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Chapter 27:

2 weeks had passed since Mikan left but the whole place of Gakuen Alice has remained the same. Students chatting, studying and bonding with each other. But not in a certain class of a raven-haired guy. The said class becomes less lively and noisy. And from the looks of it, it seems that a part of this class had been missing for quite some time. And Natsume Hyuuga knows very well who that missing part is.

Mikan Sakura.

And that name brought pain in his chest. The raven missed the smile of the brunette. The brunette that always carry a smile with her as she skipped in the corridors of Gakuen Alice. The brunette who can always melt the heart of some cold-hearted creature by just her bright and big smile. And the very same brunette who shoos away the dark clouds that surround him for all this years. It has been hell for him for the past two weeks but nevertheless, he reminds himself that Mikan did this for his own good and that he will wait for him for god-knows-how-long.

Natsume continues his lesson. And when the bell rang, he put down his marker and spoke.

"Class Dismiss. Have a nice day." And the class went berserk.

He silently sat on his chair, opening his book and study the lesson that he is going to teach tomorrow. But the peaceful reading was cut off when his phone rang. He annoyingly grabbed his phone from his pocket and twitched as soon as he saw that the message was sent by his most hated co-workers. He hesitantly read the message.


Please go to the faculty room now. There are loads of food here! And oh, principal said that you should come or else you will feel his wrath :) You wouldn't want that right? Careful on your way. :-*



He grunted.

'That blackmailing gay teacher.'

He stood up, making his way towards the faculty way. He doesn't want to go in the noisy place but he doesn't want to feel the wrath of the principal. When he entered the room, his co-workers was busy eating while chit-chatting with each other. He walked towards his table, not bothering to take a glance on the foods. He sat down, he started reading again ignoring the noise the his co-workers are making. And for the second time for this day, his reading was cut off when a female voice spoke and a cup of ice cream was handed in front of him.

"Natsume-sensei, would you like to have some ice cream?" Luna said but Natsume didn't answer nor glanced at her. Feeling defeated, she continued. "It's strawberry flavor. I heard from your students that you like strawberries."

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry." Finally he answered. Luna silently placed the strawberry ice cream in his desk.

"Do you know why there are lots of food in here, Natsume?" Instead of answering her, he just shrugged his shoulders. She sadly smiled. "Natsume, from now on, I won't bug you anymore. I won't will invade your private life and more importantly, I won't push myself to you anymore." With that retort, Natsume raised his head and looked at her. Her eyes are full of tears.

"What you mean, Koizumi? Stop wasting my time." Natsume said irritably. She smiled sadly at him.

"Well, I'm leaving. I've resigned." Luna said. Natsume's eyes widened.

"What?" He asked.

"I've resigned. This is for the better." Luna answered him, staring at him in the eyes.

"And what made you think that it's the better? And more importantly, why would you that?" Natsume asked, confused. What the heck is this woman thinking.

"Well," She stopped for a few seconds before she continue. "I won't be able to move on if I will see you always in the corridors and premises of this school. And besides," She smiled. "I don't want to get hurt anymore, knowing that you can't return my feelings and I just keep pushing myself on you to the point that I'm making you mad and hurt because of my evilness. I'm feeling guilty myself for ruining Mikan's and your happiness. I hope you still can forgive me and I hope someday, when our paths crossed again, you can smile at me and treat me as a friend." She said, her tears continuously flowing.

"So, Koizumi, are you saying that you're-" but Natsume was cut off by Luna.

"I'm accepting my defeat, Natsume-kun." Luna said. "And I wished for your happiness with Sakura-san in the future. I know that the two of you will see each other again." And for the first time since she met Natsume, he gave her a small smile that made her tears fall more and her chest burst with love with the boy in front of her.

"Koizumi-" And for the second time in this day, she was again cut off by Luna.

"Call me by my given name, Natsume-kun. For the last time." Luna pleaded. "This could be the greatest birthday gift that I could ever have."

Natsume's eyes widened. "It's your birthday?" Luna nodded. He smiled. "Happy birthday then, Luna."

And it was enough for her. Hearing Natsume calls her by her given name is enough for her to realize that giving him up is worth it. But, when did Natsume Hyuuga becomes worthless for her? Never.

