Over the next few days, Jabari and Nuru, though being kept to heal and rest, were kept away from the younger members of the pride under Huru's orders. Though the royal cubs themselves didn't seem to listen as they often went in to the den when their sitters weren't looking and would talk to them before Etana would come in and herd them back out to where the rest of the cubs were.

When they returned, many of the cubs had apologized to them, but others were cautious. They figured once Chane had inherited the throne that he would exile them for the way they had treated him and the princesses. But Chane after a good talking too from his father accepted the apologies that were given.

From inside the cave, Jabari sighed; he sat watching the cubs outside the den run about. Nuru was lying at his paws watching them as well; "It shouldn't be long now that Huru will make his decision on what to do with us," Jabari sighed placing his paw on his mates back softy, the lioness had recovered far quicker then he had but he had found the strength to move around.

Nuru remained silent, "Bora has been trying to convince him to let us stay…she is good hearted Jabari even if we never saw that!" she whispered just as the white Queen stepped into the den with a large chunk of meat which she dropped in front of them and sat down. With her paw she pushed it toward Nuru, "Eat you're going to need the strength when Huru calls you forth at sunset," she said softly as the two sighed.

"I have tried…but the last decision is left up to the King!" Bora stated as she stood and looked back over her shoulder as her three cubs came running in. In their mouths they held the flowers they had picked from around Pride rock and placed them in front of her. "Here mama we found them for you!" the cubs looked up at their mother with wide smiles.

"Thank you," she smiled and picked up the flowers in her paws, Tabia through still had one flower left as she dropped it in front of Nuru. With a smile she and her siblings turned and ran from the cave.

"They're sweet cubs," Nuru whispered as she looked down at the flower lying before her.

Bora nodded, "I'm sorry for your own cubs," she looked at both lions before her, "We may have never gotten along and fought one another but I would never wish ill things such as losing cubs on you."

Jabari grunted, "That's what Nuru said about your own cubs and bringing them back to you…" he fell silent when he noticed Huru, Kovu and Fumo at the cave entrance, the old King and Prince stood back while Huru approached them, rubbing his head against his mates he turned his attention to the two before him. He had thought long and hard for days and had listened to all his cubs had to say and finally came with his decision.

"I've spoken to my cubs many times. And my cubs have no reason to ever lie to us about anything…I may not completely forgive you for how you had treated my mate in the past but for now I can pass certain judgment of forgiveness for the fact that you have saved my cubs from those creatures, from death out there, and from the hyenas…if you will follow order here in the pride you will be able to remain here," Huru started as a shocked look passed over the two before him.

Nuru staggered to her paws and walked over, "Thank you Sire…thank you for your forgiveness!" she whispered bowing low.

Jabari walked up beside his mate and bowed his head as well. "We will follow whatever order you place before us…your majesty!" he was hesitant on the new title, but knew he would get use to it.

The cubs who were hidden behind Kovu, gave a cheer as they ran into the den, the girls jumping around the newest members of their Pride, as the other pride members came into welcome them as well, the other cubs joining the princesses in their dance around the newcomers while Chane sat back and looked up at his father, and asked "How am I related to those two?"

Chuckling, Huru rubbed the top of his sons head with his paw, "Oh don't worry, they won't be like that forever!" he grinned having his son groan knowing his father was only kidding him. Sitting back the two watched the pride welcome the two newcomers. Looking at his father, who nodded, Chane ran to join in with the cubs. With the king watching him go with a soft look on his face.

All was peaceful again, and all seemed to be welcoming the new future that lay ahead of them.


The sun rose over the savannah, the birds sang as they flew through the sky toward Pride rock with the animals walking toward the rock formation.

The animals parted as a young mandrill, made his way through the crowd and up to the peek of Pride rock, where Huru and Bora sat looking at their subjects, beside them was two grown Princesses, Tabia and Zahra held their heads high giggling among themselves as they looked at one another, and then to the animals before they all turned to watch their brother making his way toward the peek, his white pelt gleaming in the sun, his brown mane standing out among the rest of his fur, he had grown into a strong lion, along side him was a darkly tanned lioness, in her mouth dangled a dark cub spotting a white tuff on its head.

Chane held his head high as his son was passed to the mandrill that baptized the cub before presenting it to the crowd who cheered below.

From behind the royals, two lions stood Jabari and Nuru watched their youngest daughter and Chane as their new grandcubs was presented to the Pridelands as the new prince.

Turning her head, Bora caught eyes with Nuru, a soft smile on her face, the past had been brought together to make a happy future. Turning her head to the sky, her smile widened to see the Kings and Queens of old looking down upon the future king.

"With new life…comes a new and happy future"