The soft sound of paper hitting wood could barely be heard as Tony DiNozzo threw yet another small airplane. He had been creating various projectiles from paper for what seemed like hours, and he had yet to hit his target: Ziva David. With no case to investigate and no files to write, Tony had quickly succumbed to boredom and began folding the blank paper from the printer into tiny paper airplanes and throwing stars. His throws continued to just barely miss Ziva, and Tony found it disappointing that he was not being annoying enough to get a response out of her. He picked up one of his very well-made airplanes and was poised to throw it…"Tony."… when a voice threw off his concentration, causing his airplane to soar way above Ziva.

He turned to face Timothy McGee, the source of the voice. "Way to go, Probie. That one could've been the lucky shot!"

"You know, you're wasting a lot of paper. Twelve cents a page, a lot of trees."

"Thanks for the warning, McGreen."

A ding was heard as the elevator doors opened, and L.J. Gibbs stepped out. Tony quickly stuffed his paper airplanes in a drawer and pretended to be busy working.

"Gear up, we've got a case." barked Gibbs to the team, who quickly grabbed their backpacks and followed him back into the elevator. Tony walked into the elevator last and the doors closed as he turned to face them. He felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and turned around. "What was that for?" he whined to his boss.

"Throwing paper airplanes at Ziva." Gibbs coolly replied.

Tony muttered a 'sorry, boss' and remained quiet for the rest of the elevator ride, much to the amusement of Ziva, who stood next to him. Soon, the elevator had reached to garage and the team was on their way to their latest crime scene.

Yeah, it was short, but it's just the intro! I know exactly where this story is going, and I promise I will write longer chapters!