"Aww, c'mon, Larry!!"

Larry let out an exasperated sigh for what seemed like the hundredth time. He glared at his two friends and colleagues who were sitting on the couch of the Eppes living room. "I will not! Charles, how would you like it if I asked you to—oh, I don't know…"

"Larry, just do it! Please?" Begged Amita, who was already crying she was laughing so hard.

"How many times am I going to have to say it?! I won't stoop-" The professor was cut off when the front door opened. Don walked in, followed by the rest of his team, having been invited to dinner by Alan. "Yes! Please, save me from this immaturity!" Amita just doubled over, as Charlie feigned being hurt.

Megan, Colby and David all got confused looks on their faces, but Don just turned to his brother, a grin on his face. "Are you trying to get him to do his impression?" And with a grin matching his big brother's Charlie nodded vigorously. Realization broke out on the rest of the team's faces.

"Yes! Do it!" Colby and David cried at once, while Megan covered her mouth, trying to muffle her laughter.

"Oh, dear lord! People, please! I am a prominent professor of California Institute of Science! I've worked with NASA! I will not bring myself to a level of-"

"Just do it!" Colby cut him off.

Larry let out a loud cry of frustration, but turned when a new voice joined the group. "What are you kids doing?" The rest turned to see Alan standing in the doorway, a cooking spoon in his hand.

"Yes! Alan! Please, save me from them!" Larry begged, taking a step forward.

Alan turned to the rest of the group "Are you trying to get him to do his impression?" Grinning, they all nodded. Shaking his head he muttered, "I'm not getting involved in this." and retreated back to the kitchen.

"No! Please!" Larry tried to dive for Alan, but Charlie grabbed his arm. As his little brother continued to beg the professor to do his impression Don turned to Megan. He nudged her with his elbow and raised his eyebrows a few times. After a moment she got his message and turned to Larry.

"Oh, Larry." The man turned to the female agent, beggingly. She almost stopped, but she just had to hear it. "Please, Larry. Just do it…for me?" She said as seductively as she could while suppressing a laugh. He bit his bottom lip and looked around the room for a moment before looking back at Megan. He seemed to be breaking. He obviously didn't want to do it, but Megan was just so pretty

"Well…I-I guess I could do it once…" They pumped their fists and clapped while crying out 'Yes!'. Still biting his lip, Larry looked around the room at all the expectant faces of his friends. Finally, he closed his eyes and opened his mouth, and in a high-pitched voice he cried out "THE CRRRREST ON BIRDMAN'S HELMET!!"


This was for all the Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law fans out there. X the Eliminator is by far my favorite character in that series. He just cracks me up so bad, and when I realized it was Peter who did his voice I just HAD to do this fic!! Hope you enjoyed!!