"Hey, check out that guy over there." Ino pointed to a mysterious boy on the other side of the class room.

"He's…kinda creepy" Tenten said while turning away from him.

"Really? I think he's cute!" Sakura said while gazing at him from afar.

After class…

"Wow! That test was really hard." Sakura said as she collected her stuff.

"Yeah, I know, wasn't it?" Ino said while they walked out of the class room.

Sakura and Ino were on their way to their next class, until they were stopped.

"Haruno Sakura-chan!" someone yelled as he ran towards them.

It was their history teacher.

"Sensei? What is it?" Sakura said as she turned to face him.

" I need you to go and help me file my paper work for me….." Her sensei said as he panted hardly from running.

"But, Sensei….i have a class…." Sakura explained.

"Ah…don't worry, I will give you a pass…" Her sensei said as he handed Sakura a pass.

"Uhh." Sakura mumbled as she grabbed the pass.

"Alright! Report to room 210. There will be another student in there."

At room 210….

Man, why do I have to do the filing!

Sakura then opens the room's door. When she opened the door, she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Tha-that kid in our homeroom! He's the other student who's filing?!

Sakura stared at the kid.

The kid looked at her then turned.

"Can I help you?" he said as he continued to file.

"Uh, uh, yeah…where are the files that I'm gonna…..file?" Sakura asked as she looked away.

The boy pointed at the pile next to him.

"Oh.." Sakura said as she walked toward the pile. She sat down and started to file. Then she looked as his book bag and noticed….

"Omg! You got volume 6 of kame-kun akuma?! I love to read those mangas!" Sakura said as she put her hands to her face. Then shortly after, she realized what she was doing and turned away.

I looked so uncool…!

"Yeah? I collect this series too. It's pretty interesting…" Sasuke said as he continued to file.


"You better start filing.." He reminded sakura.

" Ah! Okay…sorry!" Sakura said as she started to file.


I have to talk….

"Uh, I'm finished. I'll just put these over there….."


Sakura tripped over the boy's bag. She fell to the ground while his bag opened and books scattered…

"Ow…..Ah! I-I'm sorry!" Sakura said as she started to pick up his books.

I look like an idiot….now he will hate me for sure!


Sakura turned to the boy.

N-no way….he's laughing…..i never seen him laugh before……

"Uh, umm, I have a question to ask you…." Sakura said while handing him his books.

"Hmmm? What?" he replied as he put the books in his bag.

"What is your name?" Sakura said as she looked up at him.

"My names……Uchiha Sasuke."

TO Be ConTiNuEd……..

(next time on SAKURA FIRST LOVE…….)

Is sasuke really the kind of guy sakura thought he would be….? Find out next chapter……