To Death We Carry Our Love

First pokeshipping fanfic, so don't sue me if you think it sucks. Disclaimer : I do not own Pokemon. That's canon.


Two kids stood under a tree with only a faded patched blanket wrapped over them. The boy, a kid of sixteen, slicked back his long coal black hair from his face . He gripped his friend, a girl, even tighter and wrapped a gray sweatshirt over her. She sneezed. The girl was two years older than him ; a lass of eighteen. Her orange hair that used to always be up on her head was now perched on her shoulders. She wore a red tanktop and jean shorts. He wore a baggy black shirt with ratted jeans.


A streak of thunder crossed the sky. The couple hugged each other even tighter, and the girl looked at the direction where a faithful friend had been buried in a grave a few weeks ago. The murderer didn't mean to kill the courageous little Pikachu, but he did.

He didn't know what he was doing.

He thought he had shot Butch.

But driven by guilt, he shot himself, right near the river. His siblings would always gather around and respect the boy with dignity. People would always remember Brock Harrison as the former gym leader of Pewter City, and a good friend.

The boy choked back a sob. " It's okay, Mist. I'm sure Pikachu and Brock are looking over us all these long years. "

Misty Waterflower looked at her lover and nodded. " I know, Ash. It's just... they were the last ones who cared about whether we lived or died. "

And it was true. A few months before Ash Ketchum came back to his hometown of Pallet Town, Tracey Sketchit , possessed by a Spiritomb, ravaged the land of Kanto. He crippled Professor Oak to death. Gary was in a boating accident with his parents and Misty's sisters. Delia, Ash's mom, was stricken with cancer, and died just a week before Ash came back.

When Ash came back, the only one who was left was Tracey. Unsuccessfully trying to get the truth out of the pokemon watcher, Tracey denied everything. Officer Jenny gave him a choice of telling the truth and jail. Tracey chose jail, and then three days later, he hung himself.

Now, all alone, Ash and Misty stood by themselves. Pallet Town didn't seem the same. There was no joy anymore. The pokemon stood quiet, not chirping or making noise or anything along the sorts. The couple was gloomy. Nobody wanted them. They were orphans, destined to be alone and shunned for the rest of their lives.

And they already knew that. They were only teenagers, after all.

But they could change that.

Finally, Ash spoke again. " Pikachu would have loved the thunder, " he quietly said. " He would have bounced around and would have played with us. "

Misty sadly smiled. " I know, Ash. I'm sure he would pick a nice meadow to play with and scurry about. He'd even be stocked up with bottles of ketchup. "

" I know. And he would be still giving that goofy grin like he always used to do, " Ash added.

The two sighed happily. Maybe days would get better. Maybe they would get worse. At least though they had each other, happily married since a week ago, until death. But even then Ash and Misty would carry their love, through death.

Hopes and dreams filled their hearts as the sun finally shone upon them and the pokemon came out of their hiding places, waiting for a new life. Ash and Misty giggled and kissed passionately as the pokemon surrounded them, just waiting for the couple to have more adventures. At least there was hope.


Holy crap - I think I just made a fluffy. (I'm not that good at drama, either). R & R if you want - not that desperate, though.