Prompt: Wine

Derek was more of a beer guy, than a wine guy, but he figured it was the least he could do after the last few days.

"Derek, please stop blaming yourself," Penelope said as took the glass of wine from him, "It wasn't your fault. Besides, I was working too."

"I should have been here."

"Derek, we have demanding jobs. I know you wanted to be here, but saving that girl's life was more important than us having dinner on our anniversary."

Derek sighed, "I know it was, and I know that you understand. I know that going to Georgia was the right thing to do. I just feel like, I don't know….its was our first year together, Pen. I wanted it to be special. I wanted you to know without a doubt that even after a year together I still appreciate you. That I'm never going to stop wanting to be with you, to know you, to romance you. I don't ever want to take you for granted Penelope. That's how you lose people."

"You don't take me for granted…hey," she said, her hand cupping his chin and pulling his chin up until his eyes met hers, "You have never taken me for granted. I love you, and part of you was your job. It's a calling, and I understand that. When I started working with the FBI, it was just a job, just a way of continuing to code and use my kills, but when I started working with the BAU…everything changed. I had a purpose that was beyond just the computer, I was helping all of you, doing my small part to keep the world safe. It's an amazing feeling and I know that is sometimes keeps us apart, but the most important thing is that we love each other. I know you love me Derek. We'll have our anniversary dinner, just…maybe next week."

Derek was silent for a moment, sipping his wine, but then suddenly he sat up straight, "Oh no, baby, we can do much better than that. We are going to have a real anniversary. I am going to make up for every day we didn't get to spend together while I was on the road."

"Derek, you don't have to…"

"I'm doing it," he promised solemnly, "I'm going to give you a perfect, romantic date…tons of perfect, romantic dates." He leaned forward and kissed her quickly, "And you are going to love every single one."