(A/N 2x12 During the moment of the kiss.

Pure fluff. I love it.


He gazes at her, taking in her beauty. Her strength. Her determination. Her intelligence. And Her love, for him, of all people.

He loves her. She loves him. It's like a fairytale.

Except that this Fairytale is going to come crashing around them. There is no Happy Ending. They are going to die. They both know it -they all do- and yet, there is nothing they can to do prevent it.

She steps towards him, and a thousand possibilities spring to mind. His heart beats a little faster, and he stands stock still as she presses her lips against his.

He feels a flood of raw, unbridled passion pass between them, sheer ecstasy mixed with longing and love.

He deepens the kiss, pulling her towards him. Their bodies- his slim and tall, hers petite and feminine, bang together, and he feels her smooth hand against his cheek. Slowly, she pulls away, conscious of the others staring. His eyes stay closed, lingeing in what just happened. Revelling in what passed between them, wishing he could still taste her lips on his. He opens his eyes, and her eyes meet his. They blush simulatneously, unrehearsed.

There is a promise in her eyes, but it's a promise that they both know can never be fulfilled. Her eyes are soulful and sad, and they wordlessly apologize. But he shakes his head. He's not sorry.

It's cruel that their first kiss should also be our last...

Today is a good day to die.