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A teacher and a student? Is it possible to fall in love if the two of you were moving in different worlds? Well, meet Mikan Sakura, a 19 year old girl who was studying at Gakuen Alice taking up Business Administration. She hates classes and she was a trouble maker. On the first day of school, she met the person who will change her beliefs about education. It was none other than, her Science teacher...Natsume Hyuuga!

Mikan and gang- 19 years old

Natsume- 22 years old

Chapter 1:

Mikan was riding on her pink Mercedes Benz car. She was on her way on her school, Gakuen Alice. She really hate school. If she would have a chance she will kill the person who discovered the education the second time around. Mikan sighed. First day of class is surely her hated day!

After a few minutes, she reach her school. She hop out of her car and started to walk. While she was walking, boys were drooling while the other was hiding somewhere. They were scared of Mikan Sakura, "Alice Academy Greatest Troublemaker". If one day she will be a good student, then hell breaks loose.

As she walked, she saw her friends...they were circled around their territory. The fountain. Mikan walked towards them and greeted then as they greeted back.

"Hi Guys! What's up?" Mikan greeted

"Nothing, can't find the next victim" Nonoko asked frustrated

"Ah, how about that?" Mikan asked smirking. Her friends looked at the direction she's looking

"I think that will be great" Koko answered

They found a fat nerd eating his sandwich under a tree. Koko and Mikan walked towards him. Mummers started to form.

"Oh God! He's their next victim"

"Poor him! He's in trouble"

The students whispered to their friends and schoolmates.

Mikan and Koko reached him.

"Hey there kid, how are you?" Koko asked

"I'm f-fine" the boy stutter

"Would you mind if I taste your sandwich" Mikan asked sweetly

"Umm...I haven't eaten break-" too late. Mikan grabbed his sandwich and stepped on it. Mikan and Koko laughed while the boy was teary eyed. Mikan and Koko walked away laughing.

At the classroom...

"Have you seen his face? He looks terrible!" Anna said laughing. They were circled around the classroom

"Yeah! He looks hilarious!" Ruka said

"You're right! Serves him right! He's a mommy's boy!" Mikan said "Right Hotaru?" she said looking at her bestfriend. Hotaru didn't answer. They shrugged their shoulder.

"By the way, I heard our adviser is a guy! And guess what? He's young and a hunk!" Sumire said, day dreaming

"Oh come on Sumire, whatever he is, he's still a stupid teacher" Mikan said annoyed

"They said he was strict and he was the top notcher int the board exam for this year that's why the Academy didn't hesitate on hiring him" Anna said

"Really? Then he must be scary" Koko said

"I don't know" Anna answered

"You're not scared Mikan?" Ruka asked

"Yeah, right" Mikan said sarcastically

Suddenly, the door opened and in came a raven-haired guy with alluring red eyes. Girls mouth gaped open while the guys were shocked. Mikan too, she was speechless. Her mouth gaped open, her brown eyes wide open. 'This is our adviser? Wow! He's hot!' she thought

"Good Morning class, I'm your adviser for this school year" Natsume said coldly. Natsume noticed that his students were silent. He raised a brow

"I didn't expect that this class in silent. They have rumors spread that you are the worst class here" Natsume said "By the way, I'm Natsume Hyuuga, you're class adviser and you're Science teacher" Natsume said looking at them. "When I call your name stand up and say present" Natsume said and grabbed his class record then leaned his back on his desk.

'God he looks sexy!" Mikan thought. Her mind was flying.

"Yome, Kokoroyome"

"Tobita, Yuu"

"Nogi, Ruka"

"Mochiage, Mochu"

"Imai, Hotaru

"Shouda Sumire"

"Umenomiya, Anna"

"Ogosowara, Nonoko"

"Sakura Mikan" No answer...

"Sakura Mikan?" he looked up. "Where's Sakura Mikan? Is she not around?" he asked. He saw a brunette girl looking at him, spacing out. He walked towards her. Mikan didn't noticed him.

"I assume, you're Sakura Mikan. Why are you not responding to me?" he asked irritably. No answer...

"Mikan! Mikan!" Anna whispered, shaking her right shoulder gently. Mikan snapped back at the reality.

"Huh? What is it?" Mikan asked still not noticing Natsume.

"Mikan, our adviser is here" Nonoko said mouthing Natsume to her. Mikan looked up and stand up immediately.

"I-I'm S-Sorry sir" Mikan said stammering, her cheeks red.

"You're the famous troublemaker right?" Natsume asked

"Umm...ahhh...sir..." Mikan was about to say something but Natsume walked way.

"Okay, our first lesson is about the element. I'll call your name and tell me the symbol of each element. You're first Ms. Sakura" Natsume said eying her. Mikan stand up nervously.

"What's the symbol of element Iodine?" Natsume asked eying her

"I-Iodine?" Mikan asked. She elbowed Yuu. Yuu was about to tell Mikan the answer when...

"No coaching Mr. Tobita or else I'll marked you for cheating" Natsume said strictly

"I'm sorry sir" Yuu said apologetically. Natsume just nodded

"Now Ms. Sakura, your answer?" Natsume said raising a brow.

"I'm sorry sir, I don't know the answer" Mikan said blushing, her head bowed. This was the first time she was ashamed.

"God, Ms. Sakura! This lesson was since high school but still you don't know it? You're just good in trouble making...you should study more or else I'm going to fail you. Now sit down" Natsume said while he shook his head. Mikan sat down.

"Oh by the way Ms Sakura..." Mikan looked up. "detention after class" Natsume said smirking. Mikan eyes widened.

"What!" Mikan shrieked

"What? Are you complaining?" Natsume asked.

"Agh!" Mikan sighed in frustration. Natsume smirked at her reaction

"Now next, Nogi Ruka"

'Damn! This is the worst day of my life! This adviser is so strict! I hate him! My life would be in hell' Mikan thought while glaring at Natsume.

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