"Dunder-Mifflin this is Pam."

He was leaning over her desk, elbows resting on the countertop and jaw chewing the last of her jellybeans while she twisted the phone cord around one of her fingers. His lips upturned gently as he watched her tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and switch the phone effortlessly from her left hand to her right.

"Just a moment, I'll transfer you."

She mouthed 'Jan' at the man whose elbows were resting on the countertop of her desk and made a not-so-ladylike gagging gesture. The man smiled. She held her hand over the receiver, a grin working its way onto her lips.

"I'll put her on speaker," she promised before she lifted her fingers off of the phone, "Michael? I'm putting Jan through."

She waited a beat for his answer.

"Jan, the man. Or woman, but that doesn't rhyme... What up?"

"Still me," Pam interjected, throwing a toothy smile over her desk in Jim's direction, "Jan? Here he is."

"Hey, Jan."

"Always better the second time," he mouthed, nodding his head in appreciation and reaching for a nearby pen to twirl between his fingers. She smiled back.

"Michael, this is embarrassing."

"Did you forget to put on your bra? Because that's not embarrassing that's-"

"Michael! I wanted to ask you….well… do you think it's possible for you to come up this weekend?"

Jim let his jaw drop open in surprise, multi-colored jelly beans still visible in the corners of his mouth. Pam brought a disbelieving hand up to cover her mouth.

"Is it going to be like last weekend? Last weekend was painful. I'm still sore."

The laughter was threatening to escape, and before they could think of the possible ramifications, they both were struggling for breath with flushed faces, letting out peals of laughter into the receiver.

"You put me on speaker, Michael?"

There was a terrifying breath of silence before a comically stern voice cut in.


"Oops," she mumbled, pressing the back of her hand to her mouth to suppress a giggle, "I am so sorry, Michael, I was trying to-"

"I'll want to see you in my office after work. Bring Jim."

They both rolled their eyes at each other before Jim gave a mock salute, sauntering back to his desk and draping his jacket over his chair. Her eyes flicked between the computer screen and Jim's desk, as they usually did, and she fought hard to keep the laughter under control. Michael was still on the phone with Jan an hour later, when the clock read five-ten, but he seemed to be wrapping it up. Jim pushed back his chair and stretched, fighting back a yawn. Pam shut down her computer and replaced her scissors in a drawer to the left of the keyboard before following Jim to the doorway of Michael's office.

"How do I use that exactly?" the figures at the door both winced, "got it. You'll talk me through it though, right? Okay. See you this weekend, bye."

He set down the phone, staring at it for a second before Jim coughed. Michael looked up, his brow knit in confusion, as if he was just realizing that they were there.

"Oh, good, you're here," he greeted after his confusion had bled into understanding, "So what did you think about the whole…thing- with Jan?"

They exchanged another stupefied look, "What do you mean, Michael?"

"The phone call, just now," he clarified, as if it were obvious, "Do you think Jan's getting bored?"

"Wait a minute, you're not-"

Jim shushed her, a finger on her lips that left a strange tingling feeling that she couldn't quite place. Jim didn't seem to notice the change.

"You could never bore anyone, Michael," he gushed, and Pam, the realization of his angle becoming obvious, began to nod emphatically.

"Never," she echoed, still nodding. Michael let out a breath of relief.

"Thank God. See I was a little worried about the way she asked me."

"Why? She sounded like she was ready to-"

"Jim!" Pam exclaimed, half because they were at work and half because she'd never really seen him as the one-track- mind guy until now.


"Nothing," she mumbled, shrinking back into her shell, as usual. Jim was looking down at her with an unreadable expression while their boss went on to explain the inner complications of his relationship 

with Jan, some of which was bordering between mildly inappropriate and a reason for them to report him to corporate.

"So then we-"

"Michael, I have to go…I carpooled-"

Jim's unreadable expression turned dark at her excuse and Pam almost laughed at his obvious disapproval; Roy was at his parents' for the weekend and wouldn't be back until late Sunday night.

Michael nodded understandingly, biting his lip while he shut down his computer and pushed back is envied leather-clad office chair.

"Do you think you could drop me off, too? Jan accidentally took my car to New York and I had to take the bus here…"

Pam frowned and tried to look as torturously torn as she could, "Sorry, Michael, I'm actually meeting someone for drinks on the other side of town…" she glanced up at Jim, who was staring at the floor, seemingly unaware of the hair falling in front of his lowered eyes, "do you want me to call you a cab?"

Michael shook his head, "Nah, I'll just hitchhike or something. Or," he looked to Jim, "maybe I could catch a ride with..."

"I'm meeting someone too, actually, sorry Michael."

She knew he was lying.

"Oh. Okay. Well, I guess I'll see you two Monday, then-"

"Great. We'll see you then," Pam interjected while she simultaneously tugged on Jim's shirt to prod him out of his jealously-induced stupor, "Jim? Let's go."

He shrugged off her hand once the door had clicked shut behind them and made his way over to his own desk. Smiling reassuringly in her direction, he slung his bag over a shoulder and held up one hand in a chaste goodbye.

"Can I have a ride?" She called to his retreating back, not bothering to hurry; she knew her words would stop him. True to her prediction, Jim's steady footsteps halted inches from the elevator.

"What about your carpool?"

"In Indiana with his parents until Sunday," she said, "With my car."

He grinned, a real one this time, unlike his earlier gesture of understanding, his eyes sparkling, "Tricky, Beesly."

She shrugged, a smile of her own creeping onto her placidly guilty face. She flicked the light on her desk and made her way to him, thinking for a second that this is what her life could be like, meeting him after 

a day at work, possibly getting drinks at the bar a couple of blocks away, maybe revisiting the coffee shop they'd tried the day she started working at Dunder-Mifflin.

Pam Halpert. Mhmm.

Roy couldn't have been farther from her mind.

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