P/N: soooooo. Here I am again after a long absence that is too long to explain. but I'm giving you three lengthy chapters as an apology that I'm sure you don't accept. I've probably lost a lot of fans too but hey maybe I'll gain some back. Anyway here's the first chappie from my long absence.

The Truth

Sasuke hadn't moved from the couch since Hinata had left which had been over three hours ago. Married. She was getting married. And not to him. He couldn't believe it. He didn't want to. She was his and his alone and he wasn't going to give her up without a fight. Damn the company to hell. If he couldn't take Hinata with him the business would have to fall to ruins. He couldn't leave her here. With that resolve setting into his bones he got off the couch and grabbed his coat and keys and left.


Hinata found herself staring at her reflection in the mirror. She'd just gotten done with a long shower and had finish blow drying and curling her hair but she couldn't get herself to get dressed. Tonight was another dinner with the Uzumaki's. These nights she hated and now she had no Sasuke to run to. She could ask Itachi for help but she didn't want to infringe her troubles upon him. So here she was in only her bathrobe standing in front of a mirror. She was pitiful. Hinata sniffed and placed a hand on her growing baby and gave a small smile as she felt him squirm in side her. It was kinda weird to know that there was a real person growing inside of her. It was frightening to know that this tiny being was completely dependent upon her when she couldn't even take care of herself.

She slowly opened one of her bathroom drawers and shuffled around the contents until she found the ultrasound pictures of the baby. Since no one entered her bathroom except her this was the perfect place to keep the pictures. She stuck them into the corner of her mirror and smiled. The pictures were taken over a month ago to determine the sex of the baby and Hinata wondered what he looked like now. Hinata's smile widened and she gazed at the grainy black and white photo. How was she going to keep hiding this baby? It was getting harder and harder to hide this from her family. She'd put on a lot of weight and was out of dresses that hid her growing belly. Luckily it was too late to get an abortion but if her father found out the truth he would never let her keep it. The truth. She wished the she'd told Sasuke about the baby.

The truth will set you free is what her mother used to always say. But then again her mother was 20 feet under. Life was too complicated to always be honest. If she told her father the truth her baby would be given away. If she told Sasuke the truth he either wouldn't believe her or he would stay out of obligation. She wanted him to stay because he loved her and wanted to be with their baby. But that's not going to happen. Nothing ever went right in Hinata's life and she wasn't expecting a change anytime soon. While Hinata was lost in her thoughts she didn't hear the dull thud of Sasuke entering her room from her window but was thoroughly surprised to see him open the bathroom door. So surprised that she forgot to rip the ultrasound pictures from the mirror. But what was on the mirror hadn't caught Sasuke's attention yet.

"S-Sa-Sasuke!" Hinata stammered as Sasuke coldly glared at her. "Wa-Wa-What do y-you want?"

"You know why I'm here. You can't just announce that you're getting married and leave like that." Sasuke hissed.

"Why do you care Sasuke. Why are you even here? Shouldn't you be packing?" Hinata murmured.

"Who is it Hinata!" Sasuke demanded and Hinata crossed her arms.

"It's none of your business."

"It's my business to know who you've been cheating on me with!"

"W-What! I-I-I would never do that to you! Sasuke I love you!" Hinata said and stamped her foot.

"Its Naruto isn't it. Why after all the shit he's put you through would you go crawling back to him?"

"This isn't my fault!" Hinata whispered but Sasuke still heard her.

"Then whose fault is it! Huh?!" Sasuke yelled angrily as he grabbed her wrists in each hand and walked her backwards towards the bathroom counter top. "Did any of what happened with us mean anything to you?"

Hinata opened her mouth to answer him but was silenced by Sasuke's lips coming down forcefully down on her. What felt like fire erupted between them and Hinata felt her resolve melting away. And then all of a sudden they were interrupted but not from someone from the outside. The baby had kicked. Hard. Sasuke backed away slowly and sat on the edge of the tub. They stared at each other in silence, wondering what the other was thinking until finally Sasuke spoke up.

