This is a series of one-shots that make reference to or crossover with various works of British literature

This is a series of one-shots that make reference to or crossover with various works of British literature. Yes, I wrote all of these in English class. (shame on me) This particular story is a crossover with Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

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Martha waited impatiently in the TARDIS. The Doctor had been his usual cheerful self until they had landed, at which point he had taken a look at the monitor and immediately become closed off. He had forbidden her from leaving the TARDIS, turned off the monitor, and disappeared into the apparent jungle that they had landed in. Martha was just contemplating the merits of leaving the TARDIS anyway--it had already been nearly six hours--when the TARDIS suddenly started dematerializing.

Startled, Martha grabbed hold of the railing and focused on not falling as the TARDIS took a surprisingly short trip. As soon as it stopped the door flung open, seemingly of their own accord, and the Doctor strode in. He had a very Oncoming Storm-ish look on his face.

He paused just inside the door and looked back, and that was when Martha realized that the TARDIS had landed in the clearing of a village. In front of them was a hut surrounded by a fence that had shrunken heads on poles for posts, but between the hut and the TARDIS was a tanned white man and what appeared to be an entire African village. The eerie part, though, was that every single one of them had their arms outstretched toward the Doctor.

The Doctor held their gazes for a long moment, then the doors closed in front of him and he turned and strode to the console, setting new coordinates and starting the dematerialization sequence.

Martha watched him move around the console and finally worked up the courage to ask questions despite the dark look on his face. "What was that, Doctor?" she even managed to get a tone of suspicion into her voice.

The Doctor didn't turn around. "I was just reminding an old friend of his place in the world. Some people get a little too power-hungry..."

Martha stared at him, bewildered. "Where were we, then?"

The Doctor finally looked at her, and she rather wished he hadn't. For once his cheerful facade was gone, and she could see the universe in his eyes. It didn't look like a very friendly place.

"That was the heart of darkness."

Martha didn't ask any more questions that day.