Lethal Dose

Chapter 1

(((( Sleeping ))))

The simmering darkness, absorbed all light, and destroyed it, with sheer strength in mass and size. But the faint light of the various stress-relief, parchment- yellow colored candles, kept the greedy and black nothingness that held no true form, within invisible boundaries.

She lay sprawled on her bed, her comforter covering various parts of her body, as she lay and slept peacefully on her stomach.

The darkness exerted a silent shriek of agonizing pain and fled, as the monitor of her sleeping computer flickered on, giving off an eerie blue light.

'You got mail! Rawr!' A small green lizard-thing on her desktop said repeatedly, in a white box on her screen, it held a letter in its little 2-D jaws. The box changed, opening the letter and showing the newly received message. She gave a low growl, pulling the comforter over her.The door to the room opened silently, on oiled hinges, as a little white hedgehog, poked its head in.

It scurried into her room, shutting the door behind it, running over to the computer desk and jumping up onto the top of it, where he computer sat, reading the message silently as it propped itself up on the keyboard.

'From: UchihaSasuke at Yahoo5. hop

To: PuppetMistress109 at Yahoo5.hop

Hey Himino-Chan! I'm really happy that I finally found your e-mail address. Look, I don't know if you still hate me or not (You probably still do). But I wanted to tell you, I FINALLY, got away from the transvestite for the summer.

I wanted to give you a heads up, about me coming to visit you. You're available still, right? Still living alone? Well, I'm coming to Konoha -by the time you get this, I'll be gone.

B-But I'll be hangin' with you for the entire summer! Isn't that bomb?! Well, see ya soon, baby!


The hedgehog snorted, going over to the computer mouse, and putting it's forepaws on it. It was well experienced, with using a computer. It maneuvered the little arrow, to the top of the e-mail, and clicked on the 'Delete' button.

'Click!' and the message was erased forever- well, after the hedgehog emptied the trash bin, it was. It turned off the screen once more, before running out of the room. Letting the female sleep- just for a little while. She sure as hell deserved her sleep, after all the hours she had been working. Yes- she most certainly would need her sleep.


He stood outside of the gates that were pat of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, otherwise known as, Konoha. He took a deep breath, and exhaled, before walking in. No one would suspect him- he has entirely changed his look. But even at the glance of his clothes- even if they saw his hair- they would disregard him entirely.

He went straight to the apartment complex, his crush lived in, before he left. It was still standing. He smirked, walking to the stairs, walking up half way, before stopping, taking in the sights, bringing back partial memories.

She had rejected him- she had said he was too weak, and fainted easily, and she didn't like it. But he was stronger now. Surely, she'd accept him now, after she witnessed his strength, right? Footsteps, interrupted his thoughts, before a small voice called him out.

"Um- Excuse me, Sir, but, may I ask what you're doing here?"

He turned around, to see a girl, holding a pair of large, brown,paper, grocery bags, in her arms. Her long silver hair, went to a little past her shoulders, and she had pupil-less white eyes. A pair of boys, stood on either side of her, behind her. The one on her left, had wild white hair that went mid-neck, with black tips, and he had gold eyes. The one on her right, had black hair to his shoulders, a pair of slim glasses, a lip piercing, and crystal blue eyes.

"Oh- I'm, uh, looking for Himino Ikizawa." He said, turning to the three people. "Do you know if she lives here?"

The girl, who he believed was named 'Shilo', looked at him oddly. "Yes- my mother does live here. But she's probably asleep-" She sighed, slipping past him. "Come along then."

Shilo opened the door to the second floor apartment, immediately going to the kitchen, setting the groceries on the island (center counter). The black-haired boy, shut the door, before leaving to join Shilo and the other boy, as they put away the groceries.

"May I ask your name,Senpai?" She asked politely.

"Oh- U-Uchiha Sasuke."

She let out a gasp. "Oh my gawd! M-Mother said that Uchihas don't exist!"

"Well, they fuckin' obviously DO, if this guy says he's an Uchiha, and he's ALIVE." The white-haired male said, looking at the other. "What do you think- Erik?"

The black-haired male was behind him already, looking at his sweat band, which held the symbol of his clan. "Well- He has the Uchiha Clan symbol but- didn't Mother tell us, he got some type of crazy tattoo on his neck when he was little?" He checked his neck. "Hell, she was right-"

"Naw,way! Lemme see, ya nerd!" The other boy said, shoving "Erk" aside, looking at His tattoo. "Whoa- FREAKY KINKY, DUDE!"

"Sssshhhh! You're going to wake up mom, you silly boys!" Shilo lightly scolded.

"Hey, hey- go tell ma that her "Story Man", is here- in the flesh, dude!" The other boy smirked at Shilo, who frowned.

"Why me?"" Because mother likes you best- and we'll get grounded fo' sho'.""Ugh- fine- unload the groceries, will you?""Whatever"

Shilo went to a door and opened it, poking her head in.

"Mummy, there's a boy here. He's an Uchiha." Shilo said innocently, and quietly, then entire room silent, aside from the other boys putting away groceries in the cabinets and fridge.

"I won't want to see any "Uchihas"-" An unidentifiable and hardly audible voice said bitterly and sleepily. "-send him away-"

"He says, also, his name is Sasuke."

"Not now, love- I worked the midnight shift last night, and I didn't get back 'til two. Give me another hour."

"Alright-" Shilo withdrew, gesturing Sasuke over. She opened the door a bit wider for him. "You're really not supposed to be in my mom's room- but you'll have to be really quite for, like, another hour, alright? I don't wanna get busted 'Cus I tried to get her to cheat."

'Cheat- what?' Sasuke thought, before nodding and slipping in to the dark room, shutting the door behind him.