"Can I see it?" Sasuke asked and Hinata nodded as she came closer to him. She untied her robe and left it fall to the crook of her elbows.

Her growing belly had only been seen by Itachi and her doctor and now Sasuke. He gingerly took her hand and brought her to stand between his legs before caressing the soft slope of her belly. Hinata stood stock still as he gazed at where their baby was growing, afraid that he would leave.

"How long?" Sasuke asked softly.

"Six months. The doctor believes the conception was sometime in December." Hinata said softly.

"That long? How come I never noticed?"

"I didn't know until four months ago when Itachi took me to the hospital. My mother's records show that she didn't show much until later in her pregnancies so my doctor thinks that I may be the same way."

"Boy or girl?"

"Boy. He's due in September."

"Why haven't you told me? You told Itachi. Why not me?" Sasuke asked, finally taking his eyes off of her stomach.

"I didn't think that you would believe me or that you would want anything to do him or me." Hinata sniffed as Sasuke ran his hands from her belly to rest on her hips.

"I do want you Hinata. I want the baby as well. Its way earlier than I expected and I doubt that will be a good father but I guess we'll manage." Sasuke said softly as he kissed her smooth belly which caused her to smile.

Sasuke laid his forehead on her stomach and closed his eyes as Hinata ran her fingers through his hair. Did his parents feel as attached to him as he did to this tiny life inside of Hinata? Probably not. If they had they wouldn't have abandoned him to the perverted will of his uncle and beaten Itachi. No. They didn't care about them at all.

"I do love you." Hinata whispered and Sasuke looked up at her with watery pools of ebony.

He didn't have to say it. Hinata already knew how he felt.

"Well Well Well." came the snobbish voice of her sister Hanabi standing in the doorway. "I knew he'd knock you up eventually."

Sasuke stood up and pushed Hinata from view behind him.

"Go tell your father Hinata's leaving." Sasuke said coldly and Hanabi started cracking up.

"Ah! Thats funny. I'm sorry but I can't do that. Hinata's getting married to Naruto to merge our companies together and ultimately give the monopoly over to me. Of course I do hear rumors of the Uchiha company gang power in America. maybe we could strike a deal between you and me." Hanabi giggled as she patted Sasuke's cheek. "Go get dressed Hinata we wouldn't want to delay your meeting with Naruto. I even got you a new dress to hide that awful baby bump. But it wouldn't make a difference since Naruto's as dumb as a post."

When Hinata didn't move Hanabi rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Father's waiting. We wouldn't want him to see you like this now would we?" Hanabi prodded and Hinata scurried out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

"Now listen here Uchiha. I suggest you leaving and never showing your face around here again. A clean break is preferred."

"Not likely." Sasuke smirked as Hanabi removed the ultrasound photo from the mirror.

"Oh poo. I didn't want it to come to this but I'm afraid I have to tell my father about your little tryst. Did you know that Hinata's not the oldest? Well technically. Father killed mother's first born while still in her womb. He didn't want Hinata either but was away on business for too long to do anything about it. Our mother was so protective of our Hinata. Afraid that he would get her precious baby. He didn't touch her. Didn't acknowledge her existence unless forced. He barely acknowledged our mother either. Instead taking a mistress and conceiving me. Then he came up with an elaborate lie saying that his wife had given birth to me, that I wasn't a bastard. But that's beside the point. Hinata was only kept alive to get her mother's family fortune. After that father had no use for her. He'd lied to her and used her until there was nothing left to take. She'd spent all her time trying to keep a wayward husband that she lost her friends and family and had no will to get them back. Pitiful really. The moral of this lengthy speech? Leave or risk your first born dying." Hanabi finished.

"Why the hell would you do that to your own sister?" Sasuke questioned and Hinata only shrugged.

"Half sister. I've worked too hard to gain my father's affections and trust and I don't want to loose that."

"You know she will hate you for this."

"Good. That makes two of us."