Lethal Dose

Chapter 7

Sasuke awoke to yelling. He sat up, in her room, looking next to him. Himino was nowhere in the room.

"You bitch!" Came a familiar voice- but this voice was shrill and untamed- unlike Himino's. He threw on a shirt and some pants, and opened the door, walking into the hallway, looking to the left, catching a glimpse of Himino falling to the floor. A red-haired female, stood over Himino, yelling like a banshee, "How dare you take Sasuke-Kun from me! You wench! You little slut! I know all about you! Who are you to toy with Sasuke-Kun?! You're nothing but a manipulative hag, you whore! You're lower than any skank!" The red-head snarled hatefully, venom and hate, coating every word ten times over. Himino got to her feet, and the red-head slapped her across the face. Himino did not respond to either assault. Not of words or physical. "Do you have anything to say for yourself, you tramp?!"

The red-head was one of the members of Sasuke's Team, Karin.

"…" Himino opened her mouth, her head to her right. She closed her teeth and smiled, Sasuke watched, as Himino looked at Karin. "Do you- feel good about yourself? Are you happy with your own lies? Or would you like to take another whack at me?" Karin's face turned red, as her anger grew, and she punched Himino in the stomach, but Himino caught her hand. "You're not that special. If you are bitten- your chakra is taken away, like blood to a leech, and you can locate people via chakra. But- with all your 'special abilities', you must have failed to notice me and my children. You are a fool to come into my home." Karin punched her in the face.

"Don't you dare preach me, you prostitute!" Karin snarled angrily, and Sasuke stepped into view.

"Karin, that's enough!" Karin shuddered, seeing Sasuke, Himino put her hand in Karin's face, grabbing her arm and forcefully lifting up the sleeve, before sinking her teeth into the girl's flesh. Karin shivered.

"Uh- un- nn-"Karin muttered, shivering, as she was quickly drained of chakra. Himino pulled out a black orb from her forehead, before releasing her. Karin's body fell limply to the ground. Himino looked at the orb, and it shrunk, before she popped it into her mouth like a jaw breaker, and ate it like a piece of candy.

"She just- stormed in- wanted to take you to where ever they were staying. I told her you were recovering. She's quite stubborn, actually- two-faced as well. She must be very happy with her insecurity-"Erik came in and picked her up, carrying her out of the house bridal style. "She scared little Shilo half-to-death with her face!" Himino said, glancing at her niece, who lay unconscious on the floor. Himino picked her up and put her in her room. "So, how about a cup of coffee, Uchiha? I'll even make it for you. What's your fancy? Black or do you like it with cream and sugar?" She asked, winking at him. "Made breakfast this morning-doesn't surprise me why bad things happen when I'm in a good mood. Well, you might as well take a seat and have some of what I made- it's not sweet or anything." Sasuke looked at her oddly.

"Are you sure? I mean- Karin is one of my teammates-"

"Uchiha, just have breakfast. If you don't, you'll get fatter and fatter than you already are."

"I'm- muscle fat-"Sasuke admitted.

"Keep telling yourself that, Uchiha." Himino said, fixing him a plate of what they had for breakfast, and sliding it to him on the table. "Eat up, Sasugay. Oh- and you can bring over those other two teammates for breakfast if you wish- give the girl some rest. She'll forget all about this tomorrow."

"I'll be going now, Mom!" Yami called, as she fixed herself a second plate.

"Your summoning scroll is under your nightstand. Grab that and I'll see you tomorrow, Yami." Sasuke watched, as Yami retreated back to his room, before he left the house. She set her own plate down and snapped her fingers in front of his face. "Hey, Uchiha! Wake the fuck up, fag!" He had zoned out- and she took this opportunity, to flip the 'playful' switch, and dab some golden maple syrup, on his right cheek. Her laughter bringing him back to reality, and the realization that it was hard to move half his face. He chucked.

"Oh, you're going to pay for that, Himino!" Sasuke grinned cheekily, smudging some grape jam on her lips "If you tag me again, you're gonna have to KISS IT OFF." He laughed and she giggled, bopping him in the face with more jam.

"Whatever!" She laughed, within minutes, they were having a childish fight, laughing, getting messy, and at one point, Sasuke tackled her to the floor, both messy and sticky with syrup and jam, still laughing like maniacs. Sasuke stopped and stared into her eyes, and eventually her laughing slowed down and she stared right back. Sasuke leaning in, kissing her cheek, completely licking off the jam from her cheek.

Himino turned her head to the side, and he reminded, "Remember, you have to kiss it all off." She blinked, before glaring at him, jam still on her lips. He leaned in and kissed her, licking and nibbling softly, until it was gone. She kicked him off, blushing.

"I'm going to take a shower-"

"Take me with you!" Sasuke cried childishly, making them both burst out laughing. "Seriously- I'm dirty too." She frowned, getting to her feet.

"No." She said, walking to her bedroom, shutting the door. She stripped of her sticky clothing and took yet another shower. Letting the hot water erase some of the icky fluid from her body. She sighed, so many damn problems. Himino tried to figure out things in the shower, as she washed herself, not noticing something washing her back. Suddenly, she felt something hit her ass- and it WASN'T the back of the shower stall. She gasped slightly, looking back. "SASUKE?!" Sasuke smiled slyly, hands on her hips- starch naked. She turned red, looking away, pointing to the bathroom counter. "Get out of the shower, Uchiha!"

"I need to take a shower anyways- and I'm all- sticky." He purred in her ear, making her blush harder.

"You're so gross!" She whined. Sasuke wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him, chin resting on her right shoulder.

