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Chapter 15: Honeymoon and Goodbye

A week later Julie smiled laying out on the beach, she shaded the sun from her eyes and watched Dean get out of the water, carrying a surfboard. She had never known it was possible to be this completely and incandescently happy. She was also realizing that she had the sexiest husband on the planet.

"What you looking at there Blondie?" Dean smiled walking over. She laughed.

"I was just ogling this really hot surfer guy," She smiled, he sat down next to her and kissed her. "Where'd you pick that up, by the way?"

"The surfing?" He laughed. She nodded, "California, I lived there for a while, remember?"

"Mm, vaguely," She kissed him. They lost themselves in each other for a while. "Have you talked to your mother?"

"No," He sighed, "I still can't believe she knew about Tara and never told us. The poor kid."

"She seemed sweet," Julie nodded. "But still it must have been hard for Marisol, knowing that your father was there for Tara's mother."

"I guess," He said, "I don't really want to deal with these issues on our honeymoon." She laughed. They kissed gently. He crawled on top of her and she squeaked.

"I didn't think being married would be quite this sexy," She mumbled as he kissed her neck.

"I thought this would be much more difficult when I couldn't get you drunk," He teased. She laughed. "I can't believe the Ducks gave us an extra week here."

"Mm," She nodded, "Definitely beats the toaster."

"Especially since we already have a toaster." He smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too," She said softly. "Do you want to go back to the room now Dean?"

"I don't know Mrs. Portman," He said, "What do you want to do?"

"God, Connie said that the whole Mrs thing was like an automatic sex button," She whispered, "I made fun of her for it, but it is totally sexy."

"Just one of the many tricks I've got up my sleeve," He scooped her up. She'd always been so tall, that the only man she'd ever felt little with was Dean. He carried her to the private beachside entrance of their room. He lay her down on the bed. She whimpered softly as he slid the straps of her bathing suit down her shoulders and kissed them gently. It had been like this all week and she was endlessly happy.

"Dean," She whispered, "Oh," She sighed. "Don't stop."

"Wouldn't dream of it," He whispered back and kissed her.

Colleen sat seriously going through a script she was reading for in a few days. She was trying for a pilot and it would absolutely change her life, and possibly solve many of her problems, since it would be shooting in LA.

"Hey beautiful," She looked up and smiled as Gary walked in the door. "How goes the audition script?"

"Am I too old to play eighteen?" She said.

"Not on TV," He said. "You could play sixteen on TV baby."

"That's sweet," She said. "Would it be running away?"

"I don't think anyone would blame you for running away," He sighed, "You're in a mess."

"Hey Gary," Brian said walking in. "Whore." She rolled her eyes as he walked into his room and slammed the door.

"So uh, he's still pissed," Gary said. Colleen nodded. "You OK?"

"Sure," She shrugged. "I'm going out." She stood up, tossing her script into her bag.

"You know when they get back from the honeymoon you two are going to have to come up with a different solution to this little problem," Gary shook his head. "You are going over to Chez Portman to carnally enjoy young master Tucker?"

"I will neither confirm nor deny my whereabouts." Colleen shrugged. She walked outside, with every intention of going to see Tucker but stopped when she saw Scooter waiting for her. "Hi," She said.

"Hi," He smiled. "Um, I just wanted to come say good bye."

"What?" She said quietly. "What do you mean?"

"I um," He sighed. "I got a job, with this consulting firm in Detroit."

"Oh," She said, "So you're leaving?"

"Yup," He nodded. "Delia went back to Vegas," He said, "You were right." She stepped close and kissed him. "Colleen," He whispered. She kissed him again.

"I'm happy for you," She whispered, "I'll miss you though." He touched a lock of her hair.

"I'll miss you too Little Girl," He smiled, she laughed. "Does he treat you good?"

"He's got a lot to learn," She whispered. "But we're working on it." He nodded. "Detroit?" She scrunched her face. "Really?"

"I know," He sighed, "But it's a change, which is what I needed." She nodded, "Stop by if you want to help me pack."

"Maybe," She nodded. "I'll see you." She started walking down the street and then turned around, "That was an invitation for goodbye sex right?"

"Very much so," He nodded. She laughed. "But only if you want to."

"I have to think about it," She said. "Detroit? Really?"

"It's where the work is Colleen," He shrugged. "I leave in three weeks."

"I'm reading for a pilot," She said, "I might be moving to LA."

"You're too good for TV," He shook his head.

"Yeah, well, Broadway's not hiring right now." She shrugged, "I need to eat." He kissed her. "You can go back to Broadway from TV."

"Would he follow you?" He asked.

"We haven't talked about it," She sighed.

"Hey Tucker," Tara shouted from the kitchen while he got dressed in the bedroom. "How much salt am I supposed to use?"

"Um, no salt Tara," He said and walked out, "Just the fresh pepper." She nodded. "You're doing better than Dean has in twenty eight years, so don't sweat it." She smiled. "Don't you have school or something though? You're here every day."

"It's summer," She looked at him.

"Right," He said, "Summer, but your," He stopped, "Darryl doesn't mind?"

"Oh he minds," She shook her head, "I come anyway. I'm almost eighteen, there's nothing he can do."

"Hi," Colleen walked in.

"Hey baby," Tucker walked over and kissed her. "I'm teaching Tara how to cook."

"Don't listen to him," Colleen said, "It needs salt." Tara laughed. She liked Colleen. "Um, I need to talk to you about something."

"Brian?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

"No," She shook her head, "Scooter."

"Right," He sighed, "OK, um can it wait?"

"Sure," She nodded. "Of course."

"Good," He said. "But how is Brian?"

"Um, I wouldn't know," She said, "He called me 'Whore' today which is the most he's said to me since the wedding."

"Can I say something?" Tara said. They looked at her, "Um, my friends Beth, Tom and Andy were in a similar situation with prom this year. Beth and Andy went out in eighth grade, and since she had just gotten dumped by this guy she was dating who was going to Marist, because she wanted to wait until she graduated to have sex and he was cheating on her with some slutty college girl who would put out, everyone just figured she'd go with Tom, but then Andy asked her and she went with him, and Tom got like super pissed about it, but Andy just apologized and it was all sorted out by the time the limo got there."

"Wow," Tucker said. "Thank you Tara."

"No problem," Tara said, "How much salt?"

Connie sat happily on the terrace watching Claire splash in a baby pool that she'd set up for her.

"Mama!" Claire looked at her, "Swim wid Claire!"

"No baby," Connie said, "I'll just watch."

"Dada," Claire said as Rick came out, "Dada swim." Rick laughed and squatted down. She splashed him. "Dada all wet!" She giggled.

"Uh oh Claire," He picked her up, "No more swimming." The toddler frowned. "You got Daddy all wet."

"Fun!" Claire said. He laughed and put her back down in the pool.

"How are you doing?" Connie kicked him in the back lightly. He looked at her and smiled.

"I'm gonna miss him," He shrugged. She nodded. "I mean, I know he needed the change, but Boston's a change and that's drivable." She kissed him. "That helps."

"Mm, I'll bet," She hugged him. "What do you think Claire? Should we go visit Uncle Scooter in Detroit?"

"Unc Scoot?" Claire perked up, "Present!" Connie sighed. Scooter had taken to bringing Claire a present every time he came over since the breakup with Colleen.

"No," Connie said, "Baby, no present."

"No present?" Claire pouted, and then looked around distracted. She splashed Connie and giggled, "Mama all wet!" Connie laughed and splashed Rick.

"Oh now it's on," He laughed splashing her. Claire giggled splashing both her parents.

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