"Natsume-kun..." Luna smiled happily. "I love you, Natsume-kun. Please remember that there is always a lunatic and evil woman who loves you more that her life."

Natsume frown. "You're not that evil, you were just blinded. And I also wants to say sorry to you."

"For what?" She asked confused. "It has been me who always ruined your happiness, Natsume-kun. I couldn't find a reason for you to say sorry."

"I wanted to say sorry for not returning your feelings." Natsume admitted. "It's not because I don't want to return your feelings, but it's because I can't. From the first time I met Mikan, she always cast a spell at me unconsciously that makes my heart beat fast whenever I see her."

"You really love her." Luna said. "And I guess, no matter what I do, I can never outrank her in your heart." She stood up. "Well then, I should start packing my things now. See you soon, Natsume-sensei." She handed her hand to Natsume for a shake hands gesture. "Friends?"

Natsume stood up. He shook her hand and smiled a little. "Friends."

And he knows that everything will be alright SOON.


Mikan lazily looked at the sky. Her chin resting on her palm which is placed on top of the desk. She was thinking how everything is going on with Japan. As for her, she was bored. Her bastard of a father wouldn't let her go out and meet new people. She was home-schooled that really annoys her. Her father is always away due to business reasons while she was locked up on her big bedroom. She deep in thoughts that why she wasn't able to hear the her annoying home-schooled teacher is calling her attention. She snapped our of her thoughts and looked at her teacher, only to see the murderous look of her teacher. She wanted to laughed but restrained herself.

"Sakura! Are you even listening to what I'm saying here?" Her teacher said. She smiled.

"No." She yawned. "You were a boring teacher, how can I listen to you?" And she was back to her troublemaker self again. Maybe if this teacher is Natsume, it wouldn't be boring, she might as well enjoys it. It's not like she wanted to be rude to her teachers, but this teacher is annoying the hell out of her.

"You! You're so rude! You just wait until I tell your father about your attitude. Let's see if you can answer back to him. I'm outta here. I don't want to be your teacher anymore!" Her teacher said. As if she was scared about her father. She smiled teasingly at her teacher.

"Take care, sensei. Don't ever come back! Bye!" And with that, the door was slammed closed.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

It was already night time. Mikan was about to hit the bed when her door slammed opened. She rolled her eyes knowing who the intruder was.

"Don't you know how to knock?" Mikan said and sat up. "What do you want?" But suddenly, her face was turned to the left side and her cheek soared because of the hard slap that Reo gave her.

"You rude child! How could you do that to Kisa-sensei? Didn't you know that the person you answered back is a very important person to me and Yuka's life? She is our professors way back! How could you be so rude to her? You have nothing to give me except shame, you insolent fool!" Reo said, his breathing heavy and his eyes burning with anger. "I feel so embarrass to have you as my daughter!"

Mikan turned her head to look at Reo. "Then if you're embarrass, why don't you just send me back to Japan? It would keep you away from being embarrassed and ashamed!" Mikan answered back. Reo grabbed her chin and hold it with hand, his nails dinging her skin.

"Are you answering me back?" And he slapped her again, causing her to fall on her bed. "It would have been better if you weren't born, at least I don't need to take care of someone as stupid and idiotic like you. You're a shame to the Mouri and Sakura family. It would have been better if Yuka shouldn't chose you to stay alive. She should have chosen her life instead of saving a life who brings nothing but shame to the reputation of the family we kept and took care of for all this years! How ungrateful can you get?"

"When did you take care of me? You never took care of me! I've always under the supervision of the maids. You never wanted me. For you, I'm just a nonsense person. A nonsense stupid person who doesn't have any future. You never been a father to me. You always blame me for mother's death, as if I was in favor of what happened. You never consider my feelings! And now, you come around, destroying my peaceful life with my friends and the man I love, claiming your right as my father! Separating me to the people who let me feel what love is and treated me as real person!" Mikan shouted, her tears forming in the corner of her chocolate eyes. "If I was ungrateful? How do you call yourself? Your selfish! I hate you so much! You're self-centered! Thinking only about yourself." And he slapped her again, hard. Mikan bit her lower lip trying to restrain herself to burst out crying her eyes out. This person didn't want her. He wished that she wasn't born, and for Pete's sake, he's her father!

"You should at least be thankful that I still supported you and didn't disown you as my daughter after you killed your own mother." Reo said hardly.

"I didn't kill her!" Mikan shouted. "It's not my choice, it was her! Because if I were the one to choose I would have chose to die instead and let mother stay alive so that I won't went through this hardship and endure the pain and truth that I was born being your daughter!"

Reo clenched his fists. "Shut up!"

"No, you shut up and listen to me for once!" Mikan shouted back. "Do you really think you're the only one who misses mother?" This time, her voice softened. Reo remained silent. "I missed her too. Especially that I didn't even had the chance to be with her since I was born. I don't even know what she actually looks like in person because I only see her in photos. At least you," Mikan looked at Reo's eyes. "You had the chance to be with her while I didn't and all I can do is to dream of her, holding me and smiling at me."

Reo looked away, and for the first time in the 19 years of life of Mikan Sakura, she saw tears in the corner of the eyes of her father.

"We're just the same," Mikan smiled. "We misses her and wished her to be with us. But, no matter what we do she will never ever coming back to us. And the least that we can do is keep her memories and live life the way it's supposed to be. Live without hatred in our hearts but instead live with love. Hopes that tomorrow will always be alright and just the same like before. Act like no one left us. Smile like there's nothing happened. And enjoy the wonders of life. I know mother would love that."

She stood up, walked towards her father. She stood up in front him.

"And that will only happened if you let go all of the hatreds in your heart." Reo looked at her smiling face. "And I would love to help you do that." And this time, Reo finally let his tears flow in his eyes. He hugged Mikan tight while Mikan hugged back and smiled. "I've always wanted to feel your hug." He tightened his arms around her.

"You're right and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have blame you. I'm really sorry." He sniffed and broke the hug. "You're really like your mother. She always know how to break a cold heart of a person by her simple words." Mikan chuckled.

"It's alright. It's not your fault. And well," Mikan smiled widely. "Like mother like daughter." Reo laughed. "So, are we ready to start a new relationship? I mean, the usual father-daughter relationship! How's that sound?"

"Sounds great." Reo smiled. Mikan smiled back.

"Great! I've always waited for this moment to happen!" Mikan hugged him. "I've missed you, father."

And Reo couldn't ask for more. The way Mikan called him father made him realized what he had always missing out for all this years. And this time, he's ready to straighten out every mistake he did. And he'll start it from his daughter, Mikan Sakura.

Yuka, our daughter is great. Just like you And I think, I'm ready to become a father to Mikan, our daughter. Reo thought and hugged her back, in a fatherly way.


"Hey guys! Did you hear the rumors? Koizumi-sensei resigned!" said Anna along with Nonoko, they walked towards her circle of friends. Their friends looked at two of them with interest.

"Really? Where did you get that rumor, Anna?" Yuu asked.

"It is all over the campus! Haven't heard about it? You're all out dated!" Nonoko shouted. "Well, at least she will be out of this academy! She's not even teaching us, all she does is flirt with her students in the classroom and then follows Hyuuga-sensei around like a dog! What a flirt." Nonoko rolled her eyes.

"Oh man! Then it means that I won't be able to see a beauty in this class anymore! I'll be bored as hell again. I love looking at her legs, you know!" Koko shouted perversely.

"Yeah, you're right. And damn, she's also a very nice sight to see. She's so sexy." Kitsuneme said dreamily. "Hyuuga-sensei is lucky to have someone like Koizumi-sensei stalking him! If I were him, I would grab the opportunity to bed that sexy goddess!" Kitsuneme said. Koko give Kitsume a high-five.


"Stop those perverted thoughts, you two. It's disgusting." Hotaru said. The others sweat dropped.

"Why would Koizumi-sensei do that? Because of Hyuuga-sensei?" Ruka asked curiously.

"Maybe she finally realized that she's a no match to Mikan. Mikan is the one that Hyuuga-sensei likes, you know! It's obvious! And Mikan-chan likes him too! So, they make a perfect pair." Nonoko said, failed to remember that Ruka is around. Ruka lowered his head.

"Nonoko!" Yuu shouted. Nonoko seems to understand what Yuu and the others are trying to say because she blushed in embarrassment.

"So-sorry, Nogi-kun." Nonoko said, her face red. Ruka just gave her a reassuring smile.

Just then, the person they talking about came inside the room. They went back to their proper seats.

"Good Morning, class." This time, it wasn't flirtatiously but softly. Her students greeted her back. "I already know that the rumors had reached your ears. I just came here to confirm. All the rumors are true, I'm resigning. So, starting tomorrow I won't be your home economics anymore. Please study hard and respect the new teacher that will take over my place. That's all." Luna said smiling. "I would miss this class."

"Sensei, is it true that it's because of Hyuuga-sensei that's why you're leaving?" A seaweed girl asked. Luna just smiled.

"I don't think I can answer that. But there is one thing I'm sure," Luna paused. "I'm doing this for the happiness of the man I love."

The class went silent, no one dares to utter a word. Luna broke the class's silent and bid her last farewell.

"Well then, I'll be going now. Have a nice day. Hope we can all meet someday." And she walked out the door.

And this time, Hotaru and the others hope and wished that Mikan's and Natsume's relationship would work out someday.


"Mr. Hijiri, would you mind to keep your mouth shut and answer my upcoming question for you?" 26 years old Natsume Hyuuga calls the attention of a silver-haired boy.

"Youichi, you're doom." Akito, Youichi's best friend whispered to him. Youichi stood up and looked at Natsume straight into his eyes.

"Well then," Natsume stopped and smirked. This is his favorite topic in Science 'cause this topic bring back good memories to him. "since our lesson is about the elements, can you tell me what's the symbol of Iodine?" His smirked becomes wider when he saw his student twitched. "Well?"

"I don't know, sir." Youichi said, his face red from embarrassment. He should have known better that this professor in front of him is not someone to mess with. He should have listen to his cousin!

"That's alright. Sit down, Mr. Hijiri." Natsume said. Youichi looked at his professor with wide eyes. He saw his professor smiling at him. I guess he's nice after all. You're wrong cous! He thought to himself.

"Thank you, sir!" He was about to sit when Natsume called his attention again.

"By the way, Mr. Hijiri," Natsume smiled smugly. "Detention after class. Class Dismiss." Or maybe not.

But little did Natsume know, there is someone looking at him secretively. The person smirked and then walked away.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

Natsume Hyuuga walked towards the balcony of the elite school of Gakuen Alice. It's been a habit for him in 4 years but he never grew tired of it. He sat on the balustrade and looked at the sky, smiling at himself. It's been 4 years yet his hope of seeing her again is still alive. He holds onto her promise that she will come back and they will meet again in this very place. He put his hand inside his pocket and took a velvet box. He opened it and stared at the ring. It was 4 years ago when he bought it, but the ring didn't even had the chance to meet its rightful owner.

He closed the ring when he heard a spoke. He froze on his spot yet he didn't show it.

"You didn't change a bit, you still have the habit in embarrassing your students," The voice stopped. "Natsume-sensei."

Natsume recuperated from his shock and smiled a little. "Well, it wasn't my fault that your cousin doesn't know what's the symbol for Iodine." He climbed out of the balustrade, sneakingly put the box inside his pocket again. "Just like you."

Mikan snorted. "Hey, are you saying that my family is weak against Science?"

"Of course not," Natsume's smile becomes wider. "I'm just stating the truth. And he's talking to his seatmate while on my class so I gave him detention. He deserves it anyway."

"Yeah, right." Mikan rolled her eyes. "I warned Youichi about you but I guess he's too stubborn to listen."

"Just like you." Natsume walked towards her and stopped in front of her. "Like older cousin like elder cousin."

"Natsume! You jerk, stop insulting my cousin and me!" Mikan said irritably, playfully hitting his chest but her chocolate eyes are twinkling with happiness.

"I'm not." Natsume smiled. "I'm just saying that you and your cousin are both weak against Science. Pointing a fact is different from insulting, Ms. Sakura."

Mikan smiled widely. "Well then, let's make a deal! Ask me anything about Science and when I answered it, you're going to treat me to Howalon and bring me back to your Hacienda. You will also take back everything you had said. What do you say?" Mikan asked.

"And if I win, what will you do?" Natsume said, his smile never leave his face.

"You decide, sensei." Mikan said teasingly. Natsume twitched. "I've read many books about Science when I was in France so I'm sure I can answer whatever question you have."

"Alright then," Natsume paused for a while. "Multicellular organisms replace worn-out cells through cell division. In humans, cell division occurs on average after 52 divisions. Question is, what do you call the number of times a normal cell population will divide before it stops when it reaches its critical length?"

Mikan eyebrows met. Damn, that was hard. "Is that Science, Natsume? Why is it I haven't read about this so-called cell division you're saying?" Mikan asked.

Natsume raised his eyebrows. "It's biology, Sweety. A branch of science that deals with the study of life. And for Pete's sake, do you even understands the books that you read?"

Mikan blushed from anger and embarrassment. "Of course! It's just that, your question is really hard. I bet Mr. Misaki is the only one who can answer that question! You could have asked me an easier question considering I'm not a Science major like you." Mikan said pouting. Natsume chuckled. He reach for her hair and tucked a few strands behind her ears.

"Well, you didn't told me that you're running after an easy question. You just told me to asked a question. Any questions. So I thought it's fine if I asked you a hard question." He smiled and leaned forward. Mikan didn't pushed him away, she just let him kissed her. When Natsume's lips touched her own lips, she felt butterflies in her stomach. She missed his kiss. She missed everything about him. They kissed, putting all their emotion for each other and trying to make up those 4 years that they didn't saw each other. And since humans needs oxygen, they broke the kiss after a few minutes. Mikan smiled sweetly at Natsume. Natsume smiled back.

"I miss you." Mikan said, placing her arms on his waist and then, resting her head on his chest. Natsume slowly wrapped his arms around her. He buried his nose on her tresses, inhaling the delectable smell that reaches his nose.

"I miss you too." He tightened his hug. "So much."

Mikan on the other hand, broke the hug, much to Natsume's dismay. She looked at Natsume lovingly before speaking."I told you, I'm going to come back and meet you again in the very same place we've first met." She said smiling.

"I knew you would keep your promise that's why I've waited." He answered back. Mikan smiled widely and jump on Natsume, giving him a panda hug, much to Natsume's shock, but as soon as he recovered from his shock he chuckled at her childishness. They stayed in that position for a while but Natsume being Natsume, he broke the sweet moments.

"Hey Polkadots," Natsume said. Mikan scoffed. Natsume pushed her body a little so that he can look at her face. He has this mischievous smirk on his pretty handsome face. "You lose, I won. So you'll do whatever I like."

"Do I still have to?" Mikan asked.

"Of course. A deal is a deal." Natsume said, his smirk getting wider. He put Mikan down.

"Alright, what is it you want me to do, My Highness?" Mikan said teasingly, although she's irritated.

"Well," Natsume took something out of his pocket. He placed the ring in front of her after opening the box. "You'll have to marry me, whether you like it or not. After all, you lose."

"Oh my God!" Mikan said and she threw herself towards Natsume. "Of course I'll marry you! With or without the deal, I'll definitely marry you." Mikan said happily, her tears flowing on her face. Natsume slowly slipped the ring on her fingers before kissing her hands.

It may be the weirdest way of proposing, but what can she do? Natsume is weird but still unique in his own way. He is never the romantic type but she still love him anyways.

"I love you," Natsume said sincerely. "I won't hand over you to anyone again. Because starting from now, you're already mine." He pecked her lips. Mikan smiled at him sweetly, her tears still flowing.

"I love you too." Mikan started. "And I promise you, I won't leave you again." And they kissed. Natsume slowly lifted Mikan, his arms around her waist while Mikan's arms are wrapped around his neck. Their lips against each other, kissing each other deeply. They broke their kiss after a minute or so. They looked at each others eyes lovingly. Mikan caressed Natsume's cheeks gently and sweetly, the ring on her left hand is sparkling under the sky full of stars.

She smiled sweetly at him before she whispered, "I love you, My Teacher."

And they kissed again, with the stars and the moon in the sky as their witness for their eternal love.

And finally, the ring is finally on the hands of it's rightful owner.

And the new chapter of their life has finally began.

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