The thing in the beginning is from When Angels Fly Away by Cold. Yet another one shot for Compy's contest. It's about time the plot bunny wrote something for me. -kicks it-

I'll make a soldier's decision to fly away
Load my gun, paint my face, call me misery
I can see the sky light up and the ground explode.

Honda kissed the crucifix in his fingers, tucking it under his shirt next to the locket with Serenity's photo inside it and his dogtags.

Something exploded nearby and he winced as something-a rock maybe- went by his head, caught only in the corner of his sight. Crouched nearby, Kaiba and Jou held their breath, rifles cocked and ready.

All three had been caught behind enemy lines that morning, and they were stranded.

The three of them had not spoken since dawn, deep down they knew they weren't going to make it. They'd spent the night just talking about home. Kaiba had talked about his little brother, Mokuba, and Jou and Honda had talked about Jou's sister, Serenity.

Honda's girlfriend.

There was another explosion, and Honda saw red. Kaiba was down, and Jou was covering for the man, but it wasn't enough.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Sorry Ser. I promised we'd make it back and it'd be okay, but I think I lied.

Jou didn't make a sound as he went down next to Kaiba, who was barely breathing. Honda hit his knees between the two. "We're not gonna make it, are we?" he asked, already scrambling for a new clip for his gun.

"Of course we are," Jou answered, hacking. "We're gonna get home, and you're gonna marry my sis. And moneybags here is gonna see his little brother off to college next year."

Honda cracked a weak smile.

Kaiba almost laughed. Almost. Instead, he shook his head. "Shit, I think you two might have grown on me."

Jou laughed before wincing, hacking up more blood. "I think you might have grown on me too, moneybags."

Another explosion threw dirt into the air only a few feet from the three men.

"When we get back Honda, you owe me a drink."



Serenity got the dogtags for both men in the mail a week later.

She slept with them in her hand for the rest of her life.