Disclaimer: I don't own Narnia

Disclaimer: I don't own Narnia. If I did, well, that would be way cool. But I don't.

A/N: This is just a short oneshot. I was just randomly wondering what happened when Edmund was rescued from the White Witch's camp.

Orieus galloped as fast as he could. The wolf ahead was a gray blur, but Orieus knew that they wouldn't lose him. Not now. They were so close to the Witch's camp, he could practically smell the evil in the air. Beside him, the cheetah snarled and started running faster. Orieus followed suit. The wolf shot into some woods, and suddenly, there they were! All the beasts that were on Her side looked up, startled, as members of Aslan's army charged in. Orieus saw the boy, bound and gagged, in the center of the camp. A dwarf was kneeling over him (or rather, beside him; dwarfs weren't that tall!), menacing him with a dagger. Orieus drew his sword, the biggest one, and stopped just behind the unsuspecting dwarf. The boy, Edmund, saw him and his brown eyes went wide. Orieus' blood boiled at the sight of his condition. Traitor though he was, fool though he may be, the Son of Adam had clearly seen the darker side of Narnia. His lip was split, probably bleeding, bruises covered his face and most likely the rest of him, the gag was tied so tightly that it looked as if he could barely breathe, and the look in his wide, brown eyes was a mixture of fear and sadness. The dwarf soon realized that his prey wasn't looking at him and turned, only to nearly stab himself on the centaur's sword. He let out a girlish squeak, dropped the knife, and raised his hands. A faun grabbed the knife and cut the boy free. The lad stumbled away from the tree, looking pale, tired, and very, very scared. The faun grabbed the dwarf and began tying him to the tree. Having complete confidence in the faun's tying abilities, Orieus glanced at Edmund, who looked on the verge of collapsing.

"Be at peace, Son of Adam." He said soothingly. "We were sent from Aslan." Edmund stared at him, his lower lip trembling.

"Aslan?" he whispered hoarsely. "Wh-what about the others?"

"They await your return as well." Orieus said, cautiously moving towards the boy. Edmund nodded, a wave of relief washing over him. He took an unsteady step towards the centaur, and then toppled forward in a dead faint. Orieus silently caught him, lifting the youth into his arms. He looked at the faun. "Let's go." He said. The faun held up the dwarf's knife, wordlessly asking what to do with it. Orieus took it and threw it. It sunk into the bark, pinning the dwarf to the very tree that his captive had been tied to. Then Orieus turned and galloped into the night. He glanced down at the boy, limp in his arms. His work was done.

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