Prompts used: snow, white

A Hogwarts Romance

(In five parts and four seasons)

Forward – Winter – December 1966

It is snowing, and Molly feels as if she has never been colder in her life. She doesn't even like Quidditch, so why on earth is she stuck out here watching the Gryffindor-Hufflepuff match as if she cared about the result? Well, she supposes she wants Gryffindor to win, but in previous years she'd managed to be quietly pleased when they won or vaguely disappointed when they lost from the warmth of the Common Room. (Even though Fabian and Gideon are both on the team. She loves her brothers, but there are limits to what she will do for them. Watching Quidditch is not on the list.)

This year, however, she is out here in the freezing cold, her scarlet and gold scarf and gloves doing nothing to keep out the icy wind. And the reason she is here is next to her. Arthur. She would cross the world for him, so merely going to a Quidditch match to make him happy is nothing. For him, and him only, she will watch Quidditch. He has become her raison d'etre, her world, her everything.

And miraculously, she knows he feels the same about her. They may be only sixteen, but they know that this is forever. Gideon may laugh, Fabian may tease her, her parents may warn her against "rushing into things", but she knows that they are wrong and she is right. This is love and it is forever.

The Hufflepuff Seeker catches the Snitch, and Molly smothers a cry of relief that now at last they can go in out of the cold. Arthur, Daniel and Carlo are groaning at the Gryffindor Seeker's slowness. The players are landing, looking tired, cold and (can it be?) faintly relieved that it is over. Arthur sighs, and puts his arm round her shoulders.

"Sorry love," he says, glumly. "I drag you out to watch in the freezing cold, and we go and bloody lose."

She almost laughs, because it is only a game, it's not as if it matters. But it matters to Arthur, so she stifles the laugh and mutters something consolatory about the game against Slytherin after Christmas that they are bound to win. They make their way back amongst the straggling crowd towards the Castle. The grounds and trees are white with snow. It would be beautiful to look at from inside – out here it is just cold.

Finally, they reach the portrait hole, and Molly is about to give the password ("plum pudding") and go through to the warmth of the fire beyond, but Arthur pulls her back.

"Mistletoe," he says firmly.

"Wrong!" trills the Fat Lady, triumphantly. (Why is she always so happy when someone gets the password wrong?)

"Who said I was talking to you?" Arthur demands.

He points upwards to the bunch of mistletoe hung above the Fat Lady's head, and pulls Molly to him, kissing her hard.

Suddenly, she is not cold any more. She does not mind that Monica (who has split from Patrick and so suddenly wants Arthur back) is scowling, that several people are applauding, that Gideon is wolf-whistling(even with her eyes shut, she just knows it has to be Gideon). None of those things matter.

This is love and it is forever.

A/N This story could go on forever of course, like Molly and Arthur themselves, but I'm ending it here. If you've read my other Molly and Arthur fic, "My true love given to me", the ending of this will be familiar. You probably know by now about my obsessive need to have my stories agree!

(I know "Birthdays and Beyond" is overdue. I'm working on it. Really.)