a window last night screaming and laughing about symmetry, or something, and is being grounded by Liz and Patty." Tsubaki said, remembering the message from Liz this morning.

"Light weight." BlackStar repeated from last night.

"So...Maka..." BlackStar said as he glanced over to the only person who looked worse then him. "You're now officially part of the Soul Shooters. Welcome to the club." He said as he leaned over Soul to clap her painfully on the back.

"I feel SO honored."

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