"Sorry. You look so much prettier when wet." Himino tried to ignore him and continue cleaning herself, pushing him away to wash the dirt out of her hair, but it was so hard when he clung like a leech. Especially when his fingers desired a taste of flesh, wanting to toss another pound of sin onto the slate she had just cleared. Those sinful hands here hard to ignore too, but the voice whispering plans of dominance in her ear, was not.

"Stop it, Sasuke." She muttered, knowing he heard, but it was pushed aside, his hands traveling below the waist. His other arm, wrapped around her waist, holding her against him, her hands rested on his arm, and she flinched, digging her nails into his arm, her face hot, and not from the water. "Stop fucking around, Uchiha!" She snarled, her head snapping to her right, making Sasuke look at her. He actually looked somewhat- sexy- when his hair was down, not up in that cockatoo-like hair style of his. So old.

"What? You don't like this? Didn't Alakrd use to touch you this way?" He asked in a tone that said, 'This is a natural thing for me.' Sasuke closed his eyes. "I have- always liked you. I was so mad- how you went out with Kabuto that one day, and not with me. I thought- that he'd take you away, so I ran to the park. Remember?" His hands had paused their search for foreboding goods, even for a moment.

"I get it. Its puppy love, isn't it?" Himino asked quietly, laughing to herself, before reaching over, and turning off the water. She stepped out, but Sasuke grabbed her, and pulled her back inside, closing the shower stall door, pinning her to the corner of the shower.

"This in NOT puppy love, Damn it! Why don't you believe me?" Suddenly, his scowl vanished, and turned into a mischievous smirk. "I'll even show you it isn't 'puppy love'." Himino shuddered, fear wrapping around her spine, as the Uchiha came closer.

"Sasuke- Sasuke, this shit is NOT funny. Get away from me, god damn it!" She snarled, as he lowered himself to her chest, hands on her hips, kissing her collar bone. "Stop it, Uchiha-"

"You verbally protest, but you don't fight back-"Sasuke chuckled, running his fingers through her bangs, before she punched him, wrapping herself in a towel.

"Go ahead and shower, but don't involve me." Himino snapped angrily, before going to her closet and changing. "Yami's brought it to my attention that you don't really have any clothes to wear." She glared at Sasuke, throwing him a towel. "I'll give you some cash to go buy yourself a new wardrobe. I need time to think." She said, leaving him there.

"Damnit." Sasuke grumbled, having missed the window of opportunity. He covered himself, and tried to follow her out- but he was electrocuted, when he touched the door. He could see through the frosted glass window on the door, that there was a sutra on the other side, making him growl. She locked him in! There was a note on the door that said. 'That's what you get, Uchiha. ~Himino' He growled

~& Konoha Shrine &~

Himino bowed, looking at the Priest, who sighed. "You have to stop coming here; you're not a child of this Religion." They said, as she looked down.

"Forgive me, Head Priest-" She apologized.

They looked up. "Your mind is clouded by your devotion to your past lover, and your uncertainty for another. What is this intrusion to you? A pest, possibly?" The Priest asked, sitting in front of her.

"He was once a classmate of mine, who constantly harassed me. But he has a crush on me-"

"It has developed into an obsession, and you're confused on what to do, yes?" The Priest asked her and she nodded. "…This boy- give him a chance. You've clung on the memory of Alakrd long enough, my dear." The Priest said, leaning forward, finger tips gently brushing the bottom of her jaw, lightly tilting her head up to see glowing golden eyes. "Its time to forget about him, Himino, he would've liked you to move on."

"HEY!" The two looked at the back of the Shrine room, and immediately Himino looked away, covering her face.

"Oh Dear Kami…" Himino said, as Sasuke ran in, stopping next to Himino.

"Keep your hands off my girlfriend." Sasuke warned, but she abruptly stood up.

"Shut up, Uchiha. He's a Priest." Himino told him. "Now get the hell out, I'm praying, jackass!" She snarled, Sasuke glancing at her, before glaring at the Priest, who bowed.

"This is Alakrd, isn't it?" Sasuke asked her, keeping his eyes on the red-skinned, Religious Gown-wearing Priest, who's curved ram horns, were polished ivory. "You're a demon- how can you be a Priest?"

"I am not Alakrd, but his identical brother, Guval, pronounced Goo-V-al. True, I am a Demon, but I have redeemed myself. The Horns are a symbol of my Clan." They reached up, tugging a strange of his reddish brown hair. "Alakrd- his hair was black, but my hair is so dark, it seems black, when it is actually a dark, maroon color."

"Whatever, let's go Himino." Sasuke grumbled, Guval standing up, slipping his arms in their opposite sleeves.

"Allow her to finish her praying, please. But you are not allowed in here, so I will ask you to wait outside." He requested patiently, and Sasuke glared at him.

"You touch her again, and I'll kill you." Sasuke warned, leaning towards Himino, attempting to kiss her on the cheek, but she turned away, rejecting him. The Uchiha frowned, but, went outside and sat on his legs, outside the doors. He was silent, but tried to focus on the echoed words.

'Child, you must release everything of your past love. Take a breath of fresh air. Deny not those of wounded souls, who request your assistance. Now go.'

Himino walked out of the Shrine, looking at Sasuke, before shaking her head, and walking away. Sasuke got to his feet, and followed her. "Every time I try to do something for myself- you ruin it. I come to pray, and you even ruin THAT." She roughly grabbed his hair, tugging him down, making him grunt. "I should kill you now, for ruining my praying session!" She hissed hatefully, Guval standing at the doorway of the Shrine, looking at the couple, halfway down the long stairs. Himino released him, looking away. "Whatever."

"Admit it- you've got a crush on me." Sasuke grinned, but she ignored him, Guval smirked, as the Uchiha made moves on her constantly. The Priest, silently, prayed that the Uchiha would not make a mistake, to repel her. In such a hard time, she needed someone.