So I had a show tonight. Ducky for me, yeah? It went well. About a three quarter house, which is acceptable, especially for a Thursday. I also went to a friend's birthday party-that-isn't-really-a-party-but-we'll-call-it-one-for-lack-of-a-better-word. That was...fuunnn...?I don't know. Educational I suppose. Oh well. Gonna write now.


I worry about Lily. She just hasn't been the same since being with that...creature. Darkness. He has poisoned her. Oh, she's still my sweet, beloved, wonderful Lily. But I can see her soul, and through the shining white there is a dark streak, like a crack in otherwise flawless marble. She has changed so, and her sleeping habits are becoming downright unhealthy. I sound like a mother hen, but it is true. Even mother hens have true cause to worry, as they constantly remind me, and so do I. Lily is my life, and I will die before I see her become an agent of Darkness. I will die before I let him take her from me.

It is time to beg the Gump's help. I don't know how keen he'll be to help me. He and the other magics have retreated to the farthest center of the forest, even further than I dare to go. They have sensed the wrongness in the air, and know that Darkness is attempting to rise again. Which brings me to the most concerning thought yet: is Lily helping Darkness return?


I wait for her in the black of the Void. I'm extremely bored, even more so than when those damned unicorns returned to the Forest, keeping me pent up in the Great Tree. At least there I had goblins to serve me, the best of food, and plenty of prisoners to torture. Now I just float here and wait for Lily to fall asleep. Our dreams are all that keep me from giving up completely. But with each day, I grow stronger, my wound healing a little bit. And the alicorn...I think that it is becoming a part of me. Should I escape from this Void, that little chip of goodness gone wrong will make me even more powerful than before. I plan what I shall do when I return. First: Search out and kill both Unicorns. Second: Enslave the magics of the Forest, turn them into creatures to do my bidding. Third: Murder that son of the Forest, Jack. And finally: Take Lily for my own. My queen. This time, she will not resist, nor refuse. My booming laughter that accompanines these thougths makes no echo in this Void.

AN: Yes, a very short chappie today. Sorry...!