His russet colored fur gleamed in the light that bounced off the waves of water on the beach. Gracefully he stepped on the rocks worn smooth by hundreds of years of constant abuse by the ocean. His shaggy head was turned toward the water and I couldn't see his face.

I tiptoed daintily behind him, not wanting to disturb his pensive state, and yet, yearning to be a part of the relationship that stretched from wolf to ocean, to sky, to earth.

His majestic face turned back to me, slowly, and in the slowest way possible his body became less wolf-like. He leaned back onto his hind legs, simultaneously they lengthened while his torso became shorter and straighter. His face was tilted toward the heavens as his fur began to disappear. When he was human again he looked at me and I giggled.

"JAKE!" I laughed, blushing madly and turning away.

He looked down and though I wasn't looking I was sure he blushed too.

"Sorry Bells," he laughed nervously and I heard him race away across the rocks. When I turned to look I saw him back in his wolf form, running away from me into the forest. For a moment I was worried that I had embarrassed him and that he was going to go home, but soon I saw him emerge from the forest wearing a pair of sweatpants that were usually tethered to his wolf leg.

He was grinning at me and even from far away I could see the gleam of his white teeth against his beautiful dark skin. He walked forward with a questioning look in his eyes.

"Sorry Bella I get so comfortable around you I forgot..."

"Don't worry about it Jake, sometimes I get so excited I run around naked too!" I laughed at him and he grinned back, still somewhat sheepishly.

He advanced quickly and closed the few steps between us, hugging me tightly. "Bella, I don't know what I'm going to do when you go off to college."

"Do we have to talk about this now Jake?" I replied, annoyed. The beauty of the life around us was too much to give up- to be thinking about professors and more classrooms.

"Yes, Bella, we do."

"Jake" I said, in my "please don't do this to me" voice.

He had long since pulled away from the hug, and now I took another step backward, wrapping myself in my arms tightly, wondering if a part of me was going to fall out and rush away in the oceanā€¦

He eyed me sadly. "I thought you stopped that."

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Trying to hold yourself together."

"I don't know what you're talking about." I snapped, turning my face toward the sea and forcing my mind blank. I plopped my small body down on the nearest boulder, worn smooth by the sea. I looked away from the water and down at my arms, still wound tightly around me, trying to convince myself that I was only cold. When I looked up I saw him walking towards me. Finally he kneeled in front of me, taking my hands and pulling them off from around me.

"Bella," he said "It's been so long."

"I know Jake, I'm fine. I'm just cold."

"Why do I not believe that?" he asked me.

I stared at his dark eyes and his masculine face, stared at his brown skin and slowly I pulled my hand from his and touched his face. My skin was ivory, frail and sickly looking next to the health that resonated in Jacob's very nature. He was the opposite of me, a clear yet refreshing opposite. His body was tall and muscular, I was short and small. He was the sun, the product of water, earth, and sky, the fire itself. The warmth of his skin spread throughout my hand and traveled down my arm like a medicine, closer and closer to my heart.

His eyes were soft and questioning, and I knew the look on my face was probably a very poor mask of the emotions I was feeling. But as I felt the warmth from his body seep through my skin it fought inside me, it fought the desperation and cold that had trapped me.

Suddenly, as I felt my eyes widen and my face brighten I came to one very certain realization, that I needed Jacob Black like a dying woman needs medicineā€¦ I needed him like the earth needs the sun, I needed his body touching mine and his heart beat to hold my own steady.

I saw my hand on his face, and the thin crescent shaped scar that sparkled faintly in the sunlight. A sharp pain pinched my side, but it was bearable. With Jacob, it was bearable, and I was comforted that my aching heart would not have to beat alone any more as it had, even before when he was here. I knew now, more than ever before that he would not return.

Jacob's eyes were wide in response to my own, and I knew that he was puzzled. He placed his hand over mine and said "Bella.."

"Jake, you're my best friend." I replied. He squeezed the hand that he still held and smiled a tentative smile. "You know you're mine too Bells" he said.

I smiled back, and he began to stand and pull me to my feet.

"Jake," I said, and he turned to look at me. I was staring past him, at the ocean. "Jake" I repeated, and he snickered. "Yeeees?" He asked, dramatically.

I looked at him and smiled with all of the warmth inside me. "What if I love you Jake?"

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