Hey, Jareth-Newton here. I'll now be writing my third fanfic, this one (as you may have guessed) on the cult classic "Legend." A friend of me recommended a band to listen to, saying that one of their songs reminded him of Lily and Darkness. And it got me to thinking: you know, I'd like to do a Legend fanfiction. Right now. So...I am. I'll now be splitting my time between "A Lad Insane" and this one...so here goes. This is going to be a Lily and Dakness thing, starting after Jack defeats Darkness. Lily recalls her taste of the dark, and her heart yearns for it and her dreams bring her visions of Darkness. Does Darkness grow stronger with Lily's love? And does he change for it? And what does Jack think of all of this? All the answers will be rrrevealed in Heart's Dark Cry. Thanks, Zach-a-roo.

btw-the LLLLL denotes Lily's awareness, when it's in italics its a dream. JJJJJ is Jack. DDDD is Darkness.


I am running once more through the chamber, the heat from the fire making me sweat. My white dress hangs in tatters around my legs, nearly tripping me I move so quickly. I know exactly where I'm going-I've gone there every night since Jack...saved me? Kidnapped me? I don't really know anymore. I shove open the enormous doors with all of my might and they creak open. As I step through the door, I feel my clothes change from the tatters of my innocence to the embrace of human nature: evil. I smile as I see Darkness's broad red back to me. I creep up on him quietly, and tap on his right shoulder, ducking to the left as he turns. Confusion bepaints his strong features for a second as he looks for me, but is replaced by indulgent annoyance. His eerie green eyes bore into my own and I grin. He smirks in return and embraces me, and I am no longer frightened by the tall demon king. He motions me to the breathing throne and we sit and talk. Just talk.

"Good evening, Lily," he says, or rumbles. I feel his voice beneath my feet it is so deep.

"Good evening, milord," I reply. I pick up the enormous chalice, filled to the brim with the dark wine, that tastes like the sweetest honey in the world with all the bitterness of an apothecary's remedies. I know it is the emotion of doomed lovers, and yet I drink it as though it is the last I ever will drink. Yet another thing I've become used to in these past long months. Almost a year now, actually. "Jack's been more vigilant about me than ever. He fears my corruption. He never feared such a thing before..." I cut off. How do I make it sound like I don't blame him?

"Before we met," Darkness finishes for me. Its funny, but I don't really know his real name. To change the subject, I ask. The room shakes with his laughter. "Lily, dear, you would never be able to pronounce it, let alone comprehend it." I press him to tell me anyway. "All right, my dear. Are you ready?" I nod. He lets out a series of low, gutteral tones, and then slowly moves up in almost a scale of gravelly notes culminating in a howl. We sit for a moment as the last echoes of the howl die away.

"So then is the howl your last name?" I ask. He chuckles again, and it makes me tingle. In a good way, of course. Always in a good way. Long hours pass as we chat about nothing. Everything. Finally, Darkness looks at the clock above the door.

"It is time for you to go, Lily," he says and rises. The room vanishes and we are alone in the infinity of space. His cloak whips around him, and I notice he looks haggard. I worry for my Darkness. My Darkness...I move myself forward, for in dreams, all is possible, and I take a grasp on his great head and lower his lips to mine. His lips are hot, but soft and gentle and his hands sear my back as he holds me closer. I slowly open my eyes...

And look into the canopy of my white bed, and hear happy birds chirp outside my window in the brightening sky. Feel the soft linen of my nightshift and the relaxation of my hair on my pillow. My room at the castle. I sigh and sit up, touching my lips reflectively, remembering Darkness' touch. They feel warm, but that might just be me. Its too much for me to hope for that our visits are real. I swing my legs over the edge of my bed, grimacing at the chill from the stone floor that travells up my legs.

"Jennie!" I call out gently. My serving maid is extremely jumpy, and if she's carrying anything I don't want her to drop it. "Jennie, dear, would you please come in?" I ask. As I expected, nervous Jennie enters with a tray laden with good bread, butter, ham, eggs and wine. I've lately developed a taste for wine, though none can be found that I crave. Not unless one wants to travel to the Great Tree.

"Good morning, Lady," Jennie curtsies, her mousey brown hair confined in a kercheif. "Shall I set the tray on the table?"

"Yes, please do." I tie a dressing robe around my waist, one of the new black articles of clothing I've ordered the seamstress make. Father is slightly concerned, but dotes upon me, so I get whatever I please. "What day is today?"

"Its Wednesday, Lady." Jennie gently sets the tray on my small reading table and pulls out my chair that I might comfortably sit. I groan.

"Oh, Lord...Jack." Wednesdays I go see Jack in the woods. His attentions are sweet, and when I'm around him, I recall why I love him. Loved him? Love him? I really am not sure. When we talk, I feel my heart lift and I feel whole. And at that point I feel he's the one. And then I dream, and Darkness gives me a whole and a half, and I am myself, it seems. I know not what this means, but I do know that I look forward to sleep more than I look forward to my walks in the woods.


Darkness drifted in space, the wound in his stomach throbbing painfully. It healed, oh, yes, but so slowly! That damned magical beast! The unicorn's horn had chipped slightly, sticking in him, slowing his healing process. Darkness would never die: it was impossible. Were he to die, the world would fall. But he was stuck, unable to influence anybody.

Except Lily. And that wasn't really influence, just a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Darkness sighed, recalling her face. The feel of her lips. He felt a strange emotion well up in his breast as he remembered her walking towards him, the feel of her hands on his face as she kissed him. He felt gently at his heart and realized what the emotion was: it was happiness.

AN: So Darkness finally feels true happiness. Is this a sign of change or is it the alicorn?