Summary: NYC Series As Julie and Dean's wedding approaches, an unexpected guest in Dean's brother shakes everything up for them. Meanwhile, Connie and Rick adjust to life as parents, Gary and Guy continue their perfect relationship, Carla starts to have doubts about choosing Charlie over Luis and Colleen and Scooter start to drift apart. Will it be Brian there when things fall apart?

Author's Note: So I know I have the prequels going on still in this series, but I figure I can do both. I just had this really strange urge to deal with Portman's brother who I invented for this series. Also, well, I only sort of half resolved everything in the last one. Plus I have that whole sequel addiction, and as always with these, I've been watching lots of Sex and the City lately...what with the movie coming and everything!

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When it Happens

Chapter 1: Checking In

Julie Gaffney woke up and stretched. Her fiancé, Dean Portman was still fast asleep next to her. Fiancé, thinking the word made her happy. Julie carefully got out of bed trying not to wake him and headed out into the living room/kitchen of their apartment. She had a robe on but not closed. She stepped out and jumped seeing someone sleeping on their couch.

"Jesus!" She shrieked. The young man woke with a start and stared at her. "Tucker?" She said confused.

"Julie?" He said, "Hey sis in law to be, what are you doing here?"

"Well," She said, "I live here, and you live in Chicago, so, um, I'm going to ask you what you're doing here."

"Right," He nodded, "Right, can I just say, this little number, fantastic." She closed her robe and stomped back into the bedroom.

"Why is your brother in our living room?" She asked still fuming. Dean looked at her.

"Julie, it's too early for jokes," He shook his head, "And even if it wasn't, that's not funny."

"Not joking," She shook her head. "He's on our couch, and he saw me in my underwear." He jumped right up and walked out side.

"What the hell are you doing here Tuck?" He said.

"I can't come see my big brother before he gets married?" Tucker smiled. "I mean, I am the best man."

"First of all," Dean said, "Fulton's the best man, and second, the wedding's not for three months."

"Dude, that's cold," Tucker said, "I'm your brother."

"Yeah, which is why I haven't killed you yet," Dean nodded, "How'd you even get in here?"

"Remember when I came last year, and I stayed for two weeks, so you gave me a key?" Tucker said, "I sort of made a copy of that."

"I'm going to go shower," Julie nodded biting her lip trying not to freak out. "Nice to see you Tuck." She turned around and walked into the bedroom. Dean stared at him.

"Dude," Tucker said, "Julie is smoking! Wow, I mean, I always thought she was hot, but now that I've seen it all, why did you ever leave her?"

"Don't talk about Julie like that," Dean said, "And yes, she has an amazing body, but that's not the point."

"What's the point then?" Tucker asked.

"What are you doing here Tuck?" He asked.

"I didn't wanna live with Mom and work in the restaurant for the rest of my life." Tucker shrugged, "I'm taking initiative."

"By moving from Mom's house to my couch?" Dean said. Tucker nodded, "You make no sense. If you see Julie naked again I will murder you. Do you understand me?"

"Understood," Tucker stuttered as Dean walked into the bedroom.

"He can't stay here," Julie said, "Dean, do you remember the last time he stayed here?"

"Yes," He nodded and kissed her, "Baby, I just need to figure out why he's here OK? I will call my mom, and we will find out if he is wanted by the Chicago PD or anything along those lines OK?" She nodded.

"OK," She said softly, "I love you, and I know he's your brother, so I love him, but if he stays here until the wedding, I will not marry you, I will move back to the loft with Gary and Guy I swear to God!"

"That is fair." Dean nodded, and kissed her. "I love you."

"I love you too," She said, "Get rid of him."

"Who's a big one year old today?" Rick smiled tickling the bottom of his daughter Claire's feet. The baby girl giggled, "You are!"

"Hey," Connie walked out and kissed him, "Hey birthday girl." She leaned down and picked up Claire. "Thanks for taking today off," She smiled at Rick.

"Well, this little angel has her big party tonight," He laughed. Connie smiled, she had planned on stopping work once she and Rick had children, but she also hadn't thought that she'd come back from their honeymoon pregnant, so after maternity leave she went right back into the workforce. She hated leaving Claire, but Rick took off work so much he might as well be a stay at home dad. "Have a good day!" Connie smiled, kissed Claire and handed her off.

"Love you both," She said walking out.

"Wave bye to Mommy," Rick said, picking up Claire's hand and making her wave.

Scooter woke up seeing Colleen sitting up on her knees looking at him.

"What's wrong baby?" He sighed and looked at her.

"You fell asleep before I got in last night," She said.

"I'm old sweetie," He sighed, "If you're out with your friends until two in the morning, I'm gonna be asleep when you get in."

"I missed you," She whispered and kissed him.

"Crap," He looked at the clock, "I'm late."

"Scooter," She sighed, as he got out of bed and looked at her. "Why haven't you touched me in two weeks?"

"What are you talking about?" He said and kissed her.

"I mean, it's been a while since we've done anything," She shrugged. "Talk to me, what's going on?"

"It's nothing," He said, "I'm just stressed," She nodded, "Don't forget Claire's birthday party tonight!"

"I won't," She shook her head, "Have a good day."

"You too," He smiled and kissed her, walking out. She sighed and fell backwards onto the bed. She knew what was wrong, she'd shut him down again a month ago when he brought up the future. She was only twenty four, she didn't want to get married yet. He was thirty two, and wanted to get married and every day that Julie and Dean's wedding drew closer he drew further away from her.

Carla wandered in, and saw Charlie sitting at their kitchen table. She smiled.

"Early morning light?" He asked. She nodded and sat down. It had been almost two years, he got the whole photographer thing. "You've been quiet lately."

"Not much to say," She said.

"I know what this is about," He sighed, she looked at him. She hoped not. "You're upset that we couldn't get to New York this weekend." She laughed.

"Exactly," She nodded, "You know how much I love Claire." Charlie smiled. "Um, I should probably call Connie." She stood up and walked upstairs. She picked up her cell phone for the expressed purpose of calling Connie. Then she saw the message. She smiled and picked it up to listen to.

"Hola Carlita," His voice was smooth, perfect, just what she wanted to hear. "Just calling to check in. A bunch of us were talking about chipping in to give Julie and Portman another week on their honeymoon. I said I'd call you, so that I'd have a reason to call you. Call me back. I miss you." She closed it and sighed. She wanted to see him, talk to him, touch him. It was crazy she had an amazing life. Charlie didn't even know she was talking to Luis regularly, that she wanted him again. She called him.

"Didn't take you long," He smiled, picking up on the first ring.

"Don't be smug," She said, "I'm calling about the wedding present proposal."

"Are you?" He laughed.

"Yes," She said, "And I have to decline, Gary, Connie and I are getting them something. I have to check with Charlie."

"I'll call him myself," Luis shrugged, "When can I see you?"

"You can't see me," She sighed, "I'm with Charlie, remember?"

"Right," He said, "So at the wedding?"

"At the wedding," She whispered. "Bye." She hung up and groaned. What was wrong with her?

Brian Taylor groaned waking up and walking into the living room. He'd moved into the loft a few months before. Both Gary and Guy were at work. There were many benefits to living with a successful gay couple, one of them being they were fine with him only paying rent when he could. He picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello?" Colleen answered hers.

"Hey," He said, "What are you doing today?"

"Um," She said, "Nothing, you?"

"Nothing," He shrugged, "Wanna help me buy Claire a birthday present?"

"I thought you were writing her a song?" Colleen teased.

"You're funny," He said dryly. "You up for it?"

"Sure," She said. "Come pick me up." She hung up. He sighed and the phone rang.

"Hello," He said.

"Hey Brian," Julie said on the other end. "I have to ask you a favor."

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