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"Hello." Kuroji (Ichigo's Hollow) Talking

Warning: Short.

Summary: Ichigo learns an important lesson about not touching unknown objects and a flashback.

Edited: June 9, 2010

Chapter 0- The End of Fighting

Ichigo brought the final slash down on Aizen's head, and watched as the murder of countless lives die. He was wounded, blood steeping into the gold sand, and the harsh wind of Hueco Mundo blowing against him. Yet…he could only now start to heal.

Finally it was over... and now peace could returned to what remained. Now the remains of the once proud Soul Society could pick up the shattered pieces of their lives, and start once more on the task they were entrusted with—keeping the balance of souls between the worlds of the living and dead…

Chapter 1-The Past is the Future!

Ichigo was sitting in the middle of nowhere in Hueco Mundo, watching the flames on his camp fire dance, while letting his mind wonder. At least he would have if a certain hollow part of his soul didn't keep interrupting him.

"Boring, if I knew Aizen's defeat made me this bored I would have let him live longer just for kicks."

Ichigo glared into the red flames. 'Bastard…'

"I can hear your thoughts partner."

"So can I, but alas we are stuck with you." The four part of their soul said.

Ichigo let a small smile grace his face. Arentsuchi or, Rena was his second zanpakutou and she hated Kuroji and often fought with him, so even if their arguing was annoying on occasion, it was normal in a way nothing had been out there on that battle field.

"That's so cruel king, you hurt my feelings." Kuroji said over exaggerating.

Ichigo concentrated on the fire knowing both Zangetsu and Rena were rolling their eyes at Kuroji's pathetic remark...Like anyone could possibly fall for his lame acting.

'You don't have feelings Kuroji.' Ichigo thought using the metal link he had gained though prolonged exposure to all of his fighting avatars. They had matured greatly since the beginning of the Arrancar War, and they no longer needed to use the inner world to communicate, or even spoken works, just thoughts.

"Yes I do, I feel bored."

Rena smacked her head. "What an idiot. Ichigo was talking about emotions, not your stupid boredom." Obviously Kuroji obviously wouldn't get the point.

Ichigo ignored his hollow; he was getting good at it thanks to the Vaizards varies fights that forced him to disregard the hollow.

'Shit,' Ichigo cursed realizing his mistake too late. He was getting flashbacks…


Flames of fire and shards of ice littered the ground as the final battle of Seireitei was fought.

Shinigami were engaged in battles everywhere.

Blood was split freely, but Ichigo fought on, surrendering to no one and striking down his enemies. Hollow after hollow fell and still Aizen didn't show. It was a clear testament to how confident he was to the victory of this battle.

"Getsuga Tensho!" Ichigo yelled destroying dozens of hollows with his power Kidou.

Ichigo had long passed the power of captains, and was on par with that of a lower Vasto Lorde.

"Put down your weapon Kurosaki Ichigo." A voice carried though the bloodshed. Ichigo's eyes narrowed: he knew that voice well.

"Ulquiorra...and Rainelle," Ichigo hissed.

Rainelle was another Arrancar Aizen created using the Hyougoku, she took the place of seven (who Ichigo personally killed a while back). He deeply hated the Arrancar who served Aizen.

"You better do as he says hon or this little cutie pie gets it."

She had her hands round Lisa's throat.

"Bastards," Lisa hissed.

Ichigo couldn't agree more.

"Put down your weapon." Ulquiorra said again.

He looked at Ichigo with cold green eyes.

Ichigo did nothing, but complied anyway. He slowly put Zangetsu down but kept his eyes on his enemies, just as Ichigo placed his soul slayer on the ground Rainelle burred and appeared in front of Ichigo. She attacked with her sword and squired Ichigo, rendering him stuck to the spot. His vision went fuzzy, as blood escaped from his wound and though his mouth.

He could vaguely hear Lisa yelling at him from the back ground as he forced his eyes on the Arrancar before him.

"You frigging' dumb ass. Forget about me!" She yelled, though this time she was held by Ulquiorra.

Rainelle smiled evilly.

"Playtime," She said gripping her sword.

Ulquiorra released Lisa, throwing her to the ground. Rainelle harshly withdrew her blade from Ichigo and watched as his body fell to the ground. The various wounds he had sustained though out this battle were greatly taking their toll on the substitute shinigami.

He cursed his misfortune, and tried to move.

He couldn't.

'KUROJI,' He though fiercely.

"Can't...help ya'...too...busy stopping you dying."

Rainelle raised her sword and brought it down...it was the final blow. Ichigo didn't close his eyes, and watched as the blade came down. His life would end...

A shadow fell over Ichigo and blood fell to the floor.

It was Lisa.

She protected him.

Lisa coughed, and looked at Ichigo.

"Stop being a hero...Ichigo." She whispered barely before the life fell from her.

"What a rude interruption." Rainelle said annoyed and kicked Lisa's body away.

Ichigo felt something in him die as he looked at his friend's body.

He was supposed to protect them, and yet they protected him. The air around Ichigo condensed, and became heavy as he remembered his mother in her last moments…

He ignored everything around him.

'Kuroji,' Ichigo thought. He didn't even need to ask as the mask formed over his face and his reiatsu heighten, and turned a deep dark blue.

Zangetsu came to Ichigo's hand from the ground.

Ichigo mind was blank as he cut down Rainelle.

Rain fell in his inner world, at the repeat of another death...


"Yo King stop it. You're making it rain in here." Kuroji said once again interrupting his thoughts.

Ichigo pushed back the painful memories, as he tried to stop the rain.

"Smooth Kuroji, No wonder Ichigo-nii hates you." Rena said.

"Stop," Zangetsu said to the two other parts of Ichigo soul to stop their fight before they got started again.

Ichigo slightly thanked Zangetsu.

He seriously doubted he would have been sane if he was left alone with Rena and Kuroji.

"Hey, what's that?" Rena asked directing everyone attention away from her and Kuroji's disagreements.

"What's what woman?" Kuroji tried to sense anything suspicious but soon give up. "Pf. there's nothing."

"I sense it too." Zangetsu added.

'So can I.' Ichigo added starting to feel the warped reiatsu.'

Kuroji scoffed.

'I'm going to check it out.' Ichigo told them before they could decide what to do.

"Hey! Wait a second!" Rena said trying to stop her King from being impulsive.

It didn't work so well.

Ichigo blocked Rena's comments from his mind as he traveled across the dessert of Hueco Mundo at Shunpo speed.

Fifteen minutes of this and Ichigo arrived at his destination.

A big gaping hole in the ground oozing that weird reiatsu Ichigo was sensing.

"Go or not go?" Ichigo muttered to himself. He didn't contemplate his actions further before he jumped in.

"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?" Rena yelled as Ichigo landed on the ground in darkness.

Ichigo didn't answer her, simply opting to ignore her instead.

Surprisingly neither Kuroji nor Zangetsu commented on his actions.

"Red Flame Cannon," Ichigo said raising his hand slightly, as an orb of reiatsu gathered in his hand, spending light to the dark place.

It seemed to be some sort of building that had buried for some reason. Ichigo walked though the remains, observing everything.

Along almost every space on the walls were writings in some sort of language Ichigo couldn't understand.

"What's that pillar?" Rena asked drawing Ichigo's attention to a strange obsidian blue pillar in the center of the room.

Ichigo got walked over to it for a closer look.

The pillar was circular and had a design of a silver dragon craved into it.


Ichigo touched the pillar tracing the dragon, the top was different though was covered with vines, with a square slot of some sort.

"Strange pillar…"

Ichigo agreed.

"Your soul is pure..."

Ichigo jumped and looked around for the voice, not noticing that as he did the palm of his hand was on the square slot. The stone sliced though his skin. Ichigo examined his hurt hand, and looked at the square slot. The drops of blood were being absorbed into the statue.

"What the..."

"The past will be undone for the guardian of one..."The voice came again.

The pillar lighted up sending the room into blinding light... and Ichigo knew no more.

(End of Chapter 1)

1- Arentsuchi (Rena) is a second zanpakutou Ichigo uses. She's a katana; more information will be said on her later.

2- Rainelle is an Espada I made up; by this point in the war many of the original espadas were killed.

3- NO Ichigo does not like Lisa, he's upset because another person died protecting him.

Ichigo learned Kidou from Urahara, (Urahara didn't bother to teach him the whole chant) so he only says a few of the activation words, something that shouldn't be possible, unless you're a master…


I WILL NOT BE DOING EVERYTHING IN CANNON, BUT WILL DO THE IMPORTANT EVENTS! Like Chad's parakeet and anything that has to do with the plot, but it will be slightly changed because Ichigo is different.