Forever Whole Chapter One: Leaving.
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Hey people. So this is weird. I seriously just had this idea in my head and ran to the computer. People on here who know me or have talked to me know I am a die hard Bella and Edward Fan. But I love Jake too so, this is sort of a Jacob imprint story I guess. Oh and most of this stuff is real in my life.

Living on a small Island in the Caribbean it's hard not to dream. It's hard not to dream of leaving this god-forsaken island and moving to America. To become something. Someone. It was a normal day at Heritage High, Me (Alanna), my best friend Helene and my two other great friends Kim and Kerryann were hanging out by the basketball court- while Janessa was chasing after Corey. When our principal Mr. Clark rushed out the office's back door towards us

"I need Alanna Smith to come with me right now." He said in his strictest voice. I walked behind him a little confused considering I never got sent to the office. As I walked into his too small office, the walls a very homey yellow, covered with drawings and tests and cards from students. There sitting on the hard chair was my mother. With her back length brown curly hair, green eyes and pinstripe suit- unless you knew me, you would have never suspected that was my mother. Mr. Clark coughed.

"Okay, so were here to discuss Alanna's transfer papers to Forks, Washington- is it?" he said.

I immediately looked at my mother who was waiting for my reaction. I intended on making an outburst but I just couldn't. Looking into those puppy dog eyes of hers- I just melted. My mom had me at 22, so she was the only 35 year old single mother in my school who had a well paying job. I couldn't think.

"When?" I muttered, looking down trying to prevent the tears from spilling of my eyes.

"Thursday." She replied solemnly.

My heart broke. Today was Tuesday. There would be no way I would be able to come back to school with the amount of cd's and clothes we had. I nodded meekly and walked out the door. There I was greeted by a swarm of my friends. My heart-strings Kim, Kerryann, Kayla, Christal, Amber, Brandon, David, Llanni, Corey, Wayne and of course Helene and Alexandra, Helene and Alex were pretty much the best people I knew. They had always been there for me and I knew they always would. But that didn't apply anymore. I would be in a different continent.

"I'm moving. Thursday. I'll miss you guys." I spoke. The tears automatically spilt from my eyes and where running like a river. I was immediately en-grossed in a group hug. It made me feel like I would be missed. My group of friends usually don't hug- we avoid anything that can start gay rumours. That's just us. I said my good-byes and walked to the car where I could cry in peace.

When my mom came back into the car she had Helene and Alex in tow with her. I automatically felt grateful. I needed to be with them. Even if it was for only two days.

"Come on Al! Our Flight's about to board!" my mom yelled from the gate

"Okay! Okay! One Second!" I turned and gave Helene and Alex one last goodbye hug and promised to email them as soon as I got in. I reached into my chunky hot pink duffel bag to take on two very large packages. I handed one to each of them.

"What's this?" she asked. Alex was one of the rare few people who had yet to read twilight.

"OOH! I know! It's Twilight, New moon & Eclipse! Thanks Lanna!" she gave me another hug and I laughed.

"Of Course. Now don't go thinking to much about my man now!" I said. She knew I was in love with Edward Cullen and she laughed.

"In your dreams." She said and smiled. I knew I couldn't talk any longer or the plane would leave. I said goodbye one last time and ran on the plane with minutes to spare. I snuggled in with a blanket and pillow and drifted off to the sound of Eminem, thinking about my new life.

My new life in Forks, Washington.

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