Full Summary: Edward and Bella were Best friends. Bella had to move when they were 13. 8 years later, she is looking for a job. She has a job interview for a magazine. Tanya was the one interviewing Bella. When Tanya sees Bella is not exactly what she was looking for, she offers her a babysitting job, to babysit her son Tommy. Bella accepts. What happens when Edward is Tanya's fiancee? R&R to find out. ExB (Don't worry, Tanya is divorced. Edward and Tanya did not have a baby.) Just thought I would clear that up.

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I slid in my last suit case into the car and slowly walked back to my best friend, my head hanging low. I hugged him one last time. I'll probably never see him again. All because I'm moving to New York. I live in Cyprus. I was born in New York though, but then my family moved to Cyprus right after because my dad was transferred. I never cared because I didn't know anyone and I wasn't even old enough to comprehend the fact I was moving. Now my father's boss wants him back in New York. Talk about being fickle. So, now, we had to get ready for the move. I was heartbroken when I found out. I insisted on staying, even threatening to run away -- but my parents never took the bait, they thought I didn't havethe nerve. So as always, no one listened."I'll miss you, Bella." Edward whispered in my ear."I'll miss you more." I whispered back to him, stepping back. He smiled. But a very small one. A tear escaped one of my eyes. Edward reached over and wiped it away."Don't cry." He said softly. I nodded in response."Goodbye, Edward," I hugged him even tighter."Goodbye," He replied.With that, I disentangled myself from him, walking back into the car, and off to the airport.Goodbye, Edward Cullen. I thought to myself as I stared back at him while the car made its way out of the neighborhood